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Keto diet pneumonia Videos

Me Eating Peanut Butter on White Bread

Why are people allergic to peanuts? Well, peanuts are allergens, which are a type of antigen that triggers an immune system response. B cells and T cells are ...

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i like video but what is the purpose of this video?
you did a good thing today
noooooooo the sound :'(

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Health Part 2 : Eating a Plant based Diet

Learn More here: //www.AndrewSaul.com Proven ways to Improve your Health The following video clip is a recording of a live webinar held by Andrew Saul.

3 Unbelievably Powerful Yeast Infection Homeopathic Treatment Methods That Work Permanently

//www.CandidaYeastInfectionCure.org (3 Unbelievably Powerful Yeast Infection Homeopathic Treatment Methods That Work Permanently ) //www.

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8 Fingernail Problems Not To Ignore

8 Fingernail Problems Not To Ignore //www.Ameerrosic.com Pale Nails Very pale nails can sometimes be a sign of serious illness, such as: Anemia ...

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How about dark nails (like brown)?
+Miracle A I wouldn't worry a lot of black people have brown nails.
Are you black?
My son is Ten yes old and he has a black strip going down his thumb nail. Do you think I should get it checked?
I have the same little black lines do u know what they are?
yes its a sign of cancer
I got white spots on my nails they look like clouds what should I do..
Nothing you can do, if they go away congrats but if not GO TO THE DOCTOR.
Thanks bro im above average in weight im 5, 6 weighing 78 kilos so I don't think im malnourished. My nails have cracks at the very bottom not the top is that normal and will it fix it self ,its pretty painful. Please reply love your vids btw.
+DrewTaylor1022 Whats your diet like? details ;) 

Three biggest threats to memory and brain power

//www.naturalhealth365.com presents Dr. David Jockers, a Maximized living doctor. Dr. Jockers talks about three of the biggest dangers to brain function; ...

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I don't like soy. YUK! I have a sensitivity to it. Do you think whole weight macaroni is ok or good for you?? Also, when I eat pizza, which I think has gluten, my eyes itch the next day. GOD BLESS YOU.

Emergency Last Resort 'Alt' Medicine for Epidemics

Emergency Last Resort 'Alt' Medicine for Epidemics Currently the best and most accurate and versatile zapper tech is the The ParaZapper™ MY ( Many in One ...

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Vitamin c is awesome, I use it along with Neem pills to prevent colds from taking over my body as soon as I feel symptoms.. Neem Is very good for the immune system. Have you taken Neem supplements before..
+gtorres1719 I used to take Neem  I have over 200 supplements here :)
i did the same thing with hydrogenperoxide - i syringed it straight up the pee channel - there was a some foaming but it did wipe out the infection - i wonder if you can mouth wash with the stuff
My only concern is the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to distilled water - i need to do more research on this stuff - but i bet food grade hydrogen peroxide - id diluted could be used as mouthwash and maybe as tooth paste if mixed with baking soda - time to start the testing :-)
+1churchmouseWorks for me! Use it at the 1st sign...kind of like all other remedies, the sooner the better.
If you put a few drops in your ear, it will oftentimes stave off a cold or flu. Tilt head and leave it there for several minutes, then other side.

Metabolic Effects of Aging - HEALTHY AGES SEPT 2014

METABOLIC CHANGES WITH AGING. Health Ages Wellness Program presented by Steven Kunkel, MD, Kadlec Clinic Endocrinology at Centeral United ...

Case presentation, a baby with hypoxic ischaemic insult

Case presentation, a baby with hypoxic ischaemic insult, presented by dr Maysa El sheikh in Port said fourth neonatology conference, 24-25th October, 2013, ...

Bullied into taking tetanus shot full of mercury by doctors

Just burned my leg with my motorbike exhaust 2 days ago. Today I doctors told me that. They bullied me into having a shot or I will be dead in 3 days possibly.

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hey Bob. do yo have any email? I would love to ask you few questions about ALA chelation... Is it any dangerous if Im going to follow andy cutlers protocol?
+bob costas I had one amalgam filling...but who knows how much i might react to it. Thank you for your help
+Mike Gallett I am not sure about you, maybe you wil be sensitive. You can start with 8 of course and up the dose in second round. I started with 40 mg, now I am on 100 mg per dose
+bob costas one last question. how much mg you take? is 8 mg every 3 hours safe?
+Mike Gallett I buy 300 mg ala on ebay, dr best, then I buy empty capsules and I make my own pills. Swallowing the poweder during the night is not good I think for your enamel, because ALA is acidic....I dont miss my dosages, I have alarm set with my iphone for every 3 hours sunday, monday, tuesday....so I do one round each weeek
+bob costas Can I put the small portions of ALA into small amount of water and drink it? Or how do you do it? also have you ever missed you dosage of ALA? like..i know you are supposed to take it every 3 hours for 3 days... but did you ever miss your dosage and took it hour later that you were supposed to?
+Mike Gallett no tests, but I had like 20 amalgams that are 50 % mercury all my life practically.Puls they were drilled out many times, because I thought they were rotten under......so I ate a lot of amalgam in my life, plus the eveporating from amalgam was bad too..if you have it in your body, you have in in your brain, simple
+bob costas Sure no problem. Thanks for fast response. Did you have any Heavy metal tests done? Or did you self diagnosed? Also, do you know if mercury has gotten into your brain?
+Mike Gallett Hi MIke, no, i feel no sideeffects, ALA is a natural stuff. I am taking large doses, other than my mental stuff flaring up, I feel nothing else. And I think I am getting healthy. YOu can ask me here, it is better to keep this channel alive than using PM...
+Mike Gallett I believe I have it also in my brain. Im thinking of using only ALA for the treatment.
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