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Kohlrabi 17 day diet Videos

10 Vegetables That Can Improve Your Sex Life

By Jeanne Turner What unique properties are shared by bok choy and kohlrabi? What do they have to do with your sex life? I'll share what makes them, and ...

Low Carb Rezeptidee - Frühlingsquark mit Gemüsesticks

Zum Rezept: //www.lebelowcarb.de/rezept/fruehlingsquark-mit-gemuesesticks.html Low Carb Rezept - Frühlingsquark mit Gemüsesticks Rezeptzutaten: 400 ...

Juice Fast July (Day 3), Raw Veganism vs Gourmet Raw

Juice fast for mind, body and soul. It has been a marvelous three days of fasting! Thanks so much for coming along on this ride. The support is so much ...

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thanks for the warning about gourmet raw before i ever got started! but before i even went raw all nuts were off limits to me because i simply can't control my portions. i've tried eating 'em without salt, i've tried eating 'em raw (even before the switch) and also buying a small handful at a time doesn't help, i just go back for more. nothing works and my illicit love affair w/nuts just won't end. for my fats intake i eat a half avocado daily and sometimes half a handful of raw cacao bits.
on another note (i ran out of space^^) this green juice is also very beautiful and i will soon be trying it along with day 2's recipe. yes, i'd be interested in seeing how you break you fast and by the way, you're really looking smashing today and i was wondering if you were going out later and as if reading my mind you answered my question. haha! delightful!
Yes.. had a nice evening which ended early so as to get my sleep. Thanks for sharing. :D
Thanks sweetie. peace and many, many blessings to you and yours. :D
You're welcome Jj. That's the thing as well, nuts are so moreish.

Day 2 After Going Fully Raw For 21 Days - I Feel Amazing!

I made it!! In this video it's day 2 off of the 21 day fully raw challenge and listen closely on what to look out for and what you may experience. This has been one ...

Day 8 - Raw food on the road; dealing with stress

Recorded on June 24, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Fitness Frühstück Protein Pancake Low Carb

Die Zutaten: 1 Ei 3 Eiklar 2 EL Whey Isolat Kokosöl 1 Apfel/Birne/120 g Beeren oder eine Portion Apfelmus Dazu: 80 g kohlenhydratarmes/grünes Gemüse Die ...


LIFE SAVING RECIPES: //regenerateyourlife.org DAN'S DONATION LINK: //bit.ly/DonateToDan INSIDERS CLUB: ...

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real talk...Dan doesn't know how to do the real work it takes to keep a lady happy so he gets on yt and dedicates a vid with a corny ass song to the girl he's trying to keep on line imagining it will woo her and it worked out as he planned. she left a comment saying "oh baby, you're so sweet" and she's kept on hold while he plays. transparent as hell. call me a hater but i learned the game in the streets of the Lou. i didn't break any rules, he made it to damn obvious any how. play on player.
Please don't put all girls in to one category. That's based on lack of research and one tracked mind. Some personalities click others don't. And to many it's also about common ethics ground, and interest in a higher level, then just ordinary daily tasks and games. A strong Alpha Male is in reality one who goes his own ways, fight for what he thing is true and right, and lead the way to others, and one who makes his own choice of a mate in life, guided by the hard, and not the mind.
I really like this. I don't know who you made this for, but I watch this every day. It makes me very happy. :) I'm writing from an account of a friend of mine. xD I don't have one yet. I'll make one, though. :) DAN YOU ROCK. I LOVE YOU.
Hey Katia, this is Sophia. Your dad is driving through Texas on his way back here to California. Hope I get to meet you sometime soon :) Dan is always talking about you girls. Nataya might be coming to Cali to hang out this summer, it would be cool if you came to visit also! I don't know if Dan is reading comments on this particular video but I will tell him you commented when I talk to him next. Have a beautiful day!
Hey Dan :) My boyfriend would like to say a word to you (he does not have a youtube account) Universal Love! You are on your journey. We will be lonely untill we find ourselves... Big Love Fron Copenhagen!!!! Ps From the boyfriends girldfriend; I liked when you had your candid talk with Mr. Durianrider (the money equation ) We love your videoes and apreciate your contributions very much indeed :))
thanks for spreading open love :) happy times to u and Sophia. please watch my video, to just remind u to enjoy each other as much as u can. peace, love n infinite blessings to u both in all their varied and unexpected forms they come in
Agree - not just this song but a lot of the tunes he seems to dig are dreck. How do we give DTM some musical enlightenment? This month we lost some great performers that deserve to be on everyone's playlist: Donna Summers, a Bee Gee and a BEASTIE. :(
I don't understand your comment. DtM doesn't organize the WFF, he's only a speaker. Mike (aka The Fruitarian) & Victoria (aka vicky2c) Arnstein organize the festival. Credit where credit is due. Or perhaps you simply meant he's publicizing it??
Whoa! What is with the hate? Spread the love y'all! The happier everyone is, the quicker the planet will change for the better so let be happy for our brothers and sisters when they find love.
@sophia11roma Didn't loose me...I'm happy if y'all are happy. Don't even read all the negative about this video. Push forward and love each other. Married 16 years now.
Congratulations to you Dan if you are saying that you are married to Sophia. Do you believe in wearing a wedding ring to show your commitment to your married union?
Thanks for letting me know............I have not been around much! I missed all of the love story! But Dan looks so happy! And so much in love! I am happy for him!
... ok got the scoop, she is adorable, he inspires me to eat better, she loves him, he loves her, 3 is a lucky number... Wishing them abundance of love!
whatever you decide to do dan you've got tons of subscribers who will support you no matter what. dont listen to the haters Peace, Love. and Light
Dr Morse is kicking your ass, he on 740+ vids in less than a year, he'll pass you by before the end of the year, you created a monster poster :)
Did Dan just get married? The last I knew, his girl friend was Christa, is there a new wife, or did he marry Christa? I am glad Dan is happy!
I know that Dan must love like he lives every other aspect of his life: BIG. Lucky lady and lucky couple!! Glad you found each other :) xx

Understanding Sugar Cravings

Learn more about Bastyr University at //www.Bastyr.edu Make an appointment at our Seattle clinic at //www.BastyrCenter.org Make an appointment at ...
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