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How to make Chocolate Chip Cupcakes | The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Program

3 Ingredient Raw Raisin "Butter" Tarts (Vegan, Paleo, Nut-free, Gluten-Free)

You won't believe it's only 3 simple ingredients! So easy, no bake & perfect for the holidays. We love butter tarts, try this super easy healthy version and amaze ...

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These look so delicious! I have all the ingredients for this..I know what I'll be doing tonight! ;) Thanks for sharing!
+Keira and Jewels Mine have turned out darker too sometimes, I think the softer the dates and a touch more water makes it "creamier" but I like the look of them when they are darker :)  Glad you liked them :) 
I tried them and mine were really dark, they looked nothing like yours..still very good though! :)
Glad you liked the recipe, let me know what you think of them :)
Looks delicious! By the way, where are you from? I can't determine your accent. 
+justchi2 Yes Canada :)
Thanks, I'm in NL :)
This looks delicious and so easy. thank you!!
:)  You're welcome, glad you enjoyed.
They look great! I bet it sucks to get them out of those containers though :P unless you eat them with a spoon
We ate them with a fork but served them in the little mold.  If you had silicone they would probably pop out quite easily, especially if you greased the mold with a little coconut oil :)
Looks fabulous!
Thanks! :)

Chipotle Turkey Chili | Rule of Yum recipe

This recipe is gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, and soy-free. It can easily be altered to be vegan, paleo, and/or dairy-free. Today we're making Chipotle Turkey ...

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Hi Ken ! This looks yummy :) It will be on the list for this weekend. SUGGESTION: How about a video about some kitchen basics. Your Knives: what type for what job; how to sharpen and maintain their edge; how to handle and use them safely ( finger position so you dont chop them off... Plus any other tips you think of. Thanks / Bruce
Made this dish. Super delish! What brand is the pot used in your video? I have a cheap brand and the pot has become totally warped to the point that the lid won't fit lol. #getwhatyoupayfor
I've tried this recipe and the stuffed peppers. Both awesome and love that you can make them vegan, or vegan except for the turkey in the case of the chili which is what I did. Total num.
Just made this today (minus the celery and sweet potatoes at the request of my hubby. Sigh). It was delicious! Although I used regular chili powder and almost burned my face off lol.
Thank you for posting full recipes in the description boxes! :) It's always annoying having to constantly pause cooking videos to write down the instructions or ingredients.
Thank you ken for sharing this recipe. I tried this last evening, and was success. I shared it with my colleagues and they too are passing it along. Keep up the great work.
I made a pot of this and it was amazing! Gave some to my cousin (shes 8) and she loved it too. And tons left, put it in containers for quick lunch/dinners. Great video!
What actually is chipotle cos I'm hearing this word a lot??? They only just opened a carl jrs in hawkes bay (nz) so there could be a chipotle here one day. Byeeeeeee
I think you should add the onion first, before the garlic cuz garlic burns faster than onion, so you sweat the onions then let the garlic melt in to the onion.
Oh my goodness, this looks so good!!! This is going in my favorites and it will be my first meal I cook to kick of fall on Sept 22 (fall is my fav season).
Yes! Been waiting for this recipe since its debut earlier this week in the soundly awake videos lol now to make it for my bf this weekend :) thanks Ken!
So is there a difference between yellow and green zucchinis? Because, we have tons of green ones all the time but yellow ones are pretty hard to find.
when you use a sharper knife, the knife cuts rather than crushes the onion, so the onion doesn't release the enzymes that trigger eye tearing as much
what could you use instead of the chipotle spice? I don't think its available here and I've got kids so probably too spicy. But looks amazinnnnnng..
ALSO. Why are we not frying the spices up front? Like with/ before the garlic? I thought that's a thing when you're making curry. I'm confused.
because he has a sharp knife , the reason people cry when they cut onions is because the knife is too dull. at least that's what ive heard ,
What you gonna do with all that yum, all that nom nom goin in your tom? Ima eat eat it up, eat it up like what, what, what. :D looks yummy!
it made sooo much...had left overs for lunch today...will be having it for tea too...I think I went a bit heavy with the chilli flakes
Use a sharp knife, it will help tremendously. Dull knives doesn't cut clean hence the juices splatter everywhere i.e. makes you cry.
I made this last night and it was delicious . My boo cant eat turkey so i cooked that separately and added it in after.
I just made this and its delicious and my entire family wont stop telling me how good it is! Thank you Ken and Nick :)
Seeing Ken having his fingers exposed while he's chopping was making me cringe! But the chili looks friggin' delicious
Ken, you should be on Food Network Star.... unless, you know, you don't want to be in front of a camera even more :-)
Could you do a video on healthy snack foods? Maybe some that you buy prepackaged and some that you make yourself?
I made this, albeit with a bit of tweaking of the ingredients. Lasted me ages and really fun to do. Thanks Ken!
It's even more flavorful if you brown the meat and sweet potatoes first before putting it in the mix.
Loved it!!!...Look so good & will definitely cook this for my family!!! Thanks Ken for sharing!!!
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