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17 day diet not losing weight Videos

6 Reasons Why Your Not Losing Weight

Are you dieting and not losing weight? More than likely, some common diet mistakes are tripping you up. The truth, experts say, is that even when you're "on a ...

WEIGHT LOSS UPDATE! + What I Ate Today - Day 14

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Hi, thanks for the awesome recipe, I was wondering if you could put the 'red lentil chilli' recipe up as well, you guys made that look so delicious as well, I soooo want to try that one too please
+Sherrilee Bryan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5TUEN_tANA
does anyone know how i can get more healthy calories in a vegan diet? i eat plenty and pretty big meals but still not getting enough calories a day! any tips would be very appreciated!!!
Hi thanks so much, I found this really really helpful! I've bough a good blender so I can start having some fruit smoothies as I've never really liked fruit but I find it easier to get in some more fruit between meals if I'm having a smoothie. I think listening to my body and feeding it when its hungry is excellent advice rather than getting hung on the calorie intake! thaaaanks! :) 
+The Vegan Lifestyle Fruit!!!! :D ... eat some fruit snacks between meals, or have smaller portions of starches and vegetables between bigger meals.To make it work for you just remember: if you eat good amounts of fruit you will get enough calories, carbs, vitamins and water, but it can be expensive. If you eat good amounts of grains and starches you will get enough carbs and calories, some great vitamins but maybe not enough water, yet this is a less expensive option. Last, if you eat more vegetables than anything you will be getting enough vitamins, minerals and water but they are REALLY low in calories, so balance that and you will have the perfect diet. For most HCLF vegans what works is getting a starch based diet (rice, oats, potato, corn) and combine this with fruits and vegetables to complete their nutritional needs. Also stay hydrated to make your digestion easy and happy.Now, what's most important: don't focus on calories. Better eat till you're full. If you get hungry again eat whatever HCLF vegan whole food you have around until you feel satisfied again, and repeat as many times as you need. From my experience, when you focus on calories you may end up overeating or eating less than what is good for you. The body is wise, so if it asks for fuel you fuel it. If it tells you to stop eating, you just stop.  Hope this helps :)
This is going to sound silly but I don't really know how to cook without oil. I'm a uni student so I can't afford to buy nonstick cookware. So does anyone have any tips that don't involve purchasing anything?
maybe try getting a pan from goodwill my mum literally got a Jamie Oliver non stick pan there we have other Jamie Oliver pans but they stopped selling them in stores...just add a little bit of water I'm not sure if you can do it as easily without a non stick pan but you might as well try...maybe low heat and constantly adding a tiny bit of water when it looks dry ?
i thought you were 180 lbs on raw till 4
around min 2:06
shes said standard amercian diet on this video
I thought that she said that she gained a bunch of weight while on RT4 that brought her up to 188 pounds
Always wondered about this - this is just a question not a claim. Surely having a very large intake of carbs (ultimately glucose - sucrose and fructose break down to glucose long run ) will mean you have an overactive pancreas releasing insulin all the time ? That would lead to type 2 diabetes if you consumed any fat in diet at all(all foods have some fats in even if 0.01%), the lipid triglycerides in blood would also corrupt pancreas ?? Basically how don't you get type 2 diabetes lol..
Wait I guess because it's refined sugar the pancreas would never be overused right ? I'm so confused , I guess I'm referring more to raw fruitarian diets .

Why Am I Not Losing Weight - Reasons for Not Losing Weight?

//www.TheBodyReboot.com Why Am I Not Losing Weight - Reasons for Not Losing Weight? Two groundbreaking new studies address the irksome question ...

The Best Supplement For A LEAN BODY + How I Make Smoatmeal - Day 26

This is the B12 Supplement we use - //amzn.to/1NR4inh ☆ 30% OFF ALL EBOOKS - HAPPY HOLIDAY SALE //www.rawtillwhenever.com/holiday-sale/ ...

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I am interested in going vegan, but my husband and kids are still going to be meat eaters. Any suggestions on how to manage a mix diet household on a budget of $200 or less a week. We are a family of 4. My kids are 6 and 15 months.
+balding79 Yes - potatoes, rice, starches are some of the cheapest foods on the planet, you can totally do it
How far is your grocery? How many miles do you usually bike to the main places y'all have to go to?
+Courtney Sims about 8-10k round trip
How did you know that you were B12 deficient? And what does having enough B12, taking B12 supplements do to help whatever you're taking it for? (Perhaps you've already done a video about B 12…hmm. If so please direct me to which ever video that may be - thanks!)
+Stephanie Marie (Stephan1eMar1e) If you have healed your system and it is functioning correctly, you only can absorb about 1.5 mcg at a time no matter how much you take, so I wonder why they are taking such a high dosage.
+Stephanie Marie (Stephan1eMar1e) i agree with this. I'd love to learn more about b12 deficiencies
Do you guys use a particular knife for cutting veggies? I know it's a stupid question but my hand hurts from cutting up stuff like potatoes
They do have a restaurant-style potato cutter that cuts the potatoes in one swipe into uniform chunks for fries; so that could help with cutting things like potatoes.
That's the same b12 I use :)
What's the website to buy the B12? :)
+Heather Feather //amzn.to/1NR4inh

11 days post op lap band - not losing weight

I am really bummed out about my weight loss the past few days... I know it's not great to jump on the scale every single day, but I got super excited every time I ...

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thanks so much valerie! i finally budged this morning... 273.5. Just doesn't seem like enough. I have my post op on Wed. I'll have to pass it on if there's any suggestions!
I am at a stall now too and it is frustrating!!! I'm just gonna keep trying new things and I know that the scale will show it eventually!!!
I had the lapband done on April 23rd this year and still haven't lost a pound. :(

10 Reasons Why Youre Not Losing Weight

10 Reasons Why Youre Not Losing Weight Official Venus Factor Website : //tinyurl.com/onlyvenusfactor just read what some of the thousands of women say ...

How to make dieting not suck! Full day of eating

Went over a full day of eating and some pointers on how to make dieting not suck.
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