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Children's heart surgery oxford Videos

Oxford John Radcliffe Children's Hospital

Join our elite team of children's nurses. A great working environment with an extremely supportive culture and first class training and career development ...

Sahlgrenska I.C: Paediatric cardiac surgery

Mats Synnergren MD PhD talks about paediatric cardiac surgery at Queen Silvias Childrens Hospital, a part of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, ...

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Mats räddade livet på min tre dagar gamla son! Bra jobbat!

Save a Heart -- Bringing New Life to Children

Hundreds of children visit Israel every year, where medical teams volunteer their time to perform life-saving heart surgery. www.themedialine.org.

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wow so touching.

VSD Repair, Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defect

Redmond Burke MD, Chief of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at Nicklaus Children's Hospital demonstrates the operative repair and postoperative recovery for ...

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Redmond Burke MD and the entire staff at Miami Children you make a difference in the life of every child and parent that you give hope to. I manufacture baby products for babies 6+ months. A percentage of our Heart Help Yourself Feeding Solution supports the fight of infant heart disease in America. Keep doing an amazing job. You are changing the world by teaching and providing hope for 30,000-40000 infants born with cardiac disease each year. You make a substantial difference
Hi Dr Burke, I previously asked about a VSD repair, good news my son had surgery on Aug 31st, His surgeon was a wonderful surgeon from the USA named Tom Carl. After 4 hours his 1cm VSD (we thought is was only 7mm) and his ASD have been repaired. He is a different little boy now, putting on 600gm of weight in his first week following surgery. Thank you for your video preparing me for the surgery. His differed in that his patch was a material one not from his own tissue.
my son had this done 2 months ago it was scary as it turned out nearly dying ,what no one can explain why does he still have bad symptoms we know he ended up with residual vsd of 3mm and asd of 2mm , i feel like i put my child trought such a major surgery to close 7mm vsd and 4mm asd and no much has changed he still breathes up to 120-130 breaths per minute ,the only difference really is that when he is asleep he slows down to 60 .....just dont get it
Thanks for the comment. Audio is a problem, as we don't project much while we're operating. I'm torn between adding a mike, doing voice over, or sticking with the real thing. Real time audio ensures families that this is the real thing, not an edited product. There is tremendous variability in surgical skill. Most surgeons can't videotape their operations. Redmond Burke MD
Thank you for posting this video, my son is scheduled to undergo pVSD repair in 2 weeks and being able to see the surgery performed provides great insight into the procedure. I visited your website and read that either a patch or harvested pericardium is used to close the VSD. In this video pericardium was used. Why is one chosen over the other? Thank you.
How big do they make the incision at 5 or 6 months old? Do all pediatric cardiac surgeons use the same technique for closure? Do you use a mesh patch and does this ever have to be replaced? How long does the surgery usually take?
My son had this done twice in 4 days at only 4 months of age ,was paced for 7 days he is 7 now and in good health Big Thank You to Great Ormand Street Hospital. May God Bless you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
@twinsmomofmany Thanks for your kind comment. I'm happy to hear about your feeding solution and your philanthropy. We really appreciate your work. Sincerely, Redmond Burke MD
My daughter is going to have this done by the great Dr leonard bailey at loma linda university. hard to watch this at first but im glad to see what they will be doing.
You say this child has a large VSD, what is considered large? My sons VSD is 7 mm and I do believe its in the same place as the child in your video. Cilla
I believe the perfusionist also plays a vital role during the operation and was wondering why his or her name is not credited at the end of the video?
Not all surgeons are the same, techniques and abilities vary tremendously. I hope everything is going well for you. Sincerely, Redmond Burke MD
My daughter had this done when she was 4 1/2 months old. ~Tonya~

OX5Run - help the oxford children's hospital raise money to help children across the UK

This video tells the story of Dale and Mya and the value the Oxford Children's Hospital has been. By running and raising funds you will help the Oxford children's ...

Congenital Heart Disease: Katie's Story

Watch the McCardle's share their story about raising a child with a congenital heart defect and how grateful they are for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.


Patients and staff explain why fundraising is so important to Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals, and thank donors for their support. Tel 01865 743444 or email ...
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