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14 weeks pregnant mp3 Videos

St. Patrick's Day Makeup!

FOR PICTURES & A LIST OF PRODUCTS USED: //www.samschuerman.com/2012/03/st-patricks-day-makeup.html FOR MY 14 WEEK PREGNANCY ...

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hi sam i am new to utube and i only got an acount cause i got expired from u xxx also when u have your new little boy (ohh yeah CONGRATULATIONSxx) please can u start your daily vlogs again PLEASE i just want to see your second baby groe up like we saw mr.pheonix grow up xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Urgh, I can't find the NYC Sunny Bronzer anywhere! Is it just out of stock? I hope they aren't discontinuing it. I still have one but I'd like to get another. I'll start using bronzer again once the weather gets warmer. I don't like to use bronzer when it's freezing outside with no sun, it just doesn't seem natural then.
@makeupghitti I guess it's just a nickname like my family has called my youngest son Bear or Baby Bear and Sir Sniff A Lot (he was very congested when born) since he was born... he answers to Bear too but knows it's just a nickname and he's 13 yrs old. I think it's cute, and it's kinda something that sticks.
i knew almost every product you were going to use before i even watched the video and we will probably see some of them on friday faves and fudgeroos. it looks good on you:) i like to put something on the bottom lashline to meet up with the inner corner highlight. nice vid!
I have red hair so its nice to hear someone excited! well...im an auburn thats more red and less brown...the sad part? i have started sprouting "silver hightlights" so i have to dye my hair :( it was hard to find the right match but i've found it! yay!
Really nice look , I love green, I used to have red hair but got fed up with the comments some people come out with , I dye it brown now plus I am starting to go gray and It's very hard to match up a red colour with naturally red hair.
I love watching your videos inever comment cos i know you get so many comments you dont have enough time to reply I always watch your videos no matter what the topic cos your so funny and genuine love ya sam :)
Wow! Green is a great color on you! It really makes your eyes pop! You look like tinkerbell! Love you Sam! Thanks for this look! It's so adorable, I'll have to try it! Hope all is well with your pregnancy -3
Sam if you go red hair, you'll have to kiss the sunkissded look goodbye red hairs look gorgeous with the porcelain skin look. I prefer you paler anyway, i find you look more elegant, and beautiful.
why dont you set the double wear foundation with a powder? when i dont and i use that foundation it streaks on me a bit even after i let it dry and i dont press hard with the brush. any tips?
I think this look would be SO beautiful if you tight lined your upper lash line with either an emerald green or black liner... great look Sam, keep them coming! And Mr. P is such a cutie =]
you look exactly like and sound like my best friends aunt, i just went up to visit her for a few days for march break. sad to have left so soon :( it was like hanging out with you! aha xox
I think Ego is from Peacocky, not Genious. The only reason i remember that is because Peacocky is the only Mac collection I have bought from, lol
Sam I love your blonde hair.! It really let's you play up the sexy bronze look. I really like this st. Patty's day look also.!! Love you :)
I love green eyeshadows too! Loved this! Might try it on st. patties day! Thank you and I hope you have a great saint patricks day!!!! :D

Ice Cube-Once Upon A Time In The Projects-AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

Artist:Ice Cube Title:Once Upon A Time In The Projects Album:AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted Year:1990 Lyrics: Once upon a time in the projects, yo I damn near had ...

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dez kids nowaday dont no shyt bout this kinda muzik. this the real shyt
Awesome. Don't fuck with them project bitches. Hail Ice Cube.
Ice Cube said it here first pull your god damn pants up
strictly 4 my hilltop niggaz
Incredible storytelling.

14weeks - I don't believe | Vitamin TV - Akustik-Set

Das Magazin für Popmusik und Popkultur im BRF-Fernsehen: Am 15. November mit brandneuer Musik aus Ostbelgien. 14 Weeks-Sänger Grégory Herzet 14 ...

"Sunflower Kid" by Filligar (Lyric Video also on 16 and Pregnant)

This is our song "Sunflower Kid" ... You may have heard it on that show "16 & Pregnant" (it's the theme song). We're told this song has meant a lot to different ...
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