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Barn weddings near edwardsville il Videos

Kami Amsden, Edwardsville, IL, Realtor

With an insatiable desire to help people and a undeniable knowledge of the area, Kami Amsden is the ideal choice when it comes to a real estate agent.


Ladies of the 80's video trailer for the Wildey theater show in Edwardsville IL on Sept 26th 2015.

Veteran Story - Eugene Scroggins

Meet Eugene, a patient at Hospice of Southern Illinois. Hospice of Southern Illinois met Eugene a short time ago when his doctor recommended hospice to help ...

Illegal Chicken Activity in Effingham, Illinois

Should backyard chickens be illegal? Help support our cause to see the borrowed, almost 30 year old cookie cutter ordinance revised and brought up to date.

User Comments

It took about 5 years to get it passed as a permanent ordinance but my city now grants permits to have backyard hens. You have to take a short course at the Ag Extension office but at least they aren't taking peoples birds away any more.
+Mizter_Seth The folks who spearheaded my city's effort are now doing the same for the surrounding counties. Their rules are slightly different but that's good in my opinion. We can see what works the best.
+John Norris That is awesome! I, honestly, havent worked on this project since I sold my house and started building the tiny. I would like to do this for that city though. A lot of people were looking to me to do it since I helped make the farmer's market such a success when I was president. I feel bad, but I have to take care of my own yard first before my neighbors'.
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