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19 weeks pregnant running Videos

19 week pregnancy update and belly shot

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If anyone can tell me why u-tube does this to my video files Id be very happy :)


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Instantly subscribed! Lovely family :-)
Thanks Desiree!
I read mama lips at the end of the reactions and she said boy so im thinking it a boy congrats you guys love yall channel such a beautiful family Mona you look just like ny good friend Nikki in Cali just beautiful! Cant wait till Sunday to find out!!
+roshawnda heyward I didn't notice anything, I have a feeling it's a boy for some reason, though! It will be exciting to finally find out one way or the other. But, yes, a healthy baby is all that is important! : )
+Latoya Locks it appeared she lipped boy so I just was like boy either way the baby will be beautiful like their parents Im new to the channel and haven't seen all the videos but I will this summer !!
+roshawnda heyward You have to consider the fact that Ricky's mom speaks Spanish most of the time. I've never seen her speak English. So, you could be wrong about that. LOL! I think it's a boy, though!
can't wait but i think from ricky's mom reaction its a boy.. lol i think a girl would have gotten a bigger reaction
I believe he was asking his mom what she think it is and she said boy. I believe it's a girl
+Autumn Starwalker I agree. It's a boy.

Running Tips : How to Stretch Before Running

Stretching before running is useful because it gets the blood flowing, gets the oxygen to the working muscles and loosens up that body. Get your body ready to ...

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Hi CarolAnn, i've been checking out your vids as i'm going to start running for the 1st time. I have really stiff and painful joints though and have often really hurt my ankles just running for the bus. What warm up exercises can i do to carefully prepare my unfit body? I'm going to start out walking fast and build to running. Thanks for any tips :)
Hey Gang...Love the comments. This is CarolAnn. The title was chosen based on what the public is searching for in the search engines. Yes, I agree that the word "stretch" does make it confusing. We want rhythmic movement or dynamic movement before running. Perform these warm up "stretches" for about 1 minute each. Happy Running!!
I can only assume you mean marathon. My answer would be: who knows. She has a lean, runnerly type look but it's hard to tell her age. It's certainly not out of the question, though obviously sub 3 is a very strong time for females.
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u're right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. Between My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. check it out here --> bit.ly\YGq428
I found the goose step to be a good start. Once I do it in my neighbourhood, a whole group of people start chasing me down the street encouraging me to run faster. It works well.
Thank you for this!! I have to run a mile and the stretches that my teacher does not do anything at all seriously. Thank you again!!
she reminds me of my gym teacher. But my gym teacher doesn't do shit and she actually shows and explians to you how.
How many sets do I have to do or how far do I have to do it for? I hope you can answer my question!
when I go to the gym tonight I will goose step up and down the hall, a lifetime ban may well follow
Thanks for the video, probably the best I've seen for running stretches on youtube.
Thanks for the tips! Dynamic stretching pre-run, long stretching post-run. 
Is it a good idea to do more than one of these stretches before a race?
YAY!!! Now people will stare when I'm warming up! jk great tutorial!
How many of each of these warm ups should you do? Or for how long?
no its not. warming up is. stretching is for after exercise
0:54-1:04 Ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch
How long should these be done or how many reps for each?

Don't Forget Where You Belong | A Jemi Love Story- Episode 19

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Paul no...do not do that to them. oh god he's about to ruin everything, why do fathers do that shit like make the guy marry their daughter -_- what the hell is that supposed to solve? because either it works out or demi and joe end up being at each other's throats all the time because their like what 16....they barely talked and just because she's pregnant now they have to be newlyweds when the child shows up? What if they decide adoption? like wtf...omg....Paul has lost his damn mind
Ooooh snap! I did not expect that! But that actually isn't that bad of an idea...except when they decide to keep the baby up for adoption. But damn! 16 and married?? Did Paul talk about this with the moms??? And awww I love that Kevin is protective of Demi!
Oh, SHIT!! Paul! That's not gonna fucking solve anything! And I have an idea on how they're going to realize the mistake the hospital made, but I don't like what this idea is... I hope I'm wrong, cuz I'm scared if I'm right. LOL!
WOW Paul!!!! I didn´t see that one coming!!
Surely that isn't a good idea.
Marriage may be a bit far...
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