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Daniel fast upset stomach Videos

Can Stress Cause Stomach Problems? | Stomach Problems

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I lost a family member and the stress level is very high. I feel sharp shooting pains in my belly and they radiate everywhere. Even was thinking that it was cancer spreading or something.
Is this why im having stomach problems because my crush
Doesn't matter, it's only howcast.
Can it cause you not you to eat
LOL same here XD
Wow second!!!!!!
i love howcast
Blue Shell

Why I Recommend Apex Energetics Super Digest-Zyme for Improved Digestion and Reduced Stomach Upset

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The Snake - Route 421 North out of Mountain City, Tennessee

There's the Tail of the Dragon; Diamondback; and now, The Snake...three roads known for their twisting turns. This is a video of the first half of the Snake, route ...

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I saw the Diamondback sign when my friends and I were staying at the Switzerland Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 334, just above Spruce Pine and Marion in Little Switzerland, NC. Nice place to stay too. Diamondback starts in that vicinity. My companions and I continued riding the Blue Ridge Parkway. It must have been official...they had T-Shirts and knick-knacks.
Where is the place called Diamondback, you're not talking about over in hot springs area 209 are you it's called the Rattler ? I live in the area, so I know the roads , for the most part, been on the Snake a few time in the past. Nice video, and would like to know more. Thanks. yl

Sore gassy belly rub

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Ohhh poor baby... Poor sweet and beautiful belly.. :(' smackkkkkkk smackkkkkkk

Dr. Daniel Hussar Gives Cough, Cold & Sore Throat Season Tips

Day 3 Check In - Worldwide Live Q&A, Chat & Tips with Daniel and Kelli Happening Now!

Live chat happening right now, for the next 90 minutes! Ask us anything - Leave your question in the comment section below & we'll do our best to get back to ...

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Hi I'm thirteen years old and was wondering if it is possible for anyone to get toned. Because my mom told me other wise thanks a ton
Yes it is possible for anyone to increase muscle tone. You can even still build muscle tissue into your 80's and beyond.
What do you think is the most accurate calorie counter/HRM? Because I always follow the "calories burned" meter on the side of your videos but on your website you have said that HRMs are not accurate. So how can we get the most accurate tracking of calories burned?
Honestly I am not all that impressed with any of the calorie counters I've tried. I also find that they encourage a bit too much focus on burning instead of how you're feeling, and I also didn't like that (just my opinion). Here's how we calculate ours, but it's not the most important thing to focus on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTMLlycQxPc
@fitnessblender I can't reply from my phone, but I am doing your 8 week round 4 program, is that a good program for losing fat & building muscle? 
I love the 5 day challenges ! You guys are awesome!! And especially sore in the quads still from day one. I can't really do 5 day workouts for a continuous time since I work and go to school and must study when I get home. But I wanted to know of it's okay to work out 4 days a week 3 days doing HIIT and strength and one day of low impact jogging. 
That is completely okay. Having a busy schedule can cause havoc with your health so keeping physical activity even for one day out of the week is better than nothing. Good job on carving out the time you do spend, and by the way typically 2-3 day a week is sufficient for maintenance but you can even make great progress with 3-4 days a week if you are pushing yourself.
Kellie and Daniel, I've been digging your workouts since the early voice overs. I see me working out with you both for a long time. I finally got the first 8week program and I never went through the entire program : / commitment phobia? Idk! But I've done the last five day challenge and doing the current one for busy people. I don't think I'll ever be skinny but I love getting fitness blended! Any tips on following through the program or which might be better? Much thanks!!!
That's cool you've been working out with us all this time. Maybe try the newest, round 5? Or on Nov 2 the new busy people program comes out and the 30 minute videos might be easier to commit to. We also have some new features coming out on fitnessblender.com in early 2015 that (are going to blow your mind!!) might make it easier for you.
hey guys! i recently found your chanell and i love all your videos. i have gained about 30 pounds jn the past 2 years which is very unhealthy. ever since i started university i have a hard time managing work school and fitness. any tips on how i should get started :(? i would really like to get back to my old shape :(
This 5 day challenge is a good place to start. After you graduate, free time definitely does not reappear. Just remind yourself that exercising on a regular basis can help lower stress and even raise your IQ. Fitness should alway be a priority and everything else will seem that much easier.
What do you guys interpret from the term 80/20? Does it go by the day/week/year? Oh and also, when you guys are shooting a video, do you guys consider that your workout? And while one person is doing the exercise, is the other doing the exercise from behind the scenes? Love you! Thank you for everything
I'm so sorry. I meant th nutrition point of view
Not sure what you mean by 80/20 there are a lot of exercise and nutrition views. We most definitely count filming as our workout. Typically while one is exercising the other is helping keep track of reps if needed or getting ready to film there own workout.
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