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Open heart surgery using ice Videos

CHD Awareness Ice Bucket Challenge

The Eatyourkimchi Road Trip: Korean Salted Ice Cream

In part 2 of our road trip, we're hanging out in Slow City, wayyyy down far away in South Korea, and having some ice cream after our time on the beach.

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That car tho
0xpet106 un
1:26 .... anyone else notice the spider sprawling down towards martina ? orrrr is that just me ... o.o it goes up..... it goes down .... im really tryin to pay attention to the video but ............................. the spider 
If you watched the bloopers it was huuuggeeeee
My question is when you guys go and buy alcohol do you need your ID?!?! Please I really need to know
If you are a foreign, they will hardly ask for your ID
I hope am not the only nerd here who thought of this soon as they salted ice cream all I can think of is the sea salted ice cream from mh " SALTY! Yet sweet "
Do you mean KH?
3:40 Martina looks like Zoidberg from Futurama. I bet the native koreans were looking at Martina like "What is that waygookin doing!?"
Did no one notice the spider in the background from 1:27 ;n;
+Cherish Oku That was a tarantula....damn....twas big.
I did, haha. Was waiting for it to land on Martina.

Vince Attempts Open Heart Surgery with a Slap Chop

Pearl was Stunned, they were the last people on earth she suspected would walk through the door

WHO's Lying to you !Some Whites and Blacks! Chattel Slaves!

Rose's newest books are available NOW! -ASCENSION,SOUL RETRIEVAL, RESURRECTION- at Chakraspectrums.com. Open your HEART(Soul ) MIND and ...

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Ha ha, this ignorant bitch expects us to believe she wrote a book? Make no mistake, these monkeys will never get a dime from white America. She'll be lucky to sell 3 of her stupid books.
+MrCrankybird Until they start showing up where your children go to school...
LoL , I know. She starts out describing the book and says ,"She do an excellent job."
My family were white slaves ,but we have forgive and get past it,just like there were blacks who own white slaves,if you did a crime in America you were sold into slavery.
4lost>> Excuse me Africans did not sell other Africans as slaves!
Yes, well it was mostly the Jews - who own us all still today. - still slaves, regardless of the colour.Google a book: "They where White and thy were slaves" 

Baby Heart Surgery

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