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23 weeks pregnant gas pains Videos

gastric bypass surgery: 4 days post op!

i feel SO much better than i did even 2 days ago. im not taking anything for pain besides gas x cuz i do have bad gas pain :( but all and all im doing great and im ...

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I hope I do as well post op as you are doing. My RNY surgery is for August 13th. Tomorrow is my pre op testing. I am so excited. I am starting at 280 lbs (hope I lose some weight before surgery). I am so grateful you have decided to post your journal. I don't have the courage to post my own unfortunately. Thanks again. Oh. BTW, I saw some others post info on a weight loss board. My daughter made me a beautiful board starting at 280, ends 160. I get to cross out each pound as I lose it. Good luck
thank you! and congrats on your date!! its so close. i contribute feeling good to sleeping a lot and walking. i try and let mylself sleep or nap whenever i feel like it. then while im awake i just walk and drink liquids. you may get the courage to share later on in your journey but just know there are soo many people here who will support you! thats a good ideawith the weight loss board. i might have to steal that idea! good luck on your journey and keep me posted!!
Thanks ladies! It means so much to have your support! I'm doing the best I can with liquids which I started my protein today. It makes me so full so fast. But the lbs are melting away! I'm down to 274 so that's a 13 pound loss in 5 days. It's insane but definitely keeps me motivated to stay true to the liquid diet. And dadiva24 we for sure can be RNY buddies! I can't wait for you to start your journey! Keep me posted and best of luck to you all as well!
I started following your videos yesterday and I think it's crazy that the nurse told you younger people don't lose the weight as well sounds like crap to me lol because I'm 25 and I was told younger people are able to make it a life change
Omg! So much. Im glad it comes and goes but I wish it would just go! Plus I think I may have over did the water intake. I feel overly full and way nauseous :(
Good Job!!!! Im scheduled for August 22nd!!!! We can be RNY Buddies!!! I wish you the best on your journey!!!!
Hang in there! It sounds like things are getting better. 10 pounds is a lot, congrats!!!
Do you regret having the sleeve and why did you choose this surgery over the others?
so glad t ohear youre doing well.....gas pain sucks!!!
Glad to her you're doing so well. Keep it up!
Sorry I meant bypass

WHO HAS GAS?! ||986||

BABY FOOD CHALLENGE - //www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVJPdddyrds -Not sure if this pregnancy is getting to her or if my biscuits & gravy are just THAT ...

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What is that thing you always wear around your neck??
It's wireless bluetooth headphones I use to edit with and listen to audible books :) 
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