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19 weeks pregnant nipples hurt Videos

6 weeks post op#19

6 weeks post op update! Pictures and tummy shot! And answering some questions from viewers. Attempt at crunches.... lol Artist: The Pretty Reckless Song: You ...

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You look amazing! Congrats! I'm glad u meantioned that u have gained a couple lbs (though you still look like your thin beautiful self), I have gained 5 since my surgery and it makes me sad lol. Its hard to maintain weight loss when u cant exercise and when ya dont exercise your appetite increases which is a double whammy! I cant wait to get back into my exersize routine! You look sooo happy, you are glowing! Its great to see that you no longer have anything holding you back from loving life! ;)
@ckayej1 I addressed part of this in my latest video... But, the camera shut off before I could finish it! haha and I was going to say, YES, laughing SUCKS when you're recovering! Laughing and coughing and I actually said the "S" word after I sneezed! It hurt so bad! :/ Hang in there, it gets better... one day, you'll laugh, or cough, and won't even notice it! Ugh! I remember those non-showering-days! You're almost there! I did have my mom wash my hair... it helps! Happy Healing!
@suziem79 I STILL try on clothes all the time! Just to do it! Even if I don't buy the stuff, I try it on! I LOVE Forever21 and am SO glad I can actually buy their stuff now! But, yes, I am constantly trying on my clothes.. Even old ones! It's so exciting! And liberating to be able to say "that top looks cute..... I'm gonna try it on" as opposed to "that top looks cute... too bad it won't look good on me". It's such a great feeling! Happy shopping to you!! :) :)
@redot31117 Yeah, there are a few things I've been able to recycle from my closet... However, I lost so much weight so fast, and I knew I was going to have the surgery, so, I didn't go crazy as I was losing weight buying new things... Now, everything is so big, I really DO need to go shopping! It's just a challenge because of dropping $12,000 last month! lol So, in time... and yes, I'm a huge fan of forever21 and their cheap...er... inexpensive, cute clothes!
@HarvestLuna Aww! Thank you!!! :) It for sure is an option! I used to say "no way" because it was so expensive.... but, honestly, if there is something you want bad enough, just save up for it. You will appreciate it that much more when you Do get it! Do everything you can to get your body to the size/shape you want it to be BEFORE getting any work done.. You will really be glad you did! :) Good luck to you!!! :) :) xoxo! Sarah
OK QUESTION! Have you noticed your implants dropping yet? They appear to be on the video, but I can't tell for sure. Today I'm post-op day 4 from TT and BA, and the best advice you gave was DON'T LAUGH! My husband loves to make all kinds of jokes about this whole experience and I'm trying not to laugh. I only have one drain and it comes out Monday, can't wait to shower. You look FABULOUS! Thanks for keeping us updated.
@redot31117 I also addressed the lipo comment in my latest video. For me, I feel I can fix that issue on my own... but, everyone is different. This surgery is for YOU. It's hard to say what's right or wrong, it was just what worked for me. I just need to get my heini to the gym and work that area out! But, I'm glad I didn't do it. I am so happy for you though, for you! Do keep me posted on how it's going! :) xoxo!
@alyssamya1 Awww Thank you! I AM happy! I'm really happy that I made the decision to get this all done! It's SO hard to eat right and NOT be exercising! It sucks I've been gaining weight, but, also, did you feel your implants? I felt the sample ones at the office, and they are HEAVY! haha! So, I'm gonna say that accounts for a pound or two! HAHA :)
@redot31117 Thank you! We had such a fabulous time! and it's the first time I've been able to actually dress up to go anywhere! I felt like a million bucks that night! (or at least 12Grand! haha) Thank you, Yes, Cory is a very handsome man! He's my knight in shining Armour! xoxo!
@TheVreynolds6 My implants are UNDER the muscle.... and I'm SO glad, they look and feel really natural now that they have dropped to their normal position! I love them! :) :) Yay for getting surgery! I think that's great! :) You'll do fantastic!
Thank you for commenting on what pregnancies do to our bodies -- not babies or breastfeeding. Im currently struggling with my image but knowing that ps is an option makes me feel a lot better. And watching your vídeos provides a good insight.
You look great! Did you get the implant on top or above the muscle? I am getting the same procedures done in 6 months and am scared that if I get them on top of the muscle they will sag more then if they were placed underneath.
Love that I found your post! I am having a mommy makeover in a month! Excited! Have three kids who did a number on me! (twins and a singleton)! Love your indepth videos!!! You look amazing!
You look awesome. I'm getting the mommy makeover soon and it really helped watching your videos to know what to expect. Thanks for posting :)
You look amazing Sarah, congratulations!
@jjcraig999 Haha..... THANKS! :)
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