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19 weeks pregnant csi Videos

CSI Bean :)

Sara Sidle - Gil Grissom - The Heart Never Lies - C.S.I. (gsr, csi.)

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i loved the end of this, the song goes really well with the video :)
Lindo! Best vid with that song ever! :))))
Obrigada! ;*

20 weeks pregnant, Sarah's belly

Feeling very pregnant one night while we are at the video store. Kind of silly...I'm not really that big yet, and only half-way through the pregnancy.

9 week old Unvaccinated Chiropractic Baby Walking

Unvaccinated Unmedicated 100% Natural Birth "If you want health, you want wealth, then you have to do the opposite as everyone else."

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You are awesome, great job parents of this beautiful child. I did not vaccinate my child either and he has only had 2 colds and now he is 14 months, he got better super quickly, I am proud of the people that are not falling for all these fear mongers that love to push their stupid believes. I had natural birth as well and no meds, nor fluoridated water, and we eat as much organic food as possible, we are very healthy.
She is adorable and looks like she is probably ahead on her development, but to be fair she is walking with assistance. I did not immunize my kid until he was walking and talking, and then we only did one per month. I do hope you get her vaccinated before she starts school.
Chiropractic adjustments on a baby are at best worthless, and at worst criminal. Babies bones aren't even fully formed or solid yet.
@chec2002 breast milk, chiropractic adjustments, food made by God
so cute! can you post more videos of her now?
Let me guess. No fluoridated water either???

Second False Alarm of Pregnancy

i am pregnant

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omg you are so cool ronny11smilemaster
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