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Anorexic diet nhs Videos

Oaktrees eating disorder unit (CWP)

Oaktrees in-patient eating disorder service is a dedicated specialist service for the provision of care to individuals with anorexia nervosa provided by CWP.

Anorexia real story

Katie, 21, had anorexia from the age of 14 to 19. She shares her experiences of life with anorexia and explains how she recovered from the eating disorder.

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if you ever feelthe need to make yourself change your appearence based on others thoughts or opinions. STOP!!!! just eat food as you feel that craving.. poop when you feel that need.. who cares what anybody has to say, seriously? who ever cares what i have to say? its just words. you are you.. be you.. nobody should ever have the option to make you not wanna be you, EVER!. this isnt just for you tho, its for everyone out there, big small whatever as lilmissgaga said, curves really are the best..
I understand what you were saying about the voice. Im not anorexic, nor have I ever been. But, when I get into my really bad stages of depression, theres this voice telling me to just eat eat eat. And I eat like everything to the point where I feel sick. And I know that's not normal for me. Because I dont really eat meals or anything. I snack throughout the day on little things like hot dogs and chips and such. Is that whats its like when youre anorexic, just the opposite? Not eat, but dont eat?
i hate all those stupid people who call anorexia a disease... anorexia is a MENTAL CONDITION and its treated as a MENTAL CONDITION. in fact; i think its the most stupid disease ever! it did not exist untill the last few centuries simplly because people didn't had the need to be skinny in order to feel better about themselves or get attention. but today because of all those skinny models who can hide their torso in a sink drain many girls want to look like them because they think its "pretty".
yes because for me when i feel like everything is just too much for me in life. all i can think about is "no food, no food, don't eat, eating will just make things worse." and then you get addicted to the feeling of starving and i just don't know when to stop. so in a way, all eating disorders really are the same. you cant stop eating sometimes, and for others you cant stop not eating. so it sounds to me like you might have binge eating disorder..? idk, but i hope i helped in some way lol..:)
pff... why people losing weight think that being light is something good? If you are light, you should have muscles to balance that. For example Bruce Lee got it pretty much right. His body fat was much lower than normal should be, but he had muscle to show for that. Being walking anorexic skeleton makes you weak(!!) and ugly. For example I too like to be LEAN, but not LIGHT. I have become much slimmer(was already before that) yet gained 5 kg in muscle mass since started weightlifting
Kids often want to fit in and don't trust their parents' opinions about how to do that. Instead of telling them they are beautiful(on the inside or outside) in a way that may be interpreted as patronizing, it could be more helpful to offer other diet/exercise alternatives that work or encourage friendships that increase confidence and feel like they are fitting in. I wonder if there is a big difference between how girls at risk see the anti-anorexia ads vs. healthy people.
theres another version of this (just incase you didnt know) Reverse anorexia. A lot of the muscle bound people you may have seen at the gym, suffers it. They're giant in muscle, but only still see the skinny guy they used to be. Usually anyone with that kind of mentallity , will do anything to put on muscle real fast, such as steroids. For a good example, look up "Gregg Valentino". Perfect reverse anorexia example
@jack00008 I can relate to what you're saying. I love food, but once in a while (often enough to make me feel like a freak) I am totally repulsed. A bowl of cereal is my "anytime food", but when those moods happen, even cereal makes me gag. Sometimes it bothers me for days, then I snap out of it. I don't have an answer for you, but at least you know you're not alone.
I know exactly what she's talking about ,i go through the same thing ever day, i dont eat for days on end and excersise all the time, and when my class goes to the gym for school, I'm sooo excited to go and am always pushing myself using all the machines that I can, all I see when I look at food, is fat, its hard to even want to eat at all, I just cant do it
i'm appalled at all the negative comments like, "But how can she stand being so fat now?'' You guys wake up! It's not completely about being skinny it's about being perfect, and I think she's so strong for actually recovering, not many people who suffer from Anorexia recover. So don't judge till you've walkeda mile in their shoes....
I'm really glad this woman recovered she has beautiful dark hair and clear skin. She has an adorable house. Anorexia is such a horrible deises and it's even more horrible that it's involtury. I hope no one ever falls into the traps of assuming their too fat and go to drastic measures. Were humans we need to eat . It keeps us alive (:
Thankyou Katie for making the future look a little brighter. My beautiful seventeen year old granddaughter has been an Anorexic since she was fourteen she too nearly lost her life. All of her family are desperately worried about her, she has been in rehab app two years. You have helped enormously.
@FunnyJunkTV When I was pretty ill, I found myself to personify the thoughts. I didn't really hear different voices. Everyone is different, as I found out when I was admitted different kinds of hospitals. Just thought I'd give you a little something as well. I'm male, if that makes any difference.
Well, like she says in this video: anorexia isn't just about food. It's a whole mental illness and most of the time we don't realize what were doing. As long as you don't feel that you won't eat something because of some reason, you're fine. Just make sure you're not starving yourself.
@VladimirTod4ever exactly! you can't judge anybody without having gone through the exact same thing or knowing mind-transfer magic! That's why nobody can say that hitler was a bad man - cause after all, nobody knows what it was like to be him and therefor can't judge him, good point!
what does it mean when you look at food and just can't eat it? i look at food sometimes and just feel disgusted (while all my friends eat and eat). i like food, i like trying new foods, and i like cooking food. but everyday i half to force myself to eat. seriously, wahst wrong?
When I was 14 I read about those voices they say they hear when they're sick, and I was like: "Oh, please. They're obviously lying". Then I got sick when I turned 17. Two years later I did find that voice inside my head telling me what to do. I'm still fighting it.

My Experience W/ CAMHS (Anorexia)

JUST ONE MORE THING, I do know there is a lack of funding for the NHS, particularly in the mental health area. I understand CAMHS do the best they can.

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I really like this video. I mean, I never had a problem with CAMHS for I was never treated or administered there but I have had problems with the NHS mental health service during recovery and they were obsessed with my weight due to my massive appetite. (This was my dietician) and then I had had enough so I took an overdose on pills which resulted me in hospital and a psychiatrist involved. I do wish that any service that is to do with eating disorders didn't focus on weight so much it really annoys me because they are dealing with serious cases and should try to understand us before they go and do stuff. xx
thankyou for your lovely long paragraph. I feel the same way about Doctors and stuff. Perhaps they won't get it un;ess there is a simulator for it or something in the future. But it's nice toknow that you are there for me and for all of us xx I'm glad that there is someone out there talking about it and helping us overcome a dark patch in our lives xx =) ps: It's true. Dieticians are good if you are normal weight but not of you are recovering from an E.D. 
Thank you so much! I never saw a dietician and I think I'm glad I didn't, I think it just promotes the idea of anorexia being all about food and weight. Usually there's an underlying problem that has caused the anorexia, the food and weight part is what we tend to focus on to distract from the things that are really hurting us. I'm so sorry that it led to you overdosing, that makes me so upset. I think the problem is is that no matter how hard doctors studies eating disorders, if they go to uni, college, etc etc and try to learn every possible thing, they will never know as much about eating disorders as the sufferers do. I starting seeing my private therapist because camhs just wasn't helping. She herself suffered from anorexia, and we rarely talked about food and weight because we both knew that it's irrelevant. She definitely helped me get to the finish line of recovery! If there is anything I can do to support you I'm always here okay! Take care lovely xxxxxx
Hi Becky! :-) I do have a question for you: How do people in your surrounding react while you are so openminded and honest about yourself and your disorders? Do they stay? Or do they start to ignore you and run away? I'm like you and I've noone in my surrounding left anymore. People are getting so anxious when I start to tell them the truth about my disorder(s) that they decide to rather run away and ignore me than to handle their anxieties and support me.
That's Mean That People Do That But I Promise They Do Care And I'm Sure They're Just Worried And They Don't Know How To Help So They Don't Know What To Say Or Do. But Just Know That 1 Day Someone Out There Will Help You And Support You. Just Keep Your Head Up And Be Strong :)
+BECKY REBEKAH That's so kind of you. Thank you very much. I'll get back to you if I think you could help me :-) I follow you either way. I love how refelctive and open minded you are like me :) And while watching so many youtube videos of anorectic people I've come to the conclusion that mostly all of the anorectic people are very reflective and DO know exactly what is going on with them. There's almost no denial.
+luticia You're very welcome!! <3 I'm so sorry that there seems to be no one supporting you. Well, that isn't completely true because I am supporting you and will always be here for you, whenever you need! You are not alone. It really does make me so sad and I wish I could do something :( Please, if you ever need to talk I am here okay? Big hugs XXX
+BECKY REBEKAH  Thanks very much for answering in dateils, Becky. I loved it. Never too much. Don't worry. I'm like you, I also write a lot when it comes to messages back. I just can't do it here cause English is not my mother tongue.I'm exactly like you. Also very ope, too open for some people. And that's why I was curious how people react to that in your world. And I'm so glad to hear, Becky, that there are still 3 friends of yours! In my life, noone is left. Also no famil member! My 2 sisters said good bye to me and my parents are too afraid to open their eyes and to talk about my disorders. I want to, I confront them but they just don't want to hear the reality.So very relieved u've gotten to know some real support! Yeah!Sure, feel free to answer this question in a Q&A video.Hugs, luticiaPS: Happy and relieved to see your mood a bit up again. YEAH! :-)
Hey!! I think I've always been a very open and honest person, for example when I was at school I would tell anyone and everyone who I fancied haha!! I'm probably TOO open ;) I think it meant that people weren't as surprised when I opened up about my illnesses. I think the only people that backed away from me when I became ill was school friends, I ended up with 3 of my close friends that stuck around for me.. but I don't blame anyone at all as I sort of 'left' school a year early so I didn't see anyone anyway. I think most people from school knew about my anorexia but I the only messages on Facebook etc. I got were supportive ones. Whether they thought I was weird for being so open and honest (they might even find me making videos on anorexia weird!!), I'm not sure. I think if people back away from you when you're going through something so difficult, then they aren't worth fighting for. I love what Marilyn Monroe said: If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. And it's so true! You find out who your true friends are when you go through difficult times. The friends that stood by me this whole time are incredible and I'm so grateful to have them. I know if we survived anorexia, depression and anxiety then our friendship can survive anything! I hope that answered the question, I ramble so much omg!! 
where i am the local mental health things called Star* they where great visit me once a week and if wanted they can do day trips and a day center one on one shopping trips sad it ended but i can rejoin if needed sort out money bills ect talked with collage to get me i guess alone time and cut my study down to with what i can cope with devon nhs are great
That actually sounds really good! Especially for anxiety if they do day trips with you. I'm so glad you talked to your college and I hope they are giving you the support you need. Take care lovely!! xxx

BBC Look East News NHS Anorexic People & Spring Weather Nature

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Anorexia nervosa

Professor Janet treasure explains the complex disorder of anorexia nervosa, how to spot the symptoms and describes the impact it has on a person's life.

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This is my understanding too - i.e. that the brains of people with an inherent susceptibility to anorexia nervosa are 'wired' in such a way that dieting triggers something in the brain that leads to an addiction to, or dependence upon starvation and/or over-exercise. Certainly I recall a point at which I couldn't stop my restricting behaviours even though I recognised that I was too thin. The anxiety of stopping 'doing anorexia' was unbearable; hence I reverted back to my anorexic state.
I have had anorexia nervosa for many years. I also have mild autism. I find it very humiliating that the media associate anorexia nervosa to models, fashion and celebrities all the time. We are seen as being stupid and vain. I got into a pattern of undereating as part of my autism. I have always had problems with food and eating. I was teased at school because I am seen as odd. I find social interactions very hard. Anorexia is about control. It's not about beauty.
@metabrokenheartwings i had/have anorexia and i remember my mum saying that when she was young if she got stressed she wouldnt eat, she had a high metabolism, lost weight easy etc and the doctors said this could be a contributing factor to my anorexia. i agree, you cant inherit them as its a mental illness but i think you can be born with a predisposition to developing one.
I thought research had shown the eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are inheritable. :S
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