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Budwig diet quack Videos

Camelot Cancer Care Clinic Shut Down by FDA - the Last Laetrile Clinic in the U.S.

The Camelot Cancer Care Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma was shut down by the FDA on April 24, 2013. They were the last Laetrile Clinic in the US. This is the clinic I ...

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Stop quacks & con scams from preying on the vulnerable - absolutely 100%. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. Telling someone with StageIV cancer that a drug might be bad for them - even death - and then *forbidding* them is like some horrible black joke. Why the hell shouldn't they be allowed to try *any* drug that might help or offer relief? What a f*cked up approach. gvloanguy/Tom may have been clutching at straws but he knew his own mind & what he wanted and he was not being scammed.
what are they showing pharmacists pouring a bunch of generic Watson 10/500 Lortab pills for how dumb. I used to be addicted to those very same ones called em my magic blue elfstones Dr. put me on em for chronic pain then said no your liver cant take the tylenol in em so she put me on methadone instead. Now ive been on methadone for that outpouring made me go into I want spasms.
You are a real warrior for truth GV. Please check out ozonated water, Immunocal and Cellfood. I expect you have checked out Gerson's Therapy and Johanna Budwig's cancer recipe. I'm sure you have a good juicer and that your body is Ph balanced. . A little alkaline. Keep strong
The FDA is a shit hole alphabet agency who's only purpose is to protect big pharma's bottom line! That means there can NEVER be a real cure for cancer! Cures are already discovered and suppressed! B-17 cures cancer and that is the truth! 
google apricotpower for a site that has b-17 b-15 and this years fresh apricot kernels at a good price .P.S.what I have to say about the F.D.A. belongs in the sewer just like they do!
please look up the healing properties of clay....this is something that i think would benefit you internally....please read
It's all BS - profit for pharma. I hope you start feeling better soon and can get the things you need to continue self care.
Why would they allow a 70 cent cure, when they can sell a $70,000. Drug ?
This is the same FDA which just approved 2 new cigarettes for market.
The government does NOT want a cure for cancer.
U so right .. Stay strong :)

iCureCancer on ZenLive.TV Ian Jacklin w/Chris Wark - Amish Girl Flees Country - 11 6 13

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Taking the family to court so many times shows they were politically motivated, after the first judge threw it out.


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Interesting comment on selenium 

Ty Bollinger - CancerTruth.net

Ty Bollinger, author of Cancer-Step Outside the Box, discusses his book and alternative cancer treatments.

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Vitamin B17 is the preventative, control & cure for the chronic metabolic disease known as cancer.

Medical Marijuana cures terminal illness

Cannabis Heals. Re-uploaded Great info to share!!

Fundraiser for GVLOANGUY Cancer Treatment - SALVADOR DALI's

I've had these Salvador Dali's for 30 years now. I still enjoy looking at them. But maybe they can save my life now. I need to raise $18000 for treatment for my ...

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I will be praying for you. Alas, I can't afford anything such as what you have for sale. Remember, we are commanded in the bible to heal, to in boldness use the power of the Holy Spirit to declare healing to take place and cast out demons in the name of Jesus. I hope you're situated with a church that truly moves in the power of the Holy Spirit. [If not, contact me - I have some recommendations]. We're almost home. Just think, you might be about to step into that clinic and poof - rapture!
First off...I love you friend & have been a subscriber of yours since your 1st journey video. Yes, you have a very impressive collection and believe value is considerably higher now. I love art and really wish I could "be there for the raffle", (so to speak) :) . But this economy has a bologna sandwich & tomato soup grip on my household! Grrr! I will defiantly get to word out. In the meantime, if you ever need a friend to chat with, I'm here for you buddy. :) Your friend, Shelly Green
thanks Shelly. believe it or not, I always look forward to your emails. Yes you have been there from the beginning. People don't realize the power of the internet, The power to connect with others. The power of love. The power to heal.
Infinite love and gratitude to you, Sir. I cant afford any of them but I will share this video and try to help any way I can. You will prevail!
on order.but i think i will only be able to use it on the small ones. I think mine are now too big for black salve. We shall see. Thanks
i wish you good luck in both your fundraising and your treatment. all i can send is prayers :-)
Hemp oil cures cancer. No doubt about it. No need to look for a cure that exists
Thank you for sharing the vid. and thank you for your positive statement!
Thank you. Prayers are just as important as money. maybe more
God Bless and keep you. You are in mighty hands.
what about black salve?

Gerson Therapy and Coffees role in fighting free radicals

The Cause Of Cancer Discovered

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Great videos! I sleep grounded every night, can this change the Ph value of my whole body and help to prevent cancer? Thank you so much! Peace.

The Man Who Knows The Cure For Cancer

I interview a can opener who knows the cure for cancer.

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There are multiple sites and videos on Youtube explaining how each portion of the Beck Protocol functions to help those suffering from viral diseases and has personally helped me with my CFS. Visit the Unleash Health site and channel for more information on the Protocol and therapy! Thank you!
This shows how some people have such a poor attitude toward people and have no heart. Many people are dying from cancer everyday and someone puts something like this on the internet making fun of it. Its a real shame.
Watch Bob Beck videos. Zappers cost only ten bucks now on ebay. Worth a try.. cgi(dot).ebay(dot).com/Worlds-Smallest-Hulda-Clark-Zapper-30kHz-/350407997770?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5195f1b94a
You think this is funny? half a million people die from cancer and you have the nerve to make something like this? Look back on this in 10 years and you'll see how immature and immoral this is.
This fucking prick should get cancer and die a horrible death. At a ratio of one out of two, the chances are good that he will. Then I'll piss on his grave. FUCK YOU CockFACE.
The Cure for Cancer is NOT consuming the poisons that CAUSE cancer, and, instead, consuming a tremendous amount of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables. watch?v=E0CzvhPU5q4
@jaymizzle12 cmon man are you like saying that the fda and retardeed government are as smart as a can opener??? dude you are a true artist!!!
thats an odd insult whether you hate the guy or not isn't the point, but i mean, couldn't you come up with somthing better?
has he nothing to do more productive and constractive. Did "chemo"(drugs) effected your brain so much..????
Delete this shit ASSHOLE! People dying, and you're making a joke on it!
i just got bakedness in one of those letter things, now i'm hungry
ps3 can cure cancer!!! we don't need no fucking can opener!
twat. may athousand devils live in your ass 4 eternity..
if he could speak he would have said, "Vitamin B17".
yah i have cancer and you have to do this fuck you
forgive this moron.. send him love hes got demons
I laughed. Come on, guys, it's a can opener.
He Really Knows It Just Wont Speak...
your an ass hole you thick fuck
You Are An IDIOT !!!!!
No joking matter.
this kid is a fag
spot the virgin
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