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Open heart surgery elderly patients Videos

Melbourne jazz musician plays again Channel 7 News

Dr Kereiakes narrates procedure animation

Cardiologists with The Christ Hospital are First in Greater Cincinnati Region to Perform Heart Valve Replacement without Open Heart Surgery Cincinnati, Ohio ...

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judging by the stings on your arm this looked like it was a fairly aggressive hive.


Paul went through quadrupedal bypass open heart surgery at the Veterans Hospital. They then placed him in a nursing home, and when his time was up there, ...

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@TheRealNickBravo such bullshit. look at the public health of countries with free government healthcare, look at america youre no 37. The top 20 counties all have free healthcare, and you have the worst value healthcare system in the world. facts dont lie, socialised medicine delivers cheaper, better care to more people.
@TheRealNickBravo well the gop just insisted that 911 first resp' get healthcare wont get healthcare until the tax cut for the top 5% was extended, the dems were opposed to the extension. Gop wouldnt help 911 victims, but gop would help top 5%. you know who the more evil one is.
due to obamacare and the social security ponzi scheme there's gonna be a lot of older people dying due to things like lack of medication and even starvation.
And if he has no children? He's a veteran for Chrise Sake. And from just another "bleeding heart" LIberal who gives a crap, he deserves OUR support.
This is sad. People, especially Veterans should NEVER be left for dead. I wish I was wealthy so I could help people like him...
@TheRealNickBravo Obama care is not even going to happen since the gop is taking over our government so you have no worries
@SmasherVlog the left/right poliical paradigm is false. Both sides work together for the benefit of the bankers.
man this guy has went through a lot of stuff, i hope in the end things work out for him :]. best wishes to paul
homeless veteran.... i've seen this again, and again, and again. why ?
@iulian28ti are you kidding me? the answer is simple.
God bless you Paul!!! Happy New Year!!!
bless his heart (LITERALLY)
God Bless you Paul!!!
@odinthreat True.
Good luck!

Open Heart Surgery Critical Aortic Stenosis

Louis was born 25th May 2004 and was diagnosed at 2 days old with Critical Aortic Stenosis. He had open heart surgery at 1 week old.

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@princessge Hi our son is under Birmingham childrens hospital and has 2 balloon catheters already, he due to go for a check up and we are told at sometime he will have to have a new valve. the problem is now he is older and wiser and worried / scared about going to hospital.. How was the situation explained to you to reasure you when you were younger,,, any tips??
Hi Dan, Louis has had the Ross Procedure at 1 week old and the Pulmonary Valve replacement at 5 years old. He is doing amazing ! nothing holds him back from anything . I have noticed no difference to my other older children. Louis is not 9 years old and picture of health ! How old is your daughter ?
yeah hes had the 1st two there.. im from northern ireland so we stayed in the parents accomodation there each time... the staff our excellent in the hospital.. if you google my bebo youll see two really nice poems on my page Red_Hand_Soldie2009.. there on the bottom left xox
Louis doing fantastic thank you, now 4.5 years old and in full time school. He is due Pulmonary Valve Replacement in a few years. Have two other videos of his progression if you fancy a look. Has your son Jack had surgery there ??? Is that why you know ward 11. X
hows the wee man now?? my son jack just turned two there, i seen you where in ward 11 in birmingham.. not a nice place but they do miracles in there, its amazing... hope all goes well 4 them both 4 the fontan procedure xox
My daughter has just had open heart surgery on an Aortic Stenosis (severe) and is recovering well, would love to ask questions regarding your op's etc and how well you have progressed through the 17years.
What a cute and amazing boy :) Thanks for sharing the videos! *also, thank you for your comment on my Abby's video* CHD babies are very special babies.
Your a true inspiration to Louis and others like him !! thank you for your comment it mean a lot ;0) Louis is doing amazing and never complains .
Lovely to hear from you ! I bet from your mums perspective she was nervous wreck ! hope your doing fantastic as Louis is now 9 years old xx
Hi, our daughter has just come home from Glenfield Hospital after Norwood Stage 1, is this what Louis had? Please check out our video too!
I'm glad your little boy is doing well. My son was born with TGA also and is thriving now. Thanks for sharing your story.
Amazing!What a sweet strong boy you have!Our little heart babies are soooo very strong!
Im so sorry to hear of your loss, i have no words, big hugs to you XXXXX
Dan, send me private message with any questions , Happy to help ;0)

TAVR patient story - Frances gets back to living

Frances Harn suffers from severe aortic stenosis which obstructs blood flow from the heart to the body. Traditionally this condition would be treated with a heart ...

Jim Aspell, first UNC TAVR patient, returns to Smith Center to cheer on Tar Heels

For more information on TAVR at UNC, visit uncheartandvascular.org When Jim Aspell became the first patient at UNC to receive a new aortic heart valve using ...
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