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3 Minute Makeup Challenge

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: //www.twitter.com/pixiwoos FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: //instagram.com/pixiwoos Becca Luminous Skin Foundation ...

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I always find myself binge watching your guys' videos when I'm meant to be sleeping, but I can't help myself! :) 
+Monica Partosa thanks Monica.xx
actually you did pretty well though in a rush, bravo !
+LadyLuvGemStones thanks!xx

Summer feel good make up

I really hope you can relate to this video and that you enjoyed it. It made me feel loads better. follow me on instagram - nixiepixi1 Twitter - nixiepixi St Tropez...

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I love this video, you look lovely! Good for you girl x
+Amber Ramzan Thanks Amber.x
I love how you said "im not doing this for anyone but myself." Honestly I think that is so important. Everyone always tries to please or impress others, that they end up forgetting to take the time to please themselves. Also loved the makeup!
Love this look!
+La Doshis Thanks!x
You are GORGEOUS!!! What teeth whitening product do you use? :)
+ks8132 Thank you. It's just the one the dentist gives me :) x
Oh my gosh that is gorgeous!
+Majda Addas Thanks so much.x
Lovely makeup, thank you!!!
+kerstinkatt Thank you.x
You seem so excited and happy in this video, thank you so much for lifting my spirits!
+Nicholas Lawton Thanks!x

Gold Leaf Make up Tutorial

Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation //tidd.ly/3ffe93c4 Real Techniques Expert Face Brush //goo.gl/6qwFKV Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer ...

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Ooooh yes w a blue smoky eye would look beautiful. How long does the gold leaf stay on. I thought u would put something on to keep it there but u didn't. 
+felinekj it will last until its removed, so the whole night :) xx
That foundation is flawless! It looks lovely on you! Love the eyes. This tutorial is amazing! Keep up the good work :) x 
+Stephanie Mclarnon thanks Stephanie.x
So unique and gorgeous!
thanks steph.xx
A tooth fell out of my RT eyelash/brow comb. Depressing. I hardly ever carry it around and when I do it is in my RT brush pouch. Not sure how/why that happened. I love it otherwise really helps separate the lashes esp with those ultra wet mascaras.
look I thought so too. but considering so many people make ridiculous complaints this probably is the most diplomatic response. Also I think this is not the forum to make a "complaint" either. I should have done it via their website so slap on the wrist to me too :)  All in all its all good. Chapter closed. Onwards and upwards
+Efee Mck you're being ridiculous
What a disappointing response to a complaint about the unfitness of a product!
unfortunately they are only made of plastic and therefore are not indestructible. glad you love it anyway though :) xx
I've always been curious as to how that works, I had no idea you just stick it on! I've seen the fake gold leaf at the craft store but I doubt it would work the same. I always thought you had to use adhesive or something. Thanks for this Nic!
any emollient base will work.xx

Bright Sunset Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation //tidd.ly/85c51b9 Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector RT Stippling Brush //www.pomltd.com/real-techniques-m28 MAC ...

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Heeey sam I just bought the real technique brushes (the bronze color) the purple ones are different brushes aren't they? anyways their amazing. And I bought myself a new foundation n0.7 beautifully matte foundation which is awesome for my skin tone! Thanks for these tutorials :) Can I ask if you could please show how you mix two colours from a palette together because in some videos you mix them an we don;t see how :) thanks xxxx
I've got brown eyes with green as well and anything with hues of purple does the trick for us because it's the opposite of brown and green sort of in the colour wheel, therefore it complements brown/hazel eyes. Always check in a colour wheel the opposite of the colour and you'll get a pretty accurate idea of what you can use to get your eye colour to pop.
As always great video! Love you gals! I have two requests: can you do a tutorial about lining the under eye with liquid liner? I try and try and it never looks right. Also, when I use a pencil to line my eyes, the black liner seems to fall and create a dark shadow under my eyes, how can I stop this from happening? Thanks!
You look absolutely stunning, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen seriously. My life would be incomplete without your videos Sam, youre my true inspiration. I was wondering if you lnew o a dupe for the MAC pencil as Ive been looking for one and nothing :( thanks! Xx
hey sam just wanted to say thanks for the burst of originality. i recreated this look yesterday and it honestly was very wearable and flattering i really love it and plan on keeping it in my look repertoire. keep up the beautiful work. love you guyz!!!
I really loved that look because you used some contrasting colours that go on beautiful together on the eyes. I hope you could do more tutorials using bright eyeshadow colours since the summer is coming and we all ted to go for more vibrant makeup :)
I would recommend not using a liquid liner on the bottom, it is not really meant for that. When you say that the black liner "falls", do you mean that it runs? If so, try setting it with a matching eyeshadow. That should keep it in place :)
that is so beautiful! I cant get enough of your videos, watching every evening after my kid is sleeping and learning and absorbing as much as I can. I would prefer a pin up girl makeup tutorial if it still wasnt shown before. Thanks a lot!
hi , i wish u all the best u both of u guys are so professional and amazing ,, ive learnt a lot from u ,, just wanna ask u , i have blue area under eyes , what do u recommend ? put what colour peach correction , i'm egyptian by the way :)
Would this look on olive-ish brown skin? I would love to try it but I was told that red eye shadows can a bit tricky and can look awful if done poorly. Any suggestions or alternatives if these colors won't suit my skin tone?
Why the fuck do you assholes spend so much time and energy putting different colored pigments on your face? Maybe women wouldn't be so stupid if they spent some of that time paying attention in class.
This is a perfect fun colours to put on this summer.. I should try this one soon... I'm a big fan of yours and Nic's tutorials. Keep it up and more power to you both. Shout out from the Philippines :)
You know Maldives? You should totally come over
Could you do an everyday look using drugstore products/reveiw on cheap or drugstore products please?? Love this look; too full on for my use regularly but looked great on the model and you!:)
Hey , just want to say I have just seen your article sam in the superdrug dare magazine and it was amazing loved it so much I got more of your brushes ! Love them
I adore this look! Gorgeous! Anyway I always seem to love your more adventurous/"artsy" make-up (not that I don't like the other ones, I really love them too)!
Такое чувство что на вас накладные ресницы, но нет! Тушь творит чудеса! Очень красиво
I hate having full brows :P I'm a boy who wears makeup, and my full, bushy, male eyebrows keep me from doing big blown out smokey makeup. It sucks.
Hi! well, i have just recently watched The Hunger Games, and since it is october, i think an Effie Trinket look would be awesome to see! thanks! :)
I LOVE this makeup! Being from Arizona, these colors are absolutely appropriate and will definitely be trying this one soon! Thank you so much!
Gorgeous! It really makes your beautiful blue eyes pop! What colors would you suggest to do the same intense/bright look but for hazel/brown eyes?
ADORE your videos and I love wearing your "unwearable" looks, Sam! Always get tons of compliments because they are unique. Keep them coming!
Could you do an international beauty series? Like Japanese makeup beauty, then Russian beauty, versus Brazilian? That would be cool
Luv ya.... Just got ur brushes 3 sets and pixi early bird polette, thank u very much..... We r waiting for u guys in Dubai UAE
u convinced me 2 get this blue liner!! u look amazing-Sam! BTW-I've got all ur brushes & luv them! U & Nic r a joy 2 watch :)
Hi Def Cyan has a warning that it's not waterline safe. Does it irritate your eyes at all? I'm planning on getting it soon.
Does the velvet palette ship to USA. I was on the website & didn't see a money converter . Love those colors & this look
I would love it of you would do something that it wearable everyday, but still unique and bright and sunny :)
I don't understand how you can get product to stick to your waterline. Mine is always wet and nothing sticks
How can she just put on all these crazy colours and not look like a clown? She's amazingly gorgeous


Estmated time: 20 minutes PRODUCTS USED: MAC face and body - C3 Laura Mercier Brow definer in Warm - //tidd.ly/6440bff8 Laura Mercier Metallic ...

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You are simply gorgeous!! Wonderful tutorial. I think you look a lot like Milla Jovovich....especially your eyes! I saw some photos of her and she had some sort of coppery highlights in her brown hair....I think that would look amazing on you as well and make your eyes pop even more!...jmho ;) just found you and your sis...you guys do great makeup and have a wonderful sense of humor! Looking forward to checking out your myriad videos. P.S. My daughter is also Lilly (but w/2L's in the middle!)
@lidawnrodrigues ...lol...That's the face all women make..once we have makeup on...;D:D... Some women are worse then others...I have a friend that is really funny..once she puts on makeup.. Before makeup.. she's VEry normal.. After makeup....she's suddenly Estee Lauder..*said with an English accent* Her mouth.. the way she moves it.... eyes...voice.. everything about her changes...Even on the phone..if someone should call..and she has makeup on..It's really cute..she herself doesn't notice..
FAbulous look...:D......I like the pink-ish nails...Actually..I like the Navy blue ones as well... **** Taking off salon tips is horrendous...Although the last time i did it...I asked advice here first...from one of the ladies on youtube...and that worked perfectly... She told me to place a nail polish remover soaked cotton ball..on the nail--Then wrap it in tinfoil...Leave it on for ..I think it was 20-40 min...The nails literally melt/fold right off..with minimal damage~..and no pain..:D
I think Kinda Sexy is the most amazing color "IN THE WORLD" haha, I was wondering just the other day why you had never used it on a tutorial before, so I'm really glad you finally did. I really love it with Boy Bait cremesheen glass, or Love Nectar Lustreglass, but a friend recently had me use it with OH BABY lipglass and it looked insanely gorgeous!
Can you recommend any other 'tubing' mascaras? ones that are perhaps a bit cheaper (if theres none/they are crap then no worries) or more intense than the becca one. I have really stupid issues with mascaras smudging everywhere, every single brand and type ive tried has always smudged. (deep set eyes, little lashes, oily eyelids...)
I went hunting for the Laura Mercier burnished copper creme immediately after watching this video. What a gorgeous colour. Just when I was about to give up, I found it. Overprized as hell, of course, but that's what I get for living in Norway. Now I just hope this will look good on my darker blue eyes.
I often try to use my MAC foundation brush to apply foundation, but find that it leaves streaks on my face and doesn't blend very well.. just kind of sits on top of my skin. does anyone have any tips? I've just about given up on the brush and think I should stick with applying with my fingers!
Lovely look. Not sure I could pull it off with brown eyes though?? Anyway, you are STUNNING. I have always thought that, but 9:59 just blew me away. I could see you on the catwalk, on a billboard... Just so exceptionally beautiful. Have you ever been 'scouted' for modelling or anything?
i am a huge fan of pixiwoo and i always wondered what is behind your camera or what is in front of you both... is it like a huge make-up desk or something else because you always seem to have products to hand? great video, loved it :D
The tabs on the nails are awesome. We mostly just have Kiss nails in the States, but they are very similar. I never was a false nails person, but I found these a couple weeks ago because I needed presentable hands for a gala and I love them!
@onekind2 i was thinking the same thing. i feel like the browns will help intensify the lighter colored eyes but will just make brown eyes look muddier and sad. wouldn't doing this with purples be better for people with brown eyes?
Gorgeous! I'm going to wear this today. :) ALSO- at the end when you cut to the finished look with your hair down, you reminded me of Lucy Lawless. I don't think it had to do with makeup, but you're both gorgeous women.
Sam, what texture is Studio Finish concealer? You and Nic apply it with a brush, but I always think of concealers being a creme or liquid, so how does it work applying it with a fluffy type brush? Thanks :o)
can u do the kim kardashian look for her valentines day for 2011. She has pics on her website and they r gorgeous. Ive seen several people try and fail to do the look but I know u both r damn good. Thanks!
i do this with my eyes on day when i dont get much sleep .. because the colours make it look like i was going for the tired helena bonham carter look :)
At first the 'look" looked too much like someone had punched u in the face but i guess when u do the cheeks and lips it looks quite glamourous xx
I can see Kristen Stewart wearing this look. All fo sudden I found a new love all over again for these eye shadows! Simply gorgeous Sam.
i agree i think it looks like the olsen's type looks. lol butt i think u went through every celebrity saying what it looked like!
This is going to sound like a stupid question because I'm not exactly sure what you're saying, but what's "tubing" mascara??? o_O
Thanks Sam,I loved your IMATS look and have been waiting for a tutorial on it.Hope you and Nic enjoy your trip to Australia xxoo
Your eye color is absolutely amazing! Hope you and Nic are having a blast in Australia. Can't wait to hear all about it. :-) xx
your amazing at listing the products! i love you for it! ps i also like that you put in the estimated time to do the look =)
@MercedesGames Thank you for that! I've been soaking in acetone and filing off for the longest time and it's such a pain.
I followed your advice and tried bourgeois product and I must say their blush is the most amazing blush I have ever used!
59 people were so mesmerized by how gorgeous you are their finger slipped and they accidentally disliked your video!
can you recommend another eyeshadow color to pair with the laura mercier burnished copper? this is a great look...
This is such pretty, natural-looking makeup. It looks really lovely on you. Although you always look gorgeous. :)
I love this look! I love it when you girls do the simpler looks. Could I get away with using MAC Bronze shadow?
The make up looks just so great with your eye colour. I'm sure a lot of people would kill for these eyes. ;)
@lovelylass77 its the 160 brush.. its the white goat haired one, cover fx recommends it for cream products

The Dual Darkness - Strong Eyes & Lips Makeup

TWITTER //www.twitter.com/pixiwoos INSTAGRAM //www.Instagram.com/pixiwoos TWO MAGAZINE //www.two-magazine.com Becca Luminous ...

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Velvet Orchid looks amazing on your eyes!
+SanFreeman1 Thanks so much.x
I love the colour of this lipstick, but I don't think they have it in production any more could you possibly suggest one that is similar? :) 
//shop.avon.com/product.aspx?level2_id=301&pdept_id=311&dept_id=387&cat_type=C&pf_id=48860 I got curious about the gloss, too, lol so here's that as well.
Actually, here you go -- //shop.avon.com/product.aspx?level2_id=301&pdept_id=311&cat_type=C&pf_id=46930 . I have a few shades from the line so I recognized the name. Should be able to get it still :)
I'm definitely going to try this eye technique! Love, love, love the "messy"!!!
Her messy looks are so on-point. My whole makeup look is inspired by her grunge tutorials. 
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