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Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 - Episode 19: Healthy dishes for Mom! (2013.09.08)

The cast of Mamma Mia check out healthy dishes from Korea, China and Japan! It's Mamma Mia's project to energize the tired out moms. But not everyone can ...

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This is so irrelevant to the episodes theme but I just wanna say that I used to really hate solbi.. my first impression of her was when she was on beatles code with teen top and she was such a selfish and ignorant bitch.. but now after watching so many eps of mamamia.. shes actually not that bad.. in fact.. her ignorance is actually quite humorous kekeke
I've heard her talk about what she went through and I don't believe her. Why don't I believe her? Because I've seen the video. Compare any angle of the person in the video to images & videos of Solbi (before her recent string of plastic surgery sessions). Unless she has a twin sister that acts just like her, it's her.
omg!!! i'm watching this amazing program because of my cute oppa kyuhyun ♥♥♥ يآآآخي جميييييييييل مو طبيعي حلووو آآوبا خلي شيون يأخذك على المطعم الصيني هههههههههههه >< oppa let siwon take you 2 the Chinese restaurant hahahaha ~~~~ ♥ 
i felt so bad for them...couldn't they have left some food for them? they're heartless ;( besides, caviar doesn't taste good... i hate them. my first try was at a restaurant, the second at my home, third for thanksgiving dinner...really, it isn't worth the money. just saying ;)
Of course! That is because the show is only shown once a week and also, be reminded that KBSWorld is 2-3 episodes late compared to KBS2. So, if you want to complain and can't be patient enough to wait for each episode then you can just find someone to sub the show for you.
She had an accident and injured her feet, thought one was just light ... because of the traveling "Mamma Mia" is doing in the last time she has difficulties to be with the others .... as much as I know ... she is back on Happy Together, but there she just sits around
The comments below, you guys are asking for too much. I was a subber and it takes me hours to sub just few minutes of a show. And you guys know how many shows KBS has to sub or us every week? They only have a team of less than 5 people.
There's a video of her having sex with some goofy guy who likes having his ass licked. xvideos had it last time I checked. I know there's no single correct way to have sex but they come across as fairly retarded in the video.
This is incredibly disturbing. If this asinine view of what constitutes "healthy dishes" spreads in South Korea, they'll be frequently dropping dead from heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer just like the Americans.
I ate a lot of Swallow's nest when I was younger, but stopped when they said that there are 2 kinds & the red one's aren't healthy & now they're saying it's not healthy at all, becaus^^e there are a lot of fake ones^.^
but have you seen the articles saying that he's leaving this show because of this other show? omg! when i saw it i was so sad. i didn't want him to leave. im not sure if he's really leaving though
the programme became boring i miss the studio episodes and the new guests on the show every week. if you keep the same cast it becomes boring...please bring new idols and their moms
it's so funny that the moment yeongjae lift up the sturgeon kyuhyun starts moving away knowing that she will ask him to grab it.. hahahaha! kyuhyunnie the smart evil maknae!
yes he maybe leave mamma mia. because the schedule recording is the same time with MBC radio star recording...if he really leave mamma mia...i will leave mamma mia too
I started watching this show bc of Minho and Kyuhyun, but I'm really starting to love Jihoon (and his mum) more and more each week! :D Mamma Mia fighting!
I actually was about to start crying with yeonghui! watching people eat all day and not being able to eat anything sounds like straight up torture to me!!
Why is Misun not hosting anymore? I love her MCing =S and i wish they kept the original cast longer T^T i miss seeing Niel and his mom together ;;;;;;;
I felt so bad for Younghui and her mom, especially her mom. I wish they had won and got to eat or the others could've been kind and offered them some.
Hi,^^ can anyone please,tell me the name of the song at 29:54? ^^ I would really appreciate it! Thank you =) This Episode was Great^^
they only upload the video after the episode be broadcasted on kbsworld. kbsworld's broadcast date and kbs2's broadcast date are different though.
Mannn, I really felt bad for Yeonhui's mom. The winning team should've at least let her taste the last dish since they've won 3 times already :/
the person who commented that this program is stupid..then don't bother to watch..too many people enjoying to watch this show.it's worldwide..
the beef looked crude, they add too much oil to the food, and infact white meat like chicken and pork are healthier than red meat like beef
Its not actually here though. Theres an episode of strong heart where she explains what she had to go through to prove it wasn't her.
i believe that they have already filmed them back at the studio setting. it's just that we are getting the episodes later than korea
they have been cooking these food for centuries and they always have lived longer than their American counterparts on average
lol why did the 2 young guys there so overly scared of the fish..? Kyuhyun,it's food, the only thing you will ever tweet :)
what i like about mama mia is that it is a special episode and it has different and creative ideas i love mama mia
@Lin Choi how do you then explain why the police arrested people in connection with the fake tape? Just curious.
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