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Gm diet substitutes Videos

Benefits Of Healthy Eating

//TipsToGetHealthy.infO Vitamins are supplements not substitutes.Benefits Of Healthy Eating They don't provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals the ...

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Soyabean Nuggets Curry

Soyabean Nuggets Curry or soyabean bari is a popular vegetarian main dish among vegetarian in north India. For details visit - //www.ioltvchannel.com It is ...

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spices make it spicy, chillies make them hot... europeans always get that wrong, u too.
@suranjangupta22 Its easy to sit behind a monitor and judge....
@suranjangupta22 Could you please share other way of cooking.
@nirmalsi235 Good to know you enjoyed it.
you did it in a wrong way..

☢ Radioactive potassium in salt substitute

Salt substitute is a low content sodium salt where part of the sodium chloride is replaced by potassium chloride in the amount of about 30%. The potassium has ...

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Most potassium chloride salt is about 30 Bq/g (30 decays per second per gram). Potassium 40 undergoes all three forms of beta decay! About 10% of those decays result in a gamma at 1461 keV. At first, I thought you had a Fiestaware plate lol That would seriously mess up your readings :) But then I say the logo on it and you tested it. Still, that orange plate looks just like fiestaware lol
oh yes, it seems like a Fiestaware but it is made by orange resin... in fact the bright color was perfect as contrast to the salt... :)
Thx for this improved test compared to mine ;)
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