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29 weeks pregnant safe to fly Videos

29 week update ~ The Baby Moved to EDM | with bloopers!!

I am 29 weeks going into 30 weeks. Time has flown by so quickly!! I can't believe I am on my third trimester and only have two more months until I give birth to a ...

Pregnancy Week 32

EDD 2-29-2012!!! Recapping week 31!! Time just keeps FLYING by, I honestly cannot believe it! Symptoms, baby buys, and other random ramblings!! Add Us on ...

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I totally agree with the vivid dreams. Everything just seems so much more real when I dream than before and I can actually remember a lot more details of the dreams that I'm having. Weird huh? Love the Christmas socks too! ;) You're Target seems to be cooler than ours! I'm jealous!
@ModernMomma1 The dream thing is SO weird. Every time I dream about her being here it feels so real and I half expect to wake up and not be pregnant anymore! LOL!! I guess since we live in the Target headquarters state we get extra "perks" hahahahah
@OurGrandAdventure Thanks girl!!! We still have SO much to get for baby girl, so don't feel alone there! I am trying to hold off until after our baby showers though, but it's hard as we get closer each week, I just want to get things done! LOL
@polygrrl Isn't it crazy scary how fast it's all going?! I just wanna hit the pause button!! LOL! Glad to know I am not alone in my struggles! One thing I am excited about for her coming is kicking this acid reflux once and for all!
yay 32 weeks!! its so close and freaking me out how fast now, seems so real and too fast.ugh acid reflux tick,sore back tick, tired tick.. we are so on the same page mama.super cute baby buys :)
Your belly is so cute! Way to go on the bargains you got this past week. I still have TONS of stuff to buy for baby! Can't believe you are only 5 weeks away from being full term!!!
@ourjourney11 Thank you! It's so crazy to think how FAST time is going and I know I am gonna blink and she will be here! It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time! :)
@MrsLinzay Aren't they so sweet?! I loved all the prints and they were on clearance...you just can't beat that!! I hope you are doing well dear!!! :)
OMG OMG! 32 weeks - I'm so excited for you... she is going to be here sooner that you know it! Cute baby buys - I especially love the reindeer bib!
2 months to go! yay!! And i feel ya on the sleeping...i also feel very lucky to be able to sleep pretty well still. :) Cant wait to meet her!
@TeaandTimW707 Thanks girl!! I am SO happy that I can still sleep pretty soundly through the night! Can't wait to see your little one either!
:o 32 weeks!! Wow your getting close :P Im sure you already now that though ;) Love your baby buys. They are always very cute
@mummybee88 Thank you! You are so sweet!! I cannot believe how close we are getting now, it's kind of unreal!!!
I got the same receiving blankets. I love them so much. 32 weeks yay! :)


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what lip is she wearing?
+Clotte R Freckletone from Mac, see her latest main channel video :)
Oh my goodness, november 10th is my birthday! Hope the baby is on time ;)
Me too! 1988 though.
Also, is there a shop you think is best for maternity clothes? I am struggling to find nice maternity clothes xxx
If you have a Ross near you, I would call first to see if they carry maternity because some don't, they have very inexpensive maternity clothes. The most I've spent is $13.99 on a pair of blue jeans, but everything else is below that price!
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