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Kremlin diet recipes Videos

Diet food becomes more popular at official Kremlin receptions

//en.rian.ru/video/20110411/163472018.html Diet food becomes more popular at official Kremlin receptions The fourth Kremlin Cooking School opened at ...

Worms in salad at Kremlin dinner

Dinner at the Kremlin usually offers some of the finest cuisine for those lucky enough to attend its receptions. But a recent banquet included an unexpected ...

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@RussiaToday So if you have to make a anti-Russian/government news (not that you ever have) you ask money from the government to make an anti-government news? How does that exactly work. They would fund you to make a news piece against them. Basically paying you to insult them. That is probably why we must seek Russian problems from elsewhere news as that won't be happening. Thank You. Scrap
I can bet that this worm was German...coz all russians worms wearing long black hat with red star in the middle. But If u ll look more closer on this"spy worm" u can find Iron Cross on it's chest!!! Clever...very clever!!!
@Wraithbait63 Ah ofcourse as long as someone loses their job you would satisfied. It was obviously an accident that the fresh lettuce or whatever had a worm on it and became undetected.
and this made the news? shit seriously? there are like much important things happening in this world rght now, and this worm somehow gets a spotlight? jesus christ
@RussiaToday my mum tells me you are getting ruled by the americans, is that true? ето правда, что вами управляют американцы?
Haha @ the guy who freaked out about his worm, Its Karma maybe he deserved it hahah!! Thumbs up for Healthy Food !! Greenys Rock delicious salad there :)))
so what its lettuce sometimes there is bugs even if washed. Its true ladybugs ect. Dont scream like a girls just watch what your putting in your mouth.
@SouthFacedWindows If you think you've got what it takes to have a "real news channel", then start one up and see how hard it can be.
Hate to break this to you guys, but every kitchen has bugs. It's just a question of how well they keep them under control.
At least it didn't happen in the USA, would have had some stupid idiot claiming emotional damages and wanting $1 million.
A worm is a good sign, the salad is fresh and grown in healthy soil. slap on the wrist for the kitchen staff though
they continue to dine on the best while the people starve ,,, haha thats what they get I hope the choke on it ,lol
@SouthFacedWindows be fucking thankful the world is interesting.. and the video is not even 1 minute long.. ffs.
Could that be the Ghost of Stalin expressing his insatisfaction about the course Glorious Motherland is taking?
lol, its anouther attempt to atack the NATO over germany with a "worm" infection. The name was stuxnet reloaded
why do i feel this was more like "hey how cool a worm in my salad" but not asking for a cleaner kitchen maybe?
Our "leaders" (most of them cockroaches) deserve such a suited meal... Obama deserves a steaming turd... ; )
@RussiaToday I love that you people comment :) My sincerest support goes out to all who partake in RT.
If a worm is a good sign... imagine how wonderful it must be if you find a rat in your salad!
Well. At least it is only an earthworm and not a fly larvae. So you know the salad is fresh.
worms make me feel really sick and nauseas just thought thought of em. yuk
Oh my goodness RT, you've really dropped your standards on this one.

Kremlin Horse Riding school rehearses ahead of German tour

1. Wide pan of rider doing acrobatics on horseback during a performance by the Kremlin Riding School 2. Mid of two riders 3. Second rider doing acrobatics on ...

More Russian Airstrikes: Kremlin leader denies killing civilians in latest airstrikes

Russia is continuing to launch air strikes in Syria in its biggest Middle East intervention in decades, plunging the four-year-old civil war into a volatile new phase.

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I bet US hadn't killed any civilian in the past four years of airstrikes.
+EdIngood EdIngoodYup.Illuminati pays it.
+Immabe ^^ that was a sarcasm. free media is impossible since there is still somebody who pays it. 
+EdIngood EdIngoodThere is no free media anymore mate.
+Immabe ^^ if so, it should have been reported by the free media. but it hasn't.
Гребанные кацапы! Уроды!
+Rage198613 ты, наверно, так говоришь, потому что был в ато и всё знаешь.
пизд..й в Сирию кацап!!!
+Rage198613 не дерзи, холоп
пизд..й в сирию кремлебот
+Rage198613 ересь какая-то. не пытайся оправдать свои неудачи.
неужели =) По вашим законам это видно. Супер будет когда вы еще и за шашлыки будет платить налог. Вот тогда вспомни у кого ты жопу лижешь
+Rage198613 в нашей стране не принято жопу лизать
иди лежи жопу путлеру
+Rage198613 добрались до ваших союзников уже ?)))
"Civilians" code word for CIA proxy terrorists.
+Rurik Stepan#1. The FSA doesn't exist except on paper.#2. it's hard to take you seriously when you stoop to lame MSM propaganda talking points like "barrel bombs".
+Earnest Rides Again>Of course it's not okay to murder civilians like Kiev is doing.Stay on topic and please don't go white knighting the rebels, there are plenty of circumstances where the rebels have shelled civilians The stupidity and irony in your statement: 'If civilians are killed it is because they are hanging out with terrorists. Nuff said!'>Most of the "civilians" in these areas Russia is bombing support the terrorists.What, you mean the FSA? So that makes it fine to hit them just because they don't support the guy who has been barrel bombing their neighbourhood? >The women are sleeping with them, and the internet is filled with pictures of 6 year old brainwashed jihadi kids brandishing AK47s.Perhaps in ISIS controlled areas, but the majority of Russian strikes aren't hitting ISIS controlled areas. Still does not mean you have the right to hit and kill civilians. >The point being, there are few, if any innocents being killed.AHAHA you want too bet? 
+Rurik StepanOf course it's not okay to murder civilians like Kiev is doing. Most of the "civilians" in these areas Russia is bombing support the terrorists. The women are sleeping with them, and the internet is filled with pictures of 6 year old brainwashed jihadi kids brandishing AK47s. The point being, there are few, if any innocents being killed.
+Earnest Rides Again Or maybe because they have no where else to go? You're fucking idiot if you think it's fine to murder civilians 
+Rurik StepanIf civilians are killed it is because they are hanging out with terrorists. Nuff said!
+Earnest Rides Again Like it or not, Russia strikes are killing civilians. Much like us strikes.
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