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Ny times gm diet Videos

Costco Profit Beats Expectations - New York Times - Today's News

Wild vs. GMO Salmon

A recent article was published in the NY Times about the genetically engineering and modification of salmon. This stirred quite a conversation among my clients ...

Nicholas Pascoe President Natural Products Association NorthWest

Nicholas Pascoe, President Natural Products Association NorthWest, talks about GMO Labeling, Washington State's initiative to label GMO Foods and running a ...


I'm doing this video to take action about a health issue arounf the world, for my World Literature class. I do not own none of the pictures or the song. CITATIONS: ...

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sad really

GMO Salmon Will Soon Be Defeated

With the influx of stories dropping GMO salmon and massive awareness, GMO salmon will soon be defeated from activism. Hitting biotech companies in their ...

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Thanks for all your work exposing the GMO toxic garbage. Also, for making it easy to send email and snail mail letters. We have a president who betrays us, politicians who make promises they don't keep, and corporations that buy legislation; we need all the help we can get! I'm disabled and seriously ill; I can't march or do much, but my petition signing and letters combine with millions of others to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Thank you for posting your informative videos. I'm delighted to hear your prediction on the collapse of MonSatan ;) Keep this awareness going strong and consumers will prevail, you rock!
so is the FDA Organic produce really organic????? please respond and clarify if you can. i have an inherent distrust of the fda
Jesus fucking christ, pick up a biology text book you tinfoil hat morons
Chances are Raley's is lying because you won't know the difference
in the end the whole world sammon cant eat!!!
Keep going I love your work and 200% with you.
the sammon here already no one buy!!!!
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