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Keto diet alcohol Videos

do NOT drink and Keto!

when you're in ketosis, your alcohol tolerance usually drops significantly. keep this in mind, incase you need to drive or do things or some crap MY TUMBLR: ...

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It has to do with absorption because you are not taking in carbs, just like if you DO drink a lot, they say eat like bread or pasta to absorb some of the alcohol but you are not taking in carbs so you don't even have regular '"defense" against the alcohol, besides your tolerance being lessened, your body will burn the alcohol off before the fat so it's best not to drink anyway
no thats not what i said...but for most pppl drinking in recreational especially college students so they wouldnt chose Keto to be their eating habit of choice as opposed to another type of diet restriction...i meant Keto is more likely to be a fad than a continued choice of eating for most people..u dont have to be rude
been doing the keto for 4 days. im in ketosis per the stix. had a 'dizzy' episode at my dads. was not drinking.at the time. ive found lots of info on bodybuilding forums about keto --as well as actual keto web pages. drinking really should not be done on keto unless you ingest many carbs that day =\
You should do a helpful keto tutorial on your jpmetz channel, I bet there are a lot of people who don't watch your vlogs but watch your regular videos who would find this really interesting and might want to give it a try (and start watching your vlogs) if they knew more about it.
You watch Breaking Bad, I love you even more. Also quick question, maybe you've addressed this before and I'm just stupid, but how different is this from Atkins? Is keto better? I was thinking about starting Atkins but you seem very content with keto so I'm not so sure anymore.
just curious, if one where to go keto in an attempt to just be healthier and fit, would they have to be considered "overweight" or have excess fat? Like could one attempt to go keto, even thought they are average weight, but they would like to lower cholesterol and what not?
i think whiskey, brandy, vodka, gin types are ok as long as keep it moderate and drink it straight or with water. but no saki, beer kinds. wines are also acceptable if its red. i dont drink no more so it dont matter to me, but im just guessing. rock on girl!
"Keto is more likely to be a fad than a continued choice of eating for most people" What if most people decide they don't want to get cancer or heart disease and don't want to continue spending $6,000 per year on food, as the average American today does?
are you serious!? what does her current weight have to do with advice?! its the fact that she is on the diet and people that follow her want to know more about it...Also she isnt pregnant so ketosis causing fetal damage is pretty irrelevant
Alcohol tolerance does get reduced! I was in Keto for about 2 months and had a few strong specialty beers for a work function. Lets just say it caught up on me that night and ended up in a taxi in a bad way!
Drinking a glass of red wine a night also damages a fetus but is perfectly fine. I don't think what's bad for a pregnant person is necessarily bad for a not pregnant one.
I'm drinking the most amazing Bulmers Blackcurrent Cider at the moment. It tastes of berries with a refreshing crisp bite that cuts through the sweetness. Life is good.
What is this talk about failing? You are perfect and infallible and that's that. PS being a cheap drunk isn't a bad thing, unless keto makes the hangover worse :p
My friend cut out carbs and when she drank, even after two drinks, she was completely floored and after nights out she wouldn't remember the night and stuff :/
I don't know if this has any connection but often if a eat a heavy carb meal before drinking like a pizza or pasta. My alcohol tolerance goes way up.
lol your fat, you shouldn't be giving advice Atkins finally admitted, "I now understand that ketosis during pregnancy could result in fetal damage..."
I restrict because I have an eating disorder so it's low carbs xD I love it I get drunk off 1 drink less calories & saves money YA BABY YA
Saturday IS STUPID! I'm watching stupid reruns on all these stupid shows that I've seen 10 times before because nothing good is on tv!

Jim Stoppani's Uncut: Videocast #1(Training for fat loss)

In this videocast we talk about the different ways of training for fat loss Want full access to one of the most educated minds in the fitness industry? Check out www ...

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I was doing Shortcut to Size Program few times I like it, but I don't agree with the fact that it's not gonna burn your muscles , I don't know you guys how right u r doing this program, but I don't believe 70% of u can do this program in 100% how Jim describe, no breaks,high intensity,to do 100% of this program u need to be advanced athlete, and its not about HIT this is HIT Marathon, for people with primary goal fat burning this is the best program,for guys with goal more muscles skip this program or do it for 2-3 weeks. Just track yr repetitions nd sets nd u will see huge drop of repetitions between the sets because of the cardio acceleration if u r doing the cardio acceleration right with no breaks that's a fact. I am big fan of Stoppani nd this is great program that combines cardio nd weights to burn fat nd for those guys who don't have solid muscular mass to build some,but not for advanced guys who already got good muscule mass,maybe they will not burn there muscles, but its gonna affect a lot on their progress, all that lost repetitions nd not able to reach yr muscule failure because the cardio acceleration : )
Nd I know he explained in the video that u yr body will adopt after few weeks, nd yr repetitions will be much better, but then we r losing the fat burning-cardio component of this program , that means that u need to speed up,more intensity : )
How do I find your podcasts?
+Joseph Newman bodybuilding dot com
What were you drinking throughout the video?
+mkeller24 Pre JYM
Since I know both of you, my critique might not be the best, but I think letting Mike talk more about his personal experiences with fat loss (positive and negative) would have helped improve the overall quality of the video. Maybe talking about a more personal relationship would have increased the production value of the podcast as a whole (struggles up or down with personal bodyfat levels - and that goes for both of you). This is all constructive, though! I thought it was fantastic as a whole, and look forward to future episodes! I hope none of this is construed as negative, and I hope both of you continue to make videos like this - it helps us "normal" people feel that it is possible. I hope that makes sense, and welcome personal criticism towards this comment if anyone feels I'm off-base. This was great, and I hope there are many more to follow!
All good feedback Alex. Thanks for the Support
I did the SC- shred and when I finished it I started a new program that doesn't use the cardio acceleration between sets and it was sooo boring, my body was asking me to do it, I had to 
Good thing is you can add cardio acceleration to ANY program!
i think dr stoppani had his arm in a cast because its skinnier than the other one
But yeah it's clear & actually it's why I went to comments to see if anyone had also caught it. There is definetly muscle atrophy on his right side. Also if you look at his abs ,they sway to left and off center from his sternum. Yeah I think he has a curved spine most likely. It's fixable by positioning the body right for more blood flow. He could also have a shorter leg on one side to an extreme degree.
No it's not angle. I noticed it to. And I don't think it's from a cast. The whole right arm from hand to shoulder is smaller. Probably by a couple of inches. I noticed he has slight Scoliosis wether it's from bad posture or actual disease it's clear. Watch his vids his left rib cage sways to outside right sways to inner. It looks like his left oblique is bigger to. I think his has either curved spine or an entrapped nerve or thoracic outlet nerve pinched.
It's the angle
+Vadik Suslov i wonder if they will confirm our suspicion lol
+entyce66 I agree, Mike has one wrist thiner then other too, I think it's camera artifact))
+Alex M im sure it is the camera 
Well if it's not, Mike's left shoulder and Jim's right shoulder/arm are in trouble, lol.  Quads too.  It's definitely the camera!  Seen both of these guys in person and I can confirm they're monsters.
+Alex M maybe i hope lol
+entyce66 It's the fish-eyed camera angle, I think.

Going keto day 8 27 July 2014

Day 8 of my ketogenic diet. Carb restriction at under 50g per day and typical fat intake around 200-250g per day. Still hard at it with no alcohol to ensure ketosis ...

Keto Grocery Haul - Trader Joe's + Low Carb Alcohol Mix

Hey guys! Here's a quick (and small) Trader Joe's Grocery Haul for Ketoers! I also found a great low carb option if you are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving ...

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Thanks so much for sharing your grocery haul! I love TJ's! Thanks for the tip about the half n half. Even though I go to weightwatchers meetings, I keep it lower carb.
Great haul! Can't wait for your site to be up and running. Love me some TJ's too:)
Subed you!! looking forward to watching your progress!
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