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23 weeks pregnant vma Videos

The 2011 VMA Review

A review of Sunday's VMA show! Read: //kid-fury.com Follow: //twitter.com/KidFury Subscribe: //www.youtube.com/user/TheFuryTV Tumbl: ...

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@akademikn3rd82 Contradictory?? Last time I checked (which would be today), the writers of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) lived in different places and different time periods, yet all of their stories coincide. And how df do YOU know what my God looks like? As far as Im concerned, only the righteous will inherit the kingdom of God and get to see their maker. I never blamed that man for anything, btw. Please read. Im just oblivious to his antics, as we all should be.
@akademikn3rd82 Well I wouldn't have any worries either if I wasn't responsible for my sins. But I am, because God is watching me and you as I type. And please sit down with those "statistics". Last time I checked, religion has provided order for centuries. Centuries. And tolerant, compassionate people are born every day in countries all over the world. Don't attribute those qualities only to heathens.
Hey, I like you and Bruno Mars but I sure as hell don't like Beyonce but that's my opinion. Your opinion is that you don't like Bruno. I guess people want to get mad over some b.s like that. These people don't know you, like you or care about you. I don't understand people who get mad over mess like that. Oh well, you're funny as hell.
It's probably of Tyler's abs, no? Okay . I love Adele and I too was looking for her tribute to Amy. Jay and Kanye did it for me,I was like ''IS THAT OTIS I HEAR''.I was quite pleased. Christopher was good,too much lip synching and flying for me. Gaga's "character'' that night was like the testosterone version of Bruno to me.
God loves you and God bless you. I pray that happiness and blessings will be sent your way.❤️Love yourself and Love others. Be patient and trust in God. (This is for You and for ANYONE else reading this) ALL the glory goes to God! I mean EVERY word of it!
@akademikn3rd82 Seems as if we're at an impasse. Im not trying to judge any rapper who does or does not serve the Lord. But I don't have to listen to it; and I don't. My tangible proof is the holy written word, and my faith. That's all I have.
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'm laughing right here man! y are so fuckin funny,the best! I loooove your video, and the part of Britney Spears's tribute was the best!!!! LOL i loooved please follow me on twitter >> @KeyFierce
fist of all i luv nicki and no she did not look like no fool no homo but 2 me she looked very very cute and what i think is was is the cat on the side but with or without it she stilled looked good no homo
I'm over here laughing so hard I'm crying...you are HILARIOUS! I agree with everything you said but I don't know why Chris Brown was flying all over the place. That was a bit much for me.
Odd Bebe's Kids Movement...Juanita's Bump and Curl....He doesn't Cat Daddy with Jesus...his church mother with the tattoo on her left tit. Kid Fury....GOD, MAN. You're too damn funny.
I've always wondered why no one has brought up the fact that Justina Bieber the teenage girl pussy whisperer is all buddy buddy with Chris planking not punching Brown.

Beyonce's Intimate Pregnancy Photo

For More Celebrity News, Click Here!▻▻ //bit.ly/WVljFa Beyonce and Jay Z 'Bang Bang: Part 1' - //bit.ly/1rlZz1q Beyonce Gets VMA Award from Jay Z ...

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Attention whore

New York (VMA`s 2009) (New York.)

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How to have a music career with no talent just like jay z. 1. Talk about how great you are. Because you can't sing or do anything that takes musical talent. 2. Have a producer come up with a beat for you to talk over .3 this most important find a young talented r ad b singer to sing hook in your song because you don't have enough talent to do it. And number 4 . No matter how old you are still dress like a teenager even though you past 40 .there u have it the nigger guide to hip hop success
I love this performance but it still give me chills to see Jay pay respect to #MichaelJackson at 2:12! Class act. #RIPMJ
Lil Mama acted like she actually had something to do with the performance. Sit your ass down!
So great, but wtf is wrong with lil mama, it's as bad as the kanye tswift incident
that was so disrespectful(lil mama) , but jay z and alicia keys were great!
haha, thats what happens when you think youre at someone's level.
WOOOw lil mama lil mama damn, But it could've been worse
Lol lil mama is known for this shit more than anything
Damn j and alicia was laughing at ole girl in the end.
What really made lil mama think that was a good idea
Why is the line "I'm Spiked out" censored?

OKSANA FEDOROVA Design Studio by Oksana Fedorova на Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia 23 10 2015

Звук в видео заменен по причине монетизации видео, и избежании бана за совпадение контента на youtube. С оригин...

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Вдохновение. Ощущение той атмосферы,который испытывает каждый мужчина видя таких красивых девушек.
Превосходно всё и выступления девушек и платье и естественно ПРЕВОСХОДНА и сама КОРОЛЕВА.
Понравилось легкая такая расцветка купила бы себе парочку таких платьев на лето
как красиво сцену оформили,прям как в сказке) платья такие классные))
Круто!Классный стиль...думаю и мне бы что-нибудь из этого бы подошло...
от преятная девушкка мне все панравилось
классные декорации как и колекция
легкие струящиеся ткани
Очень даже нечего!!!!!!!!
Очень интересно!
Красиво сделали

Wednesday Wows | Esqido, Butter London, Mossimo & More!

Check out my last pregnancy vlog! (Weeks 23 & 24) //youtu.be/ewtlzziCq4k Check out my latest beauty video! (August Birchbox vs Ipsy) ...

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The boots are adorable!!! I must check out Target now! Shoot we all enable each other in beauty period.....whether it's make up, accessories, clothes.....jewelry.....Yeah.....we don't need it but man there are plenty of MUST haves!
I LOL'ed at "we are all just enabling each other..." So true! Nars Orgasm and thebalm Bahama mama are on my list now!
I love my balm from Ipsy but the glitter is crazy intense!! 
You look beautiful in this video!

Lil Mama Explains Why She Went On Stage! At The Vma's Jay-z Performance (Interview With Lil Mama.)

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I don't see anything wrong with it. Culturally and historically back in Africa when there were performances or dancers or singers it was a crowd participation. Everyone was involved it wasn't just one person on stage being worshiped, that's why I don't care for celebrities.
+Carib Elias africa being in our veins doesnt put us back in africa
+No BS D.S.T. but Africa is in our veins as much as black ppl wanna deny
+Carib Elias lol..this aint fucking africa
I'm so under a rock. I'm just learning of this. I fell bad for her. There is no way she could try to take anything from of them. Yes, they both worked hard to bring this about but gosh ppl. I don't think it should of been so life changing for her. Like really? What a crazy world we live in! All the interviews....she should of skipped!
i just discovered this.
... Clown ass bitch thought she was a big enuff star that she could share the spotlight with Jay and Alicia?... That corny bitch got brought down to reality real quick!!!... Her lip gloss wasn't poppin that night!
She is NEWYORK though so wtf ya talking about.
I don't know what's more embarrassing...watching the actual performance or this *extremely* awkward interview.
Geez it IS awkward isn't?
Lil mama should just add a verse to the song kinda like a remix
They'd REALLY ridicule her then lol
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