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Keto diet and exercise Videos

KETOGENIC DIET: Why I workout 3 hours a day!

When trying to keto adapt... How important is working out? Http://www.stephanieperson.com.

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3 hours a day?? what if you can't?? most average people do not have that time, especially one who holds an 8 hours a day job, most of us get home tired and are able to do 1 hour a week, 3 to 4 days a week. I've been eating clean now for a month now...but I do not see myself working out up to 2 to 3 hours a day, let alone workout for a lot of days in a week. That is too much for me! after going from job site to job site, since I have 3 jobs and I am not currently working on a single full time job place, and looking after kids: I work as a computer teacher for an after school program and at a private school in Los Angeles. It is easy to cook clean, but the working out for more than an hour, or every day, isn't realistic. What about the average person who does workout at least an hour a day and is following a correct eating plan, is that fine??....3 hours! EVERY day! that is too much >< I wouldn't even have time to set up my classes for the week and to prepare to teach for the week. 
Love your attitude. It amazes me people get grumpy about your lifestyle. They have control of their day. I'm still following, your still my inspiration:) Did you find my older posts? It will inspire you. Xxxx keep up yr happy manifesting in your playground. 
Lucky for me I dont have to kiss your ..... I love your info!

Ketogenic diet quick exercise tips

Some easy exercises while on keto I ONLY DID 6 REPS OF 20 TOTAL GOOD ENOUGH FEEL GOOD.

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I would love to have a bar like that!

Ketogenic Diet: Workout Plan (Day 14)

I discuss the different forms of exercise when I go to the gym.

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You are doing great! 11 pounds. Keep it positive and fun. I enjoyed how you described your gym workout....easy but effective.

Ketogenic diet exercise

Brief description of my exercise on keto.

Ketogenic diet exercise and bone broth (exercise and bone broth.)

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