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Gm diet efficacy Videos

GMO case study: Steve Marsh - Organic farmer versus GM canola 06/08/11 Organic Expo

Visit //safefoodfoundation.org/ GMO case study: Steve Marsh - Organic farmer versus GM canola in WA filmed at Organic Expo & Green Show International ...

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Unfortunately for the green fringe there is zero scientific evidence of GM products causing health problems anywhere on the planet.

Three New Studies on GMO's, You're eating this stuff!!

Please Share this vid, thanks. Several New Studies on GMO's shows just how toxic they are, Brand new GMO study shows blood cell disorder and leukemia ...

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I fully support GMOs. I ate a seedless water melon today infact. It was lovely. Tasted just like a watermelon too!
Seedless watermelon doesn't need genes from an unrelated species to make it seedless. Colchicine, the medication used to treat gout is added to a regular watermelon to make a watermelon produce seeds that will grow a seedless melon. Seedless watermelons were around 50 years. That's before the current GMO scourge hit the US that we know today.

GM Study telebriefing - Animal feeding trial on GM Maize and Roundup

The results of the two-year feeding trial were released yesterday, with details of tumors and mortality in rats, and a telebriefing conference was held. Read more: ...

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Thanks for the vid.
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