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Farewell To Summer Makeup Look

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Hi,absolutely loved your video.have subscribed to your channel,would love if you would share some love and sub back..xoxo

Galaxy Inspired Eye LOOK | MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Galaxy Inspired Eye LOOK | MAKEUP TUTORIAL ******************************** I apologize for the choppy sound....still getting used to the new version of iMovie.

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Wow,this is beautiful!
Love the makeup!! Love ur hair..how do u keep ur hair look so shiny and nice??
yayy! thanks!! God bless u :)
Thanks! Hair care update coming soon!
You r truly blessed with your hands smiply wonderful 
Thank u! That is so kind to say :)
Love your intricate makeup looks. You have not filmed any hauls lately, are you not going to film your haul videos anymore? 
Thanks my dear! In fact I have a haul coming up from the Sephora VIB Sale :)
So beautiful!!!! Love it! u're so talented!! ;)
Thank u so so much! :)

Spring/Summer Makeup Picks: Eyes

Just another entry in my little mini-series - this time for eyes. I hope you all enjoy - and sorry about my hair :( Monika's blog: //rocaille-writes.blogspot.com ...

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Hello Cami! I loved your eyes video. I feel the same as you about the black eyeliner. I wear it all around. At my age I need to tone it down. I never thought of using gray. That is a wonderful idea! I also want to get away from using eyeliner on the bottom and only the top. Your purple eye shadow looks wonderful. I think I need to visit the Mac and Lancome counters to find my perfect purple. I cant seem to find it. I relally love what you are wearing. Have a great week my friend, Becki
@VictoriasRoses Grey is such a lovely colour on most eyes I think as it's just so subtle and pretty. I've been wearing grey eyeliner for such a long time that it never occurred to me to tell people :) I'm still looking for my perfect dark purple myself - almost like the MUFE colour, but I wanted it more blue instead of red! I'm fussy :( x
@rocaillefilms I saw that on Temptalia and was pretty drawn to it in an 'ooh shiny!' kind of way :) I think the Barry M shade is a pretty good match too - I used to wear it in my teens with a shade similar to that Jesse's Girl shade you sent me :) And a mention of your blog is always justified, because I LOVE YOUR BLOG x
@camiloveskiwi Same here and it's such a shame as obviously there is a reason they are permanent! I should carry a list and make sure to always get at least one permanent thing, and cut down my collection purchases. Shouldn't be too difficult as the collections aren't inspiring me lately : / xo
I love the illamasqua cream pigments! They're actually amazing! :D Noir plum looks gorgeous, wish I got that now! I love I get no kick too and vanilla and stars & rockets Sorry, I'm sort of rambling but there are some great suggestions here! Bank account, beware! :L x
I think I need to pick up Stars and Rockets after your recommendation... Supposedly, one of the Wet'n'Wild trios also has a shade with a purple/blue duochrome, so maybe I could dupe it for much less :) Thanks for mentioning my blog again, lovely! x
@lozrii It certainly is a lovely purpley delicious colour. I bet there's a dupe somewhere - but it is a pretty unique one for MAC :) Emerge from Illamasqua is SO MUCH BETTER than Dab - and so much more useful! Eyes, lips, cheeks... AWESOME
@MsBennett881 That's like me with Shale and various other MAC products I've always wanted but never seem to pick up. I think I just get so blindsided by the new collections that the permanent one never seems to figure in my budget :( xx
love all the purples.. such beautiful shades, reminds me of a crocus.the eye make up you are wearing in this video is stunning.. nice to see you in something different... you're such a pretty young woman.I love your videos xx
Your makeup looks beautiful! Love your picks! I have that UD eyeliner too and I love it! I've only used it a couple times because its so "POW!" LOL. But I've gotten compliments on it! Live long and prosper. \\// \\// LMAO!
I love the UD eye liner...Makes the eyes pop!And I'm sooo going to buy the Eyeko mascara any time now!Can't wait for the lips picks.I might have a slight addiction to lip products :p Happy day Cami! x
@PBmommyPL Thank you lovely :) I do love that eyeliner - it kind of reminds me of a Caribbean sea - so bright and fun and vibrant! I hope your 'problems' of the past few days have dissipated now! :)

makeup ideas-fantasy make up

PRODUCTS USED: -Essence Lipliner08 Red Blush -Too Faced Loves Sephora '525 Market' e/s, from Lachiquecoture -Bobbi Brown 'Cocoa' e/s -MAC ...
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