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Eating squirrel recipes Videos

Mike Huckabee: Fried Squirrel Out of a Popcorn Popper

Mike Huckabee on Morning Joe, January 16, 2008.

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There are NO economist at Stanford or MIT or anywhere else that supports the lunatic Fairtax. Like everything else Fairtax has done, they have been deceptive on who and how many support them,. In fact, real economist have dismissed Fairtax as pure fantasy - deception - delusion, and magical thinking. No major corporation will support Fairtax -- despite 13 years of trying to find a corporate supporter. National Retailers said Fairtax would "devestate" economy for years to come.
I'll reiterate: Diversity does not excuse ignorant or hurtful behavior. We live in the modern age and you obtain less than a pound of meat from a squirrel. Realistically, such behavior serves no purpose. If you want meager portions of meat for your effort, go to the supermarket. If you have that much extra time on your hands, get another job or read, pursue more education. This is not "hunting," or a "skill," killing an animal that a well placed throw of a rock could kill.
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@doughesson Luckily I never said anything about species extinction, so nice try conflating two different topics. However your assertion is only true of Modern American Hunting. True hunting regulations exist because of the dynamics pre 1900. However certain regulations continue to exist for the reasons I stated, because bored people will go out and needlessly hunt animals without purpose. I mean squirrel hunting? lol, how many better things are there to do with your time?
squirrel is one of the tastiest game meats. What is so disgusting about it? It amazes me how people respond to eating squirrel. It's a VERY clean and tasty animal. It only eats berries, acorns,nuts, corn, etc. Much cleaner than swine. And no, I'm not a red neck, I'm an attorney from manhattan. Squirrel is served at buckingham palace and is one the most commonly served dishes at dinner parties in the UK. My suggestion is try it and then decide if you like it or not.
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Fairtax is silly nonsnese. Im not sure if Mike Huckabee means well -- He either is a liar about Fairtax, or just stupid about it. IF he is just stupid -- I forgive him. But Fairax pretends to get almost half government reveneu -- by taxing togovernmment. Make no mistake -- they pretend to "create" well over a trillion dollars this way. Sure the hype sounds wonderful! But the reality is -- we would have to cut our spending 75% for FT to work.
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Great joke, 12FlyMe!!! Kettle, meet pot!!! You're right, Fair tax might not work correctly. However our current tax system doesn't work quite right either. Let's don't forget to mention that our Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner doesn't like paying his taxes ($35,000 owed) either. At least Gov. Huckabee has good intentions, and I'll take that any day. Unlike our current congress that spends with no end in sight.
"we would have to cut our spending 75% for FT to work." It's odd that you try to make that out as a bad thing. And it's even more odd that you think that figure would actually be low. Let me show you with some simple math. Current deficit: $3 Trillion Reducing spending by 75%: $750 Billion deficit Even then this is just an unacceptable amount of spending that would need to reduced much further.
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Whats the difference between the government having it's employees pay income tax -- and the government paying itself 1,5 trillion in sales tax? Probably about 1.3 trillion dollars for one thing. For another, it's a bogus analogy. No matter how screwed up you have your analogy --- the government writing itself checks for 1.5 trillion in sales tax, does NOT create income, dufus.
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I never said that the other 46 states didn't have regulations.I said that the four states I personally have lived in have squirrel seasons and regulations spelled out.I don't hunt in Illinois due to their firearms restrictions but have read their hnting regs and squirrel is mentioned in the state where our President is currently from.
I think its kinda funny how you found my comment at least a month after i wrote it. The chances of me actually reading responses to my youtube comments are fairly slim. But I appreciate the intelligent discussion and if you are so inclined, i'd love to continue it further by email. send me a message w/ your email address.
Sorry... When I went to college, we lived two houses down from where Orville Redenbacher lived when he was in school. The only thing we ever ever even thought about using our popcorn popper for was POPCORN... This is SACRILEGE- not to mention really gross. Popcorn is distinctly American and should always be respected.
How about I kill you and feed you to my alligator? asshole. Fucking Christians, you have no problems with killing other animals as long as their not cunting humans right? Well in my eyes that squirrel you ate is more valuable to me than your whole fat family. Huckabee = worthless piece of biological matter.
@Jmw122283 Hunting regulations exist because before 1900,entire species were almost wiped out.We have hunting seasons as well as sex and bag limits to ensure that we can hunt and leave some for next generations.Modern hunting has NEVER caused the extinction of a species."Poaching" does not count as hunting.
I would eat squirrel, if you allow me to shoot trespassers coming onto my land at night wearing orange !!! Deal!! Its not the eating of 'Game' that is bad, its the hanging of a stray dog you are digressing from. Nicely side stepped ... smooth smile. I wouldnt trust you with my vote!!
Side stepping the topic of his son torturing and hanging a stray dog, by talking about eating 'game'. Nicely side stepped and sugar coated with a smooth smile. Its what he is NOT saying. He was coached into this discussion. Ask him about the subjects he is NOT talking about !!!
@s6hellas: A lot of my friends who lived on farms and rural areas eat small animals.. I mean I do not see what the problem is. A lot of my friends in the city hate rabbit since they think its to cute to be eaten... But, If I don't eat it a fox probably will.
@doughesson Again, the point is there are regulations on the books because law makers had to institute something for the ridiculous fools who would actually go out of their way to hunt this creature. That doesn't make it a useful hunting behavior.
Nice. I always wondered what that would taste like. I fucking hate people who judge people on this shit. "Oh my GOD HE EATS SQUIRRELS! SICK! DISGUSTING!" Dude, it's just like every other animal, in fact cleaner than many you eat already.

Roadkill cooking: Squirrel

Gutting, Skinning, Cooking, Eating.........lovely For the full recipe go to //www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink.

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i meant cut the tail,not cook it. The tail is sold to Mepp fishing lures for a dollar a tail, so is a good return on your investment. the skin can make tought rawhide string, after soaking in lye ash water to remove hair. You can burn hair off, scrap and eat that as well, if you really needed the extra calories. We eat the heads as well, eating the brains. hacksaw the skulls to get the brains, before cooking whole on slow heat like a sheeps head
that is so not the way to skin a skin. We Americans, cook the tail, saving back of skin, cut after tail, 1" on each side. Place squirrel tail under foot and pull upward with back legs, which removes skin to head. Grab rear leg skin and pull off, the pull out front legs, and then pull over head. then you gut it, savig te liver, heart, kidneys. all this takes less than 25 secs to do.
Go for roadkill deer. A lot of meat left even if half is too banged up to eat. Got about forty pounds of roadkill venison in the freezer. It's safe to eat roadkill that's been out in temperatures of less than forty-two degrees for no more than five hours.
Xanthe, please don't go so far, you have such a great recipes. Why you encourage people eating poor squirrels? Let them live.
WHAT THE FUCK? This is disgusting. unsubscribing right now. Pull that poor squirrel on your cock, goddamn it.
Im teaching this to my students as part of their outdoor unit for their BTEC course. Time to make nom nom!
ok admit it, who else saw "roadkill" and thought it was gonna be a couple of rednecks cooking the squirrel
they're reusing it, nothing nasty bout that, its nasty running over an animal and leaving it to rot
She had nice titties....lovely and fuck the food and titties fuck for sure.
who is poor enough to have eat road kill....not many telegraph i suspect.
i only watch this to get a glimpse of her titties every now and then.
As far as time, I can show you how to clean one in about a minute.
ohh wow...im surprised u guys put this on there...well ehh
@P3t3rG1 yea i can belive this video man
Dislike cause they're not rednecks
uhhhh.... how did i get here?
@P3t3rG1 You made me lol xD
chicken of the tree
@yokijc what? haha
Nasty people

Richardson's ground squirrel eating cucumber

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did u make anything or jst a mess?

George Monbiot skins and cooks a squirrel - Newsnight

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~Fried Squirrel & Tators~ with ~Biscuits & Gravy~

Hey Yall, Misty Here~Well the children have been going crazy to get to go and squirrel hunt, so with so many here that are corn fed, and has there far share of ...

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Misty...what type of flour do you use? Do you add any baking powder. Your biscuits rise so well...
+Dawn Fowler   that's what I'm wondering
you are awesome! you got my respect ;-) ! Respectfully, Margo
she already contacted me back. so who r u? Margo
are you trying to contact misty prepper? This is not her google email
Well, kiddo..that won't fly where I am! The cops in my area shot a deaf man that had a pencil in his hand! 5 of them felt "threaten" so they shot him 20 times!He couldn't hear their command to put down his "weapon"...so he's dead and they got off & back-pay. I don't think I'll b putting my life in danger for a damn squirrel. but thanks for the suggestion. Margo
+Margo Fr My son hunts them and shoots them with his shot gun......
I live in the midwest, and hv a walnut tree in the rear...the squirrels are driving me crazzzy! I sit and try to think up ways of helping 'em meet their maker! You cook 'em;.priceless! But How do you catch them? Respectfully, Margo
+Margo Fr Well thank you so much... :)
Can I come to your house to eat? My wife can only make reservations.
+Protective HT LMAO  that's funny
Hi Misty, loved your cooking this Fab Meal! Please share with me, what does squirrel taste like. I have often wondered, but have not hunted for them, but my son could as we are overrun with those little/big guys! Is it similar to chicken or rabbit, is it gamey tasting?
+Jojo Diver Thank you for the info Jojo, I will let my son know and will make my first attempt at Squirrel Cooking! He has a gun collection but not this type, it will be a good addition and less harmful to the squirrel meat! 
Thank you for the great information! I will do all of this and will enjoy for sure!!!! Bless you.
+Ronda Goodlet Get your son a good .177 barrel break pellet gun and turn him loose on those squirrels. You can soak the squirrel pieces in buttermilk over night to get rid of the gamey taste if you want. I never do though. There's some good youtbes on how to clean squirrels too, but one they they never mention is to dip the carcass in water before you skin it to keep the hair from flying asll over the meat as you skin it. ENJOY!
I see it  is no doubt an acquired taste. But as you said knowing how to cook it would make a big difference. Thanks Misty
+Ronda Goodlet kinda wildish not bad though... I like gamey meat....
+Ronda Goodlet Thank you... It is good, it just taste like squirrel, it is dark meat and if not cooked right tough... this was the 1st best batch I have made, it is good in the oven with butter seasoning and an onion...
Oh this is great.I used to squirrel hunt so much.
+Danny Baker im going squirrelling for my first time soon. i hope that i can replicate what she has done in this video
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