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17 day diet recipes kefir Videos

VLOG 165**Kefir Whey Soda-Fruit Leather** orJANics 50nRaw

Kefir Whey Soda! Another type of Probiotic drink! Eat cultured foods for better digestion. Don't be scared they are great for you. Be diverse and try different types.

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Is the kefir whey vegan? Could you make the soda using coconut kefir whey?
+raw vibe Yes! I only have kefir whey from organic milk right now, but I am going to order water kefir grains. I want to make sparkling apple cider with the water kefir grains. I am excited to do it, just have to locate the water kefir grains.

Coconut Kefir and Other Raw Foods at the Natural Products Expo East 2012

John from //www.okraw.com/ takes you on a special tour of the Natural Products Expo East 2012 trade show. In this episode, John will share his favorite ...

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You are Stellar, Mr. Kohler. In a recent video from the National Heirloom Seed Expo you added the web links to the various vendors or products highlighted in that particular segment. That addition was HUGELY helpful. Might you consider making it a standard on your videos to provide the links in the description area to the products or people to whom you introduce us [like you don't already do enough]? It would be deeply appreciated. Thanks for everything.
I have a lot of experience with it and you have to be a detective to find out what is causing it. Going on a simple diet can help you identify the issue. I can tell you to stay away from anything that causes heat in the body like spices, peppers. I recently cut out tomatoes and have noticed a difference. Also for itching use an ice pack it has helped me alot. and Apterra olive oil soap has been a life saver since I had eczema on my hands.
I seriously think that you're chanel and videos are the most informative ones out there. I love your video about what you eat in a week, the tour of your garden was unreal and sextremely informative, you should do a video on all the edible weeds and go hunt for them! You seriously are the most informative raw food guy on youtube imo. and my favorite one at that sorry for taking so long to subscribe! ;)
Also want to add there are certain foods that are notorious for causing eczema. Wheat, gluten, dairy. Possibly GMO foods since they cause a higher allergenic response. So that includes Gmo corn, soy. I have found I'm sensitive to wheat and actually the nightshades like bell peppers and tomatoes.
Yes sprout-able granola very very cool. I have used only coconut oil on my skin for years but the worker B looks really interesting, thank again John for all your help and advice. It is a shame that there weren't many booths that were any "real raw".
You are so incredibly knowledgeable and it comes across in each of your videos. This video, in particular, highlights that fact. Thank you. Dan Leone.
John please do or recommend a concise and powerful video that I can share with friends and family to get them to rethink there food choices.
try using cold pressed coconut oil as a moisturizer directly on your skin. you can also look into shea butter and make your own moisturizer.
Wow that was a great episode i wish we had some of that coc kiefer stuff in Australia. I'd like to try the coconut yogurt.
U do know John became an amateur beekeeper earlier this year. He made videos about it on his other channel.
john do you think that eczema can be cured by raw food because its really getting me down... thanks john
Thanks very much for this John. Your awesome. Hey, btw who takes these great videos for u.? lol
Great job of wading through BS and keeping pro, informative and concise!
You should pick the top 10 must have products from these shows.
My view of food and even my taste buds have completely changed!
LOVE your Wisdom and recommendations, I value your opinion (;
YOU are the best John. Thank you for the inspiration. I am
Very interesting. Espicially the coconut segment. Thanks.
come on john. you dont see the durianrider eating honey
Honey is not Vegan John so how are you promoting this??
Great video John you are really good what you do!
I love you John, thank you for all this info :)
is it ok to eat yogurt or raw eggs in smoothie.
You can make everything at this show at home!
Great video, a lot of information.Thank you!
I believe he eats raw for health reasons.
will try the coconut, thank you.

Lemon Raw Milk Kefir Sherbet

Watch and Learn How to Make Delicious Raw Kefir Lemon Sherbet!

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Humm this looks awesome and pretty easy to make. Agree with MargeiteB I wont use that on my food, what else can you use instead? Thanks for sharing :)

Lifeway Kefir Probiotic

_-_-_-_-_-_EXPAND FOR MORE INFO-_-_-_-_-_-_- Keep up with me: INSTAGRAM: Melanieonlinetv Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Melanieonlinetv ...

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I love them especially the blueberry !
Yea, I need to try the others too!

Beyond Raw Food (114) Making Coconut Kefir part 1

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@rui27marne i use it ... to the best of my knowledge bottled coconut kefir is only available in extreme health oriented places... and I say extreme because it is not available in my community, or a community off the mountain near me where i shop: Loma Linda which is a 7th day adventist community, and that is health oriented.. they dont carry it (Coconut kefir).. but they do carry Helios Kefir, and you want to use the "plain", not the flavored.. Coconut Kefir however is available all over L.A.
@yomeyo99 yes you should get it in the refrigirator after a while--- with the cocnut kefir the bacteria basically reaches a dead end where theres nothing left to consume.. and the good bacteria can "pliamorph" ( I believe is the right word, but im sure i have spelled wrong) into bad bacteria... now in the case of culture veggies, the deal is different.. I got a good long download of info on this subject from Jay Denman when he was here at my house. Jay is an associate of Truth Calkins....
@yomeyo99 I plan on hanging on this probiotic subject for a while and hopefully I can spread my understanding of this subject to everyone as i homogenize all this information i learn from all my mentors.. hopefully the comment I left will satisfy the question in the limited space allocated for comments until i can get another video up... I need to shave and get my hair cut before I appear on camera again- so the evil 80 10 10 ers dont call my a homeless crackhead again-
ah! that's why then, it was never mentioned on the BED book either, I guess because you guys can get it easy there. Well, maybe I'llmix a fruit for the sugar or something, where there is a will there is a way, and I'm back to fermenting (and some sprouting but not doing grains in general) big time.Thanks Keith!
@mikelund534 well... they just taste of less the sugar... no unpleasantness.. just really neutral like all cultured things (to me anyway) congratulations on pursuing BED... no better base for a diet in my mind
Love it Keyth! How do those goji's taste once they ferment? Great idea. I've been off the goji's for a few months as I'm following phase 1 also. Thanks for all the amazing info
@BrownBuna Im certainly aware of that when it comes to preparing Kombucha.. but Iam not aware of the same concerns with anything else... thank you for your input namaste
hi Keith, hope you're well, would it be ok to do this with regular brown coconuts? no way I can get a hold of yong thai or any young ones
Im fermenting everything right now: sproted beans ,, so yommie
How long is kefir good for? Does it have to be refrigerated?
not sweet enough,, doesnt work with the mature ones
Kokonut Kefir Keyth!

Fizzy Ginger Ale Water Kefir

24 hour first fermentation, fed with half moscavado and half white cane sugar. 24 hour second fermentation with ground fresh ginger and fresh squeezed orange ...

Learn how to make the best and most delicious kefir

//healthy-selections.blogspot.com/ Kefir is a natural and healthy drink that is taking the world by storm. Frozen fruits can be mixed with kefir in a blender to ...

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This is also popular in Uruguay and surrounding areas. I am form Uruguay and I am 26 now, but have been drinking Kefir since I was 5!! These little bacteria are awesome. :)
How come a kefir could be delicious?

Day 11 Grapeful Grape Fast

FREE eBook 'Simple Clean Living' //www.unconventionalliving.tv/simple-clean-living/ FREE Recipes from 'Real Food. Real Simple.

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I didn't notice you are canadian until you said "about" hahaha =)! Your skin is really better!! 
haha thanks :P
right? lol
Great video!!! Wow where have I been ?! lol You are on day 11?? ! Wow! Great job :D
haha thanks girl!

'Going Paleo' Days 17 through 20

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Coffee is so good huh? It's hard to just have one cup at times hehe. Pretty gray cat. LOL at scaredy cat :D Ah oh someone lost their shoes LMAO. I don't think I've ever seen cats so involved like that. Dogs yes but never cats :) that's so cool. I love leftovers plus I hate wasting food.
how much weight have you lost since the first day?
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