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Shred diet confusion Videos

Diet Confusion

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One fat loss coach call it nutrients confusion another carb cyling let me go check your site out
ok are you on twitter as well??
yes I am @supholisticfit

Muscle Confusion Confuses Me

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i'm confused why you feel you cannot progressively overload a muscle and still change up exercises every couple of weeks. For example if i did incline bench for my chest day for 4 weeks then switched that out for decline dumbbell press for a couple weeks and you continue to train hard and keep progressing using weights you fail at, at the same amount of reps what does it matter? at least changing exercises breaks up the monotony of doing the same stuff week after week after week.. unless of course your a powerlifter and need to get better at specific lifts
What complete shit information.. muscle confusion. If you change your workout all the time, then you never adapt to be stronger to it. It's about work man. You can switch up your workouts, but I would never go less than 8 weeks on a split, personally. P90X didn't even use muscle confusion. You did the same basic workouts for 90 days. That isn't muscle confusion. 
I have stuck to the this split for around a year and a half, went from 132 to 185. Great clean and slow gains. The most bro split there is. Monday: Chest Tuesday: Arms Wednesday: Legs Thursday: Back Friday: Medium to Low intensity cardio. Saturday: Shoulders Sunday: Off 
periodization and progressive overload most scientifically based one is the body takes 4-6 weeks to return to homeostasis (adaptation) and then you use a periodization factor and change but during those 6 weeks you go for progressive overload. Science and shit lol.
tigerfitness :) i got last night in finally. 3 tall boys of bio bro, its time to gro! my muscles get confused all the time, i go in on monday and its like come on chest bud…. fuck that i did arms this monday! all kinds of gains lol
Those programs that talk about "muscle confusion" subliminally refer to when people get bored of doing something, then they end up putting in less work, hence they need "muscle confusion" to switch it up..
If you want to confuse your muscles, just do the same workout but with the exercises in different order. BOOM. Your muscle will never see that coming and you'll be making mad gains.
I'm in my 4th year of training now and I still make gains with progressive overload... reps or with weight even if it is only 10lbs on the deadlift every month or two lol.
Been sayin' it forever! Muscles can't BE CONFUSED! Adaptation is desirable! You MUST adapt to the load, then increase the demand to stimulate the next adaptation.
Did you say optimal? I thought the only optimal thing was Kanevsky?
My muscle confusion is doing different exercises every week
Macrolution is great. I am so happy with my purchase!
My muscles do algebra quite a lot!
have them do algebra. classic.
LOL @ 4,076-lb bench press!!!
This video confuses me

Q&A with Dolvett Quince: Workout Style & Body Confusion

Dolvett Quince sits down to discuss his workout style, explains 'body confusion' and the importance of weight lifting to help your bone and build lean muscle.

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Thanks a lot because of you I was able to loss 30 kilos

Muscle Confusion - How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat Fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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Hey Brandon, I asked you this before and you said you did not remember your chest measurement so I googled around and according to your model mayhem profile, your chest measures at 40", would you say this is accurate? The reason I ask is because I have been bulking since I started training over a year ago and my biceps are 16" (flexed) and chest is just a little over 40" and I'm considering doing a cut since I don't seem to be growing anymore. What do you think? I'm 194lbs with 18% bodyfat.
What do i have to do get bigger chest and arms and not gain fat....I reduce a lot of fat from my belly now i have little bit left on the side of my belly i am still cutting my diet. but i have small arms and chest .What do i need to do to gain muscle but maintain my fat. Cutting, bulking, maintaining any advice who ever has experience....
brandon help me out . ALL THIS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE JUST MADE EVERYTHING MORE CONFUSSING. i lost 30 pounds 200 to 170. i started cutting calories. but i did llose weight but now i just look skinny and still have lots of body fat. how do i just lose body fat.
Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. you can see it here goo.gl/daIEmJ?=ocjyy
hey man your videos are great , been watching them for about more than a year now, but can you make a video just focusing on how to get the lower abs poppin out.. Keep it up man and thanks for the videos..appreciate it..
thats great if thats all you have access to. I know some guys in out here in Queens that are big and RIPPED just form calisthenics. But I personally would not deliberately limit myself like that. great question
Great video Brandon this is similar to using no weights at all as you're using muscle tension and your own body resistance. My dad did a Charles Atlas course on how to get ripped without even using weights
Exercise bro! Lift weights, run, bike, jump, clap your hands. lol you have to get your blood pumping and muscles working in order to burn body fat.. in conjunction with eating healthier.
cutting may be good for you now because your body might be use to bulking. after you have been cutting for a wile, you will probably get way bigger next time you bulk
What do you mean by completely changing your routine? Like how many reps and the speed? Any changes in the workout itself like from weights to body workouts or cardio?
1 month and a half into my weightlifting and i can already noticed bigger chest, more defined back and veins starting to protrude it feels so good!!
Hey man been watching ur vids for a minute now good stuff!!!! I was wondering if i could maybe work out with u one day see how that shit is lol
Low Bodyfat% + more lean muscle mass. No such thing as defining your muscles, it all comes down to bodyfat% to look more define and cut
hey, i cant download ur PLAN, it says enter email in the box under the download button.. but thr's no box...
Do you mean you switch it up one workout per month? or like half way through each month you vary it?
Slower reps with less weight are my favorites! Ive notice better results with those. They're great!
thanks! that is going to come from cardio and diet. men just have more fat cells in that area
Question what's the name of your channel where you put the music been missing out??


Is it possible to grow your muscles with muscle confusion in your muscle building training? In case you don't know what muscle confusion is, it's the idea that by ...

Ketosis Confusion covered by Dr. Greg Ellis

In this video Dr. Ellis covers a question brought up by one of his facebook friends about ketosis. There is a lot of confusion over ketosis and what it actually ...

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Can you still be in ketosis if gluconeogenesis occurs?
+psychiatrefou89 good question. I dont think so, coz this would allow glucose to be the main fuel, just from an inefficent process and if you're eating a low carb diet, this would catabolise muscle.But I could be wrong. Maybe the amount of glucose from gluconeogensis is negligible when in ketosis.I think it matters on how much protein you eat in the end. I've seen Dr Peter Attia has used 4000-4500 cals from 30-50g of cho and 120-150g protein and the rest fat. I might start aiming for something similar.
Thanks Dr.Ellis. I love low carb,never have I been over weight. I eat red meat and butter and whipping cream. I never ever look at vegan sites or watch vegan videos. probably because I am content and know without a shadow of a doubt that we are meat eaters. but it is funny that vegans are always bothering us low carbers there like Jehovah witnesses knocking on my door on Saturday morning trying to sell another delusion.why are vegans so angry just like Hitler. he was a vegan. eat your fruit fruitey go have your tenth bowel movement for the day and convert a weak person not low carbers we know the truth to late for u. sissies lol sorry Dr. ellis please keep up the war. 
like Jehovah Witnesses...LOL good one...

The Curse of Being Shredded

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WHAT TAGS ARE YOU USING !!! 9k views! I love it man you're growing like CRAZY !!
+Aqkos so I can post my videos on there ?
+Sam Brown what's reddit lol
I shared his link on reddit and it got some attention. Hope I got his name out some more
Best Fucking Video yet hahaha!
+MrGoudeyman95 Please make more videos like this
LIKED!!!!! in the first 5 secs!!! haha
Remember you from the video ;)
Why can't you stay at low body fat all the time?
You can't make gains if you're not in a surplus
Asking cause I'm a beginner and don't know

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