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Deer Flock to Woman's Doorstep to Feed

Hunters feed deer year round, but they never come running like this! This lady feeds an entire herd on her front door step! Apparently she's feeding them corn.

User Comments

Very interesting all these negative comments. This lady is at her home. Legally she can do as she pleases. This is still America even with King Obama. These deer are hungry and she is feeding them. Some cheap lazy self centered people would not spend a penny on anything but themselves and complain because they feel guilty seeing people do good deeds. She at least cares enough to do something. If these deer stay it is there choice they are free & not pets. I have a cousin at my ranch I know is baiting fields to hunt deer. I do not like it but, it is the custom there in Alabama. Hunters would kill all these deer if they had the chance right now. Maybe her feeding them keeps them from harm. I cannot guess how much money she has spent on these deer but, they look very health. I see a caring human being who is kind to animals. Animals can sense good people that is why you do not see this very often. Sadly, there are not a lot of decent people out there anymore. In my opinion this lady is very kind and loving. Something that is fading fast. God be with you and the deer's!
Well said. Couldn't agree with you more.
Is it cracked corn or whole corn?
+Marlene Bjorkquist ...it's cracked corn and it's Jimmy's!

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