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23 weeks pregnant and my tailbone hurts Videos

My crazy morphing pregnant belly

Ignore the hairy belly. It's common during pregnancy to get a an awkward hairy belly.

Lucy's Home Birth Story

Music: Lord, I Need You - Matt Maher Hold Me (Featuring TobyMac)-Gotee Records - Jamie Grace Lucette Valentina's Home Birth Story. My Midwife is from ...

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Way to go, mama!!! You did an amazing job!! Lucy is beautiful and so perfect! I sure like your midwife! She assisted during the homebirth of our last baby and is doing it again...next month to be exact! Fantastic choice of songs. Much love and God bless! -Crystal
+Tanya Morera Thank you! <3
+Bird's Eye View Thank you! Im so glad I recorded it. I love my midwives! Debbie and Kay were great! Debbie was so calming and professional. You have a beautiful family, I will be praying for you & your new baby girl. :)
You did amazing
Thank you. :)   

**BoiL Alert aka Pilonidal abscess** talk about a pain in the *beep*

pregnancy interlude. Today we had to make a visit to the Emergency to treat of all things a boil....A boil is simply an infection of a hair follicle, Pilonidal cyst: This ...

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yes hemmoroids are also painly but different than boils b/c they are actually caused from straining the membranes too hard usualy when using the restroom ie, constipation ...those are something i have yet to experience... : / ...hope you feel better soon...preperatin H suppositories (maximum strength) may help
Had this at 18 and then 31. Had it drained twice and then had the big surgery for it. Worst pain ever! Started having spasms in he surgical site as well. Almost a year later and I still have pain.
I had this twice. Second time, had surgery. I've had eight operations in my life, but the pain of this infection was OVERWHELMING and worse than anything I've experienced.
just monitor it ..if starts to get hard at the base and become larger you may need to see you practioner...for now just apply heat (hot towel)
I am 28 weeks and I have been getting hemmoroids a lot every time I use the bathroom which also hurts and is very uncomfortable
well I think it's something like 1 to 2/3 of people have it but it doesn't always hurt and doesn't always turn sebaceous
omg now im scared to go to the hospital I shouldn't have listened to your damn video!! lol
Omg I went through this a month ago I had the worst experience ever lol... happy your ok!
I hope that's not what I'm going to have cuz I have a small bump in that same spot :-o
yes it has been...and thank you i do feel a lot better
Just had surgery 7am for this crap

My Back Hurt

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