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Shred diet butternut squash soup Videos

Paleo (or not) Creamy Crockpot Butternut Squash Soup

Ingredients: 4-6 pound Butternut Squash 3 cups Chicken Broth Salt and Pepper, taste 1 medium Onion 2 Tbsp Butter or Vegan Garlic Spread 1 14 ounce can ...

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HOLY MOLY! That made a ton of soup!
Yes!! Such a perk. :))
That seems so unique and so pretty! I have a giant one sitting in my fridge right now! :) Yes, definitely healthy!
Let me know! MUAH! XOXO

Butternut Chicken Soup Recipe ~ Noreen's Kitchen

Greetings! What do you do when you get a couple pounds of peeled and cubed butternut squash for a dollar a box off the product mark down rack? Well I didn't ...

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Noreen, I grew neck pumpkin squash this year. Its a favorite in Amish Country in Lancaster PA. It looks and tastes like butternut (I think its a type of butternut) but has a very long neck and is very large. I have several bags of it in my freezer and would like to try this receipt. Looks great! PS -- if you would like some of those neck pumpkin seeds, I would be happy to send you some, just tell me where.
Noreen, this looks lovely! I have a little suggestion that youight find to be a nice little addition to your soup! Since this is such a rich hearty soup, I have found that Pomegranate seeds add a nice acidity and burst of freshness to the soup as you are eating it. Since pomegranates are starting to come in season now I thought youight like to try it!
Perfect for this fall weather. These people that don't use their hands to cook, what do they use? You love your family, so you're not going to cook with dirty hands. Get real people. It must take them all day to make dinner. I would rather eat at your house instead of in a restaurant. Do they really think the cooks use gloves? God Bless You and Yours
What a neat way to eat squash! I'm happy just having steamed chunks (your first step = my ONLY ONE, HAh!), okay, maybe some butter and salt, woohoo! That's my seasonal contribution to this festive affair. "woo-HOOOOO!" Loved learning there really IS another way to 'gobble' (heh) squash:p Thanks!
Divine! Gonna try this have bn squash I traded for my farm eggs. I watched a Gordon Ramsey show where he cooks at home 1 episode and he made a traditional English steamed pudding. I would love for you to make one . I have never had it before but it seems like a wonderful thing to make. Thanks
Hey Noreen - looks so so sooo delish! (as always when you whip up your zesty dishes!) Your interraction with Rick is sweet! We will have to try this recipe, your enthusiasm is contagious! Here in Canada, the autumn temps are chilly and this would warm us up! Thanks for sharing!
YUM. We do all things bnut squash and pumpkin around here, but I've found if I actually SAY the word "squash" it is less warmly-received by my kids. Your spice mixture is lovely -- can't wait to try it. And lucky you for getting peeled diced raw squash at such a bargain!
I feel the same as you do about seasoning, if someone I'm feeding needs to season their food...I haven't done my job right. However, I don't consider hot sauce (shiracha) insulting lol, probably because I love spicy stuff. Beautiful soup, looks amazing as always!
I know you are really really busy and must get a zillion comments but I would really like it if you would give me your opinion on immersion blenders. I need a new one and just don't know which one to get. Thanks!
keep a mug or tall glass ready with water to put the blender in right away.. its a resting place till it cools and helps to clean it a bit if you run it in the water for a sec.
This looks great. I wonder if you could substitute curry powder for the pumpkin spices & maybe add a little Almond milk at the end. Just a thought. Thanks for the vid.
Ever watch 7 Brides for 7 Brothers? Adam wanted ketchup for his stew, Millie was indignant and said "My stew (steak) can stand on its own two feet!" LOVE THAT MOVIE
mmmmmmm! and THANKS I have some butternut squash soup blend of veggies that need used up. heading right after this is over to make it!
I have a butternut squash (and acorn squash) sitting on my table. Can you guess what I'm gonna be making in the near future? :)
I make Butternut soup always doing the fall and winter......We sure love it. But this look yummmy....have a wonderful day
I made butternut chicken soup in this video. How is that misleading? I explained the title at the end of the video.
Just harvested my butternut squash because we are expecting snow. So I will definitely make this recipe. Thanks
i make a similar soup using curry powder and coconut milk, yours looks wonderful noreen :) thank you!
I make a similar soup adding curry instead of the pumpkin pie spice it too is delish!!!
ha ha I like the name of the soup.... most of my meals start out with "WTF"!! lol
Wow, Noreen you're absolutely amazing....I'm definitely going to give it a try!
I've gotta search and see if you have posted that steak seasoning blend!
That looks incredible!! ~~♡~~ And p.s. to Molly.. you are a kick!! :D
This is is so great, I love the veggie (actually vegan) suggestion.
I have 4 butternut squash in my fruit cellar....soup it is! Thanks.
well then why don't u use pumpkin! this video is about butternut.

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Butternut squash soup with brown butter and nutmeg crème

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lol. pre op diet day 1 starts tomorrow. surgery 12 14
+qtgonewild best of luck with all of it!! you must be psyched.
watched all your videos. love your personality.
+qtgonewild Hahaha thanks for that and thanks for watching!
Lol what a surreal thing to hear?! "You're losing weight too fast, slow down" haha ... What the hell is pumpkin whip???!!!
+RAH CREATE probably, only no chocolate involved so we can only imagine it's half as good :D
+ChangingChristina WLS ohhhh Hahahaha ok I see. I thought it didn't make much sense!!! Hmm ok I'll check that out, without reading the recipe it sounds like some kind of chocolate mousse wannabe
+RAH CREATE hahahah he didn't mean slow down the weight loss. he meant more like "don't rush the healing process" because i asked him about the air hockey thing :) and he knows i'm eager to get back to life as usual. pumpkin whip is something that looks amazing in theory but i haven't tried it yet so WHO KNOWS?! :) recipe is in the description though.
Oh my goodness, is that a stomach turkey?
+Leelee VSG i <3 photoshop :P

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How to make Butternut Braised for recipe

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