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29 weeks pregnant and dizzy Videos

29 weeks pregnant update + Belly Shot

Finally 29 weeks :) follow me on Instagram: missbeevardon twitter: @missvardon i don't own the rights to the music.

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aaawwww thank you!!!! yea she is going to have a ghanaian and nigerian name, hubby"s mum is giving her the Nigerian name and my mum is giving her the Ghanaian name. Its just our way of getting them involved. I think you should defo give your baby both names; if you cant think of any lets your parents do it looool. How far along are you and do you know what your are having?
Your such a cute mummy to be :) Just as the previous post said discharge is very normal especially as your coming to the end of your pregnancy as it tends to increase during the end stages. Does Brielle have a Ghanaian name and a Nigerian name? I'm from Nigeria my hubby is from Ghana and we are not sure if we want to give our baby both or only one.xx
Yes...Discharge is very normal. I'm one week behind you with my pregnancy and my Dr. said as long that its odorless and white/clear then its ok.
thank you soo much for reassuring me!!! I'm starting to realise it normal lol xxx
i love to hear you talk :) 10 more weeks :)

Your Protector...And Lover-A Semi Story-Chapter 73

Author's POV: Three weeks later... Demi had been throwing up a few times in the morning and was constantly dizzy. Selena finally decided to schedule a ...

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kinda weird having ur tongue filled with sperm lol and Demi better not dare
No Demi don't you dare kill that baby. Loved this ep
whoa demi... slow down there lets not get violent
demi needs to calm her shit lol but forreal
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