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17 day diet eggplant parmesan calories Videos

Review of Cedarlane Eggplant Parmesan: Freezerburns (Ep344)

Cedarlane does a great job of bringing great healthy dishes to the freezer aisle. Then again, eggplant is not an easy thing to do. Will they be able to pull it off?

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Cool LEGO shirt Greg! :-D haha thanks for the review... I'm quite skeptical about eggplant! Do you ever make it homemade (eggplant parm.)?? I had something called Eggplant Rollotini (not sure about the spelling lol)... if you like eggplant, perhaps you should try it - if you haven't - super easy to make. I sent you a message with the link. :-D have a good one!
I have a bittersweet relationship with eggplant... growing up, I've always hated the taste and refused to eat it; I suppose it's alright now, though. The only way I like my eggplant is cooked and coated in a lot of asian sauce (soy sauce?), the kind you can get at those dim sum restaurants. (:
To be honnest, I never ate eggplant before. This looks pretty good and even if it's mushy mushy muchy [spam], I will probably love it anyway and eat 2-3 boxes in a row. But I won't because it's so expensive. Haha
How do i like my eggplant prepared? Well, haven't had it in years and years, but my grandma used to make them by frying them, then coating them with sugar. Those were pretty good.
You never fail to entertain me :D You're definitely my favorite food reviewer out there.
i dont know why i enjoy watching some guy eating frozen food, but i do :l
The first thing you looked at that you saw cheese? I saw nastyness...
The best frozen eggplant parmesean is Celentano. Taste homemade.
You can also get cancer from bananas. Whats your point?
@TilaTequila73 I was just thinking the same thing O.o
geat vid but sumthin i wouldent eat lol
@fornight100 That sounds delicious
noice, keep the vids comin FFM :3

How To Make Easy Eggplant Parmesan in a Slow Cooker Crock pot

This eggplant Parmesan is a snap to put together and the crock pot takes all the work out of making this delicious dish! Please SUBSCRIBE for more cooking ...

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Should you do the same prep to the eggplant when you cook it for other things?
+Holly Wagner You can if you want, but I don't. My traditional skillet Eggplant parm I never do it for that recipe. They say that it helps remove the water and the bitterness. -Janelle

Cooking w/ GradysMom: My mom's Eggplant Parmesan

Please subscribe to me & make me the happiest mommy in the world!!~ Cooking video for my mom's eggplant parmesan. Apologies but my camera has officially ...

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I really love your videos. But I am a huge fan of your cooking videos! I have tried almost all of them! I just really enjoy your channel! I am a mother of five and I love watching other wonderful homemakers!
Hi Mackenzie, Thank you!! I hope you will try this one despite me not being able to show the whole process. God Bless you-- 5 children!! That's amazing <3
I have never been an eggplant fan, but this looks SO delicious!! I definitely want to try it now!! Sorry about your camera, but happy to see cooking videos again. Can't wait to see them in your new kitchen this fall :-) 
+Janice Stoodley I have that W&W color and it's beautiful! I am so glad you were still able to grasp the concept of making this recipe, it's hands down one of my faves and the leftovers are perfect for eggplant parm sandwiches the next day! 
For sure; absolutely!! I had no problem at all. I am coming home from vacation tomorrow, so want to try this very soon. You make it so easy to follow, LeeAnne. You are a natural. Oh I have to tell you, my Wet n Wild Nail polish on my toes has lasted soooo long & not even chipped! Thank you so much for the tip about it; inexpensive & great color too. It's the purple color "On a Trip".
Hi Janice! Thank you, do you think people will still be able to see the concept of how to make/assemble this? I am so mad that my camera broke during it!!!

Eggplant Hash for Vegan Breakfast (9.10.12 - Day 29) Hashbrowns with eggplants

Eggplants? For breakfast? So many people don't know what to do with eggplants and so many people don't know what to eat for breakfast. Well there is a plenty ...

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As a vegan myself for 10 yrs. I've learned that black pepper is very hard to digest and break down in the body. Other than that, i really love and enjoyed your videos. Please keep them coming. Btw. Chia pudding. Yes, (chia seeds ) that is an awesome dish. If you decided to make a video on that, give me a shout out, because chia pudding is my favorite. :D
oh yeah forgot since i ocudlnt find basil or oregano u sprinkled black pepper and cayenne pepper which it made it taste yummytoo since i dont eat much salt i cook all my food with cayenne pepper like steaks and chicekn mm the little things that count i love quiet amound of weright substetuing lots of ingredients over all i love this recipie
U should try making pickled eggplant and beets to replace the real eggs, then ferment them using lacto fermentation. I dont think it would taste like dirt anymore just pickled sour. throw in garlic n dill mmmm. maybe blanch the eggplant 1st. any way just thinking. this hash brown recipe is awesome too by the way, i just made it. =)
You are one cool lady. Thanks for doing these videos. BTW I agree with you completely about basil. If you love basil so much, you should grow your own if you don't already. It's an amazing experience growing your own food, even more fun when it's basil!!! Try a couple of different types. I'm love Thai basil these days.
Add the Bell Pepper later. It will turn a darker color when cooked to long. Thanks for this dish, only wished I'd watched it this morning when I was puzzled as to what I was going to make for breakfast. Another day of oatmeal was our dish topped with apple, peach, banana, and pecans.
Made some last night because I got a nice sized eggplant for $1.49 at Aldi's. It was fabulous and I cannot wait to make some more! I forgot the bell pepper and I added garlic powder, a house seasoning base that I created, papprika and black pepper. I cooked mine using olive oil.
Here is a very simple Chia pudding for you. 2 C. almond milk and 1/2 C. chia seeds. Mix together. Place in refrig. Stir again in 3 hours, leave in refrig. Will be ready to eat after 6 hours. Enjoy!!!!
I started watching your videos and making your recipes about a month ago & have yet to be disappointed! And you make me laugh during each video! Thanks for keeping it fresh, fun & vegan everyday!
OK... You are seriously trying to win me over!! I love any kind of hash... You can never go wrong combining anything with potatoes in my opinion... I can see this with a side of grits.
good choice. I don't like pickled anything either. yuck! This hash looks delicious. I am a sucker for a good hash. And I like eggplant! AND HELL YES WITH THE KETCHUP! xo, Ace
Her recipes are saving my stomach! I've been vegetarian for a little over a week now and I wake up in the morning wondering what to eat lol well not anymore!
OMG thank you for this recipe, will prepare it tomorrow!! Got a couple of eggplants here that I didn't know what to do with... and add some parsnip :D

Ali Vs Kitchen - Updated Eggplant Parmesan

A light guilt-free version of eggplant parmesan.

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Just discovered your videos. Love the recipes. They look so easy yet tasty. Bravo for you!
She has dried spit in the corners of her lips! I couldn't focus so I stopped watching!
Nice video Ali! I am excited to try your food!
so pretty, I like u
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