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How to pronounce ralph fiennes Videos

How to Pronounce Ralph Fiennes

This video shows you how to pronounce Ralph Fiennes.

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@Th3ch0s3n0n3s Because it's on every video with a reply as a top comment, and everyone thumbs it up . . . and even if it's not a joke, it's been said a million times too many.
This is analogous to uncyclopedia's attempt at making fun of wikipedia. Pseudo-humor at best, which might appeal to a fetus, but certainly not anyone older than that, I hope.
The Dark Lord does not approve. He told me to tell you it is pronounced Rafe Fines, and if you pronounce it wrong ever again, it will be the last thing you do.
saw ralph fiennes in a trailer and automatically, almost subconsiously said this out loud...then couldn't stop laughing XD
@borgoat21 go back to 'pronunciation book' you dork. how can it be 'pseudo-humour', if humour is completely subjective lol
Imagine immigrants learning how to pronounce things and coming here for it xD Immigrant: Why hello Relpuhuh Fiennennes!
@Th3ch0s3n0n3s Hostile, man. Chill. I just wished that dumb thing wasn't done so much, no need to take it personally.
And then Lord Voldemo-I mean Ralph Fiennes and his band of Death Eate-I mean fans hunt @PronunciationManual down.
It's funny because his name's actual pronunciation is way more fucked up. It's pronounced "Rayf Fines".
lol and 'und nomal' was probably meant to mean 'und nochmal' which is 'and again', not 'it's normal'
This is the first time he's actually just read it phonetically... it's pretty awesome anyway.
SHHHHH. We do not speak of the Dark Lord's name. Refer to him as "He who shall not be named."
Great in Harry Potter. Outstanding in The English Patient. Monumental in Schindler's List.

How To Pronounce Ralph Fiennes

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My name is Rafe so that's pretty cool that it's pronounced like that.
Why is it pronounced like that? What is it, Scotish, Danish, Scand ?
Now it sounds like Rape - fines. You get fines for rape now!!?
I've always called him Ralf Feens.... 
@soulwaves20000 Welsh I believe
Rape fine? :))

How To Pronounce Ralph Fiennes This video shows you how to pronounce Ralph Fiennes. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the Academy ...

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Ralph classiness makes Jimmy look like a drunk redneck
Lol I agree.
Am I the only who saw Ralph Fiennes with the guitar?
+Idna Castellon yes i also saw, this is the most confused i have ever been
I always gonna remember him as amon in shindlers list
+adam aniba Me too.He was absolutely fantastic.And scary too.
+adam aniba yes, a very lasting impression that one... unforgettable.
I wish people would stop calling him Voldemort. Watch some of his other films, they are awesome! He has so much depth as an actor and has been in so many things. If you've only seen him in Harry Potter, you're missing out, big time! :)
You can't deny he did an amazing job with Voldemort though. At least if you ignore the silly sounds.
Totally agree. Amazing actor.

FREE Audiobook at ▻ //DownloadaFreeAudiobook.com DO I PRONOUNCE “Ralph Fiennes” RIGHT? If you are a native speaker of this word, please ...

Pronunciation: Ralph Fiennes

For all the videos, go to: //arts.nationalpost.com/2011/09/13/tiff-a-handy-pronunciation-guide-in-video-form/ A helpful guide for how to pronounce the stickiest ...

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Partly incorrect. Ralph is pronounced "rafe", but Fiennes is pronounced "fee-yenz". He himself pronounces it thusly. See here: //www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/ralph-fiennes-coriolanus-william-shakespeare-258087 
I can see how you came to that conclusion, seeing as his name is spelled the same way as the english version of Ralph. However, his name is in fact pronounced reɪf as in the video.
I had no idea it was pronounced like that. I always saw Ralph in print but when it was spoken, it thought they were saying Ray. LOL, I thought they were brothers.
It's ralph. Pronounced ral (as in rally) witth an F sound on the end. Ralf. Like that.
ME TOO!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!
Ralph approves of this message.
well this was a surprise
The man who never cried.
You're wrong.

How to say Ralph Fiennes.

Learn how to say Ralph Fiennes correctly with EmmaSaying's "how do you pronounce" free tutorials.

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