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Lyon diet recipes Videos

Chef Nathan Lyon's Great Food Starts Fresh Kickstarter Video

With the support of over 200 backers, Chef Nathan Lyon was able to make his cookbook dreams come true. Find out how Nathan developed and tested his ...

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I love him!

The Bulletproof Diet Book is Finally Here!

Today is the day that I can finally say that the Bulletproof Diet Book is available for order, not PRE-order! If you go to Amazon and purchase the book, it will ship ...

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What s the difference between this diet and paleo diet ? I am still struggling finding it...
Bulletproof diet focuses a bit more on toxins, antinutrients, and cooking methods in particular, as well as the quality of food.  Not just "low carb" or "meat and veggies".  It is very detailed and specific, but I've found it very helpful.

Chef Nathan Lyon

Some of Nathan's on-air highlights!

Briouat à la viande hachée - Chef Nadia Alaoui

Briouat à la viande hachée - Chef Nadia Alaoui *************************************************** *************************************************** patisserie 5eme ...
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