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TeleDroid®: An Apps4Android's Accessible Health Monitoring Application

TeleDroid®: Apps4Android's accessible heaalth monitoring application, was designed in support of the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). PCMH is an ...

General Motors: Who should we blame?; Home Sales down 19%; Postal Service in Losing Money

Workers say Obama treated autos worse than Wall St •Many assembly line autoworkers reacted with skepticism and anger Monday to Obamas decision to ...

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Guys, the automaker's problems are a easy fix!! Here is the problem! The new 2000 XYZ car is out! Only 5 months later the New 2001XYZ comes out! the problem with that is this: They offer to buy the 2000's for $1.00 down 0% interest...what has happened they now show that same car as a assett or a account recievabile (when really they just gave it away to get off the lot) The other problem for anyone who owns or finiances a car value has been lost or stolen because the car wasn't a year old yet!
hey informed people. i want to explain my father how inflation will accure to get him buying gold. I said they secure the credit of the banks which is the negativ part of the money supply while production goods are less produced(6,3% in last3 month) So if the credits stays 2007 level we will get 2007 prices again + 20% less produce = 20% inflation on 2007 prices. Can u give me your explanation per personal message, i am not satisfied with my exlanation. Thank you!!! copy paste, public and pm
More robots less buckshot! Some good medium-term food is lentils and dried peas like yellow split peas. Lentils are often orange but the black ones (puy) are the best. Usually cheap too, they make an excellent stew with some root vegetables thrown in while you're boiling your lentils which usually take about 45 minutes to cook, maybe less - wash them first. Some dried meat thrown in there is excellent - chorizo if you can get it and some chilli spice. That was what the Roman Army marched on
But the government has been catering to and working for unions for a very long time. So there is a sense in which the government is responsible. And never before in American History has an American President accumulated this kind of power unto himself. When was the last time and AMerican President took it upon himself to fire the CEO of a publicly traded company? What about the shareholders and their rights? This is absolutey crazy. Talk about paving the way for central planning. Good Vid!
It's not just union jobs that are being axed. It's everyone. The problem isn't unions, it's the elite and the way they made the dollar the world currency. That caused foreign labor and foreign goods to fall to a tiny percentage of what the same labor in the US is forced to charge. And this most recent "jobless recovery" was due only to cheap capital that was created out of nothing by the banksters. At least that's my analysis of the problem, but I'm a diesel mechanic, not an economist.
I blame the economists, the bankers and the regulators..!!!They seen this disaster coming and still, they didn't warn the american people..! They never give us preparation strategies or warn us, they always give us false promises & false hope..!!!"THE MATRIX IS DEMINISHING" right before are eyes and people don't have a clue about whats going on..!!They've been spoon feed a bunch of lies for so long, they care less about what the truth really is because they wouldn't understand..!!!!
Demcad you really rock man.. Putting all this effort in making these video's for us to watch and get some ideas from. And be sure you got fans from all over the world.. Like this one over here in the Netherlands. :) They're probably not going to stop on the bailouts of the banks.. Without any oversight they could bail out anything they want.. As for GM.. Well we in Europe always made these tiny cars, GM should have done so too.. It would be the fault of management if you ask me
Because the failing of the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac because senators ( including OBAMA) wouldnt regulate them. So Obama will give money to AIG, B of A, 100s and 10s of billions. GM has to deal with pensions, life insurance, and dealing with more overhead than TOYOTYA or HONDA stupid! But see that Obama gives money to walls street banks but not to GM or Chrysler who support 10,000s of jobs and pensions, and health insurance plans. So NOW can we say Obama = Anti-America!
are you nuts? It will be interesting to see how tuff he is on banks? Are you retarded? They fuching bailed out the fuching banks andn financials you idiot for almost a trillion fuching dollars. Were you under a fuching rock and missed it? The financial bullshit is what made our economy a house of fuching cards -- he should have let it fall. See Kevin Phillips on CSpan -- still available online -- from over a year ago. Our fuching economy was based on bullshit.
Look at most any industry where you have a union. You will more than likely find a failing industry. From Teachers unions to Car unions they all drain the system dry and promote laziness. The funny thing is a large number believes this so when the UAW and the like complain it falls on deaf ears. If they go away forever it would be a great thing but I afraid on this road to socialism all form of protectionism will be a part of the plan including unions.
I agree, but the Aerican people are partly to blame about the auto makers. While we sit in our cheap piece of shit japanese cars. Our own car companies suffer. American cars are some of the best built in the world. Europeans buy more American cars then Americans do. Shame on America! We brought this one on ourselves. Now we see Washington firing the CEO of GM, and removing the Board of Directors?... Yea this happened b4 his name was Hitler. Wake Up!
why is the focus on AIG executives when the focus should be on the major news network executives? ABC, NBC, CBS executives were treasonous and betrayed the public trust when they distorted the election coverage and campaign reports that enabled Obama to acquire the office of the president. AIG executives giving themselves bonuses pale when compared to the largest scandal ever perpetrated upon the American public by the major news media executives.
No Business should be bailed out. Banks or otherwise. It is all about sink or swim. Unions got to powerful that is no secret. That does not mean all unions or their members are bad. All welfare including WIC and foodstamps should be provided for hungry children. Adults should only be able to recieve these tax payer benefits for a period of time. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid are all Big Govt. Monsters that are buried in red tape.
Ok, I think your missing the point. Yes maybe they shouldn't bail them out. HOWEVER. Why are none of you asking why is it OK to give 700 BILLION to BANKS, with NO STRINGS. BUT IT'S A PROBLEM TO GIVE THE BIG 3 25 MILLION WITH TONS OF STRINGS.. WAKE UP! Just like the AIG bonuses, meanwhile money laundering is going on with the rest of the BILLIONS! Why are the CEO's of the BANKS STILL EMPLOYED! You're worried GM. PLEASE.... !!
Afghan people are survivors. The U.S. lifestyle even in recession is beyond decadence for most Afghans. I think if we can scale back our military presence to a large degree then we can use the money saved to help support them. It is terrible to see the children of Afghanistan growing up in impoverished areas without chance of education, and it is partially our doing for funding dictatorships in the region since the 80's.
In business you need freedom from the Government regulation; unions, and environmentist=Government. Business provides a product of the demands from the customer. There is a market for SUVs and Trucks. No one wants a battery powered green car. Is the Governent going to force the American people to buy a car that they don't want to buy? Get real.........global warming is a hoax.......its only a Marxist agenda
hope you get this comment DEMCAD. 2 things latest news is they think cashews may be linked to sommanila was in the news today also how much are you paying for those can corn and green beans we have a store called aldies here and there like 37 cents each im buying about 200 cans friday and every friday if you need to use that shoty way up there things will be bad for a very very long time in the mainstates
"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a
positive will be the results of shedding the negative aspects we have entangled ourselves with. waiting for the inevitable is disheartening, when the inevitable is costly. live now, knowing you are ready for tomorrow. Do not live in the future, waiting for the world and yourself to arrive. I am in similar position. smile. laugh. love. live. tomorrow will be here far to soon when it arrives.

NBA 2k15 MyCAREER Gameplay S2 Playoffs GM 3 - Green Releases Not Guaranteed in 2k16? Horsley Clutch

NBA 2k15 Playlist - //tinyurl.com/QJBNBA2K15MYCAREER ☟Download QJB's App!☟ Apple //tinyurl.com/QJBiOS ♞ Android ...

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When you punched Jordan hill!
+QJB I noticed
+QJB I noticed
Lol nobody really noticed that
2k full of shit... im done buying their fuckery, catch me on madden and maybe live this gaming season ya heard
+LaGalsaPR PR im with you on that
+Timothy Foreman Jr +Timothy Foreman Jr Lol Im On the 3 tried if 2k16 Keep the same BS of Every fucking year Im Done maybe going to live but they need to step it up because The Animation, and the feeling is fuckin weird I don't really care about graphics just the gameplay QJBsaid he played the game and said they made a good changes and they played the game for 7+ hours and the people who got invited to EA no one wanted to leave soo lest try the free proo amp
+LaGalsaPR PR na im going this way now dawgz... 2k had 3 strikes with me.. 2k12 - strike 1 2k14 - STRIKE 2 2k15 - STRIKE MOTHERFUCKING 3 GODDAMMIT IM OUTTA HERE, Never catchng me play nba 2k again  
Im going the same way if they dont show they fix the zig zag and the 3 point cheese
When are you gonna show the season awards?
+QJB we already know he's such a beast so he will won everything
+QJB we already know he's such a beast so he will won everything
+QJB hopefully you will
+QJB thanks!
I will next my career video
QJB got hax...I mean...how did Kobe dunk??? 
It's probably the 89 overall Kobe back in October.
Lol he can get up sometimes

How You Can Help Feed The World - Yes You

In order to feed an expected population of 9 billion by 2050, we'll have to produce 60% more food over 35 years. But climate change is making that nearly ...
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