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Keto diet urine color Videos

My family thinks MY DIET IS CRAZY! My Advice

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This is not the official channel. Why are you posting videos that aren't yours?
What's the official channel of his called?
Harley Johnstone (durianrider) gave me permission to post his videos. Thanks for the concern tho.

Toxic Rain Sample Joplin MO 7/3/2010

This is one of the samples that I took of the rain. As you can see it has a urine color. What is more remarkable is how foamy it is.........This is what I saw on the ...

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Guess what color Corexit is???AMBER from the makers of Corexit Nalcos site... COREXIT® 9500 PHYSICAL STATE Liquid APPEARANCE Clear Hazy Amber ODOR Hydrocarbon I had a beautiful garden and so did many of my friends..then it rained and it all shrivled and dyed and all the plants,no exceptions,trees,grasses,vinesetc have the same thing I am seeing in all the vids re: plant problems.
hey, drink some and post the results so we can see whats going to happen to USA when the rain starts getting into their drinking water. LMAO. BP rules USA. BP will kill more Americans than any terrorist organization in history. what does that makes them?. anyways, may God be with you all.
@danekjovax The sample was taken from a clear opening in the yard in the container you see. I had placed a funnel on top to speed up the process. The foam you see when I shake the bottle is the same white foamy bubbles I saw all over the road..............
did you ever get the rain water tested? I only ask because I have several family members that have been diagnosed with cancer and died within a few months of being diagnosed. They have all lived in the Joplin, MO area for decades.
Posted 3/21/11. In Ky. there's dead grass in every yard on the street where I live. The dead grass are in areas from 1 foot to 10 foot around. Two weeks ago sowed fescue 31 grass seed. Holly trees have black spots on leaves also.
@runningjimmy31 Wow! Have you gotten similar samples from any of the recent rains over the weekend, and have you sent any samples of this water in for testing yet?
Why dont you take it and get it tested instead of showing us this piss water!!! Fool!!!
People won't be able to travel far enough to avoid this catastrophy.
Corexit 9500 is a surfactant foaming agent? Have it tested!
I estimate Boston is next to see the toxic rain
Jimmy, how did you collect this water?

bubbly pee

look at yo pee.

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Sara I highly doubt ur moms friend died from bubbly urine. There was most likely a very severe underlying condition which I promise caused more than bubbles in their urine. I have bubbly urine sometimes. Hell I would go as far as to say foamy sometimes. The Internet gives useful information but sometimes it can be vague and misleading. Most of the time there is no underlying condition for bubbly foamy urine. My kidneys are fine and I would know because I saw a real doctor and had conclusive tests to prove there was nothing wrong. When in doubt go to your doctor. It's most likely nothing.
Bubbly pee is a sign of increased protein in the urine. It can be caused from high blood pressure, diabetes and decreased kidney function.
Dmbfan07cb................is absolutely incorrect!! Unless your a Dr., keep your medical information to yourself. It's wrong.
it cuz the pee forcec its self down in the toilet (if your peeing really fast) thus making bubbles. case closed goodbye!!!
you should make a video of yourself going pee and then show it to us so we can see if YOUR pee is bubbly or not
While millions of people are struggling to find water, we shit in it every morning.
Well my mom used to have a bff that had bubbly pee she died because of that
lol this girl is prolly down for 2 girls 1 cup
lol. thatz nice to know! lol
pee and show us an example
do a pee vid plleas
lets see your poop
mine is like cum

Phinex Urinalysis Strips Review @EpicBeasts

I pee on little tiny strips of paper with awesome pastel colors to find out what is going on in my body. It's a method to quantify some information I want to quantify.

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oh i thought you were supposed to put these in your mouth. what did you give me that i pissed on?
+Steve Cronin Berkeley Strips. For your NOX levels. If you don't have morning wood though, you might have low NOX. If you have morning wood, you are probably fine. I'll have a review up about those sometime soon.

Berries and Cancer

Regardless of their small size, these small fruits are gigantic in cancer-preventing power. Berries are 100 % natural cancer fighters because of their capacity to ...
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