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Dash diet first 2 weeks Videos

Weight loss Vlog| My Slimming World | Week 1

Hi I'm Carrie your classic yoyo dieter. I've decided that this is the time where i'm not going to diet anymore and i'm changing for life!! I know I need lots of ...

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Thanks Norma I'm trying :-) hopefully I will help a few others a long the way !!
good luck with your journey.

The Day I Found Out About Baby #2! (Week 4 Pregnancy Vlog)

So I said I'd post this tomorrow, and it's 11pm where I am...but I can't wait :) Here's the vlog from the day I found out I was pregnant, back in November!

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I'm so excited! I was wondering if your cycle had returned in order to get pregnant. Mine still hasn't shown up since my pp bleeding. Will you be at home during this pregnancy?
Yes, my cycle returned to normal at three months pp!

How to Win a Bodybuilding Contest

Learn here how to REALLY use your new iPhone //bit.ly/1UKdTgJ Watch more Bodybuilding Secrets videos: ...

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Why am I looking at a fat curry eating bastard?

Mikaela Long - Vines Compilation December/2015

when ur so totally completely 100% over ur ex when the relationship's still new & u need all the good lighting u can get when finals week is over i don't know ...

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6 Minutes To Skinny Program Review & Bonus

6 Minutes to Skinny Review & Bonus //fatcrushers.com/6-minutes-skinny-review/ Have a look at my 6 Minutes to Skinny Review to find out if this ...

How To Lose Weight [Fat loss] Diet

3-Week Diet Miracle + FREE Bonus: //www.clkmg.com/onlinelifestylist/3weekdietbonus If you're interested in losing weight, and you're under a time ...

BEHIND THE SCENES: Our First Trimester!

How we surprised family & friends: //youtu.be/J6PAMBP7vkY We capture a few moments of our life through video! We invite you to join us as we travel, go on ...

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I'm confused she stop taking pill Feb 1 and pregnant already and was able to use a store bought test to find out wow times have changed lol anyhoot congratulations.
Feb of 2014. She announced her pregnancy towards the end of last year around Christmas
Tre might shake his head at me, but my son is going to be 20 months in a few days, and we've cloth diapered him since 9 months. We did use conventional diapers (Target brand) with no issues. I just wanted to congratulate you guys cause for some reason I didn't do it before. I honestly think that as new parents, everything seems surreal, everything is important, but Tia your reflection of the miracle that God has blessed you with is the exact moment of confirmation. Despite all the tests and ultrasounds, and giving GOD thanks. When you reflected on his willingness to bless you to be a mommy that was your blessing confirmation. I am extremely overwhelmed with happiness for two of THE most deserving people I have never met, lol. I will be praying for your strength and endurance during this journey cause girl, you gon have to cross, hills, mountains, valley's, everything. Last thing, I'm sure you may know by now, the feeling of nausea in pregnancy never dissipates after you throw up, oh yeah I had that metallic taste in my mouth until the day my booboo was born. I said I was done, but it seems you are wanting to go the natural route and I feel you cause I did. All the way up to my almost water birth, but the process of labor itself, without drugs, was pretty cool. As long as you're not stationary, and completely mobile, it is very bearable, well it was for me. Ok I'm done for now, but congratulations, and GOD bless, because Baby Patterson is going to be one of the most laughing, happiest, and goofiest baby's around, but well loved. Love you guys!
Cool, I've have to remember that. I did some research a few months back and bamboo diapers did come up, I think they are the most absorbent...? I'm ok with touching the pee and poo, nothing that a glove, wipes and soap/water can't fix.
They work really well. I use bamboo flat diapers by diaper rite from Diaper Junction, and the covers and pockets that I use come from Diaper Safari. There are so many videos and forums around the internet that I stalked when I first started, so look around. One more thing, make sure you don't mind occasionally touching poop and pee, because you kinda have to cloth diapering. Good luck.
I want to use cloth diapers, how did they work out for you?
Tia please don't be one of those dramatic pregnant moms especially in the first trimester... Trust the are more things to come as the baby gets bigger and your body will change. Crying much will make the baby more fussy and you don't want that
It's actually the hormones. Even if she wanted to control it she couldn't. Nothing wrong with crying there's no scientific proof that it makes a baby fussy.
I'm Tia you truly made me cry girl...I don't even have a child yet but I know I would be having those same exact emotions...this world is so cruel but you and Tre are covered in the armor of God and that baby I'd fully protected by that fact..nothing could harm a family who had God standing as their shield..I love you guys and I pray that you have a strong healthy baby but I also pray that God gives you guys strength as parents to know what's best for your children....:)
Well said!!
Amen!! :)

JJ Watt workout

A reminder the 2016 football season started months ago for the WFA.
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