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29 weeks pregnant scan pictures Videos

29 week Ultrasound pictures

Watch the Baby Grow! Ultrasounds Week by Week During Pregnancy 360p

29 Weeks Pregnant Vlog

Welcome to week 29 of my pregnancy with Tripp! Don't forget to subscribe for more pregnancy vlogs, ultrasounds, and eventually baby updates! We post new ...

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good pants! i only had one pair that did that when i was pregnant and i hated the short shretch cause like you said it digs in and it also popped out and it looked very odd! so i switched to overalls cause i couldnt take it anymore but now that i know where you got yours next time around im getting myself a few pairs! congrats and good luck through the rest of the pregnancy. they say that boys dont make u as sick as girls but no sickness is awsome i hope it stays that way for you!
@labsrus1 What is your problem?! Quit leaving such lame comments on all my videos. I wasn't complaining that much. This is a video DIARY of how I felt during my pregnancy. I am allowed to talk about how i FEEL!! Not everything is rainbows and butterflies, during pregnancy. Other mothers appreciate my honesty and I like being able to remember the details of my pregnancies. Don't watch me if you don't want the truth. Back off.
The pain in your butt is probably your sciatic nerve. It bothered me towards the end of both my pregnancies. Most all women the last 10 weeks have trouble breathing because theres not a whole lot of room in there for your lungs. Your belly looks a lot bigger than before! Youre also looking very voluptuous up top lolYou are going to have no lack of food for the little man, thats for sure.
Hi! I love watching your videos. I totally feel ya on the maternity pants. I just bought a pair of those pants on Saturday..soooo comfy. The other ones that I had with the small waist band used to cut into my stomach so badly when I would sit down! I'm only 18 weeks, but maternity pants are just so much more comfortable!! I hope that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!
I have those same pants, they're awesome! I get the same pains trying to sleep at night too and the "butt cheek" pain you're referring to, I had for a little over a week except it was so bad I had to walk with a cane to get around the house...my midwife I believe somehow got the baby's head to move to a different position and the pain has been gone ever since.
I TOTALLY know what you're saying about those pants. I've got about 4 pair from Motherhood. They keep you supported, you feel smooth, and I'm not constantly pulling them up from my belly pushing them down. We have a lot in common, thanks for the friend request btw. Georgia girls having boys, no sickness, and happily married!
I'm glad to see your doing well. Your belly is getting big! I don't have any of those pants but they look comfortable. I can't even wear any of my maternity pants I bought in early pregnancy! They fold down under my belly when I want the elastic part to come up! lol. See ya next week.
yes soon i just had a miss carriage a month ago so I'm waiting for AF lol. (aunt flow) I went to motherhood maternity and they actually had the cutest pair and i still have them i couldnt believe it it makes u look pregnant not fat! So anyways hopefully will start Vlogging soon! lol
Yeah I saw the video, where you mentioned you were leaking at 17 weeks. By the time your milk comes in you will probably be a double D. Go buy a bunch of strechy sports bras or the nursing sports bras. You never know how big you might get, when your milk comes in.
I sooo know what you mean about there being not much room left! This is exactly the week I'm at now, 29,weeks. After I eat a meal, I literally feel so full like I'm about to burst! I can't believe I've got another 11 weeks of this! How do you handle it? lol
Those pants look so comfy, I tried some like that but they had a band across the top that bothered me. I felt like they were too tight.I guess I should have shopped around a little more. I mostly had below the belly pants. I cant wait to see more Vlogs!
Hey! Its weird I get the same thing in my butt!!! Lol!! But it didnt start until just a couple weeks ago, and im 39 weeks tomorrow, but it does really hurt! O and I just wanted to tell you I love your wording on things it cracks me up!!!
Haha yea I can't stop the boobage growth unfortunately! And the butt pain sucks! But its only every once in a while. But when I get it.. uhhh it sucks! I'll be sure to watch your blog tomorrow :o)! Not many days left til Aden's here!
I love the secret fit pants, their so comfy! Only problem i have is the bottom hem rolls up on me :P You seem so enthusiastic, thats great! It's rubbing off on me, now i want to go shopping for baby clothes, after ur closet vid :P
I don't know too much about TTC. We got pregnant after I was off the pill for two weeks. We weren't even trying. But there are a lot of people out there with TTC vlogs that could help you.

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29 weeks 4d ultrasound

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