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How to activate amd radeon graphics card Videos

Sapphire HD6790 LE 1GB AMD Radeon Graphics Card Review

Click here //pcwizkidstechtalk.com/index.php/sapphire-hd6790.html for the full review. Be ready for the hottest DirectX 11-capable games with AMD's ...

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@THExVETERAN That depends card specs can missinforming or inacreate,The graphix driver or a card's software use's redinering or antialaching featcher,s form derictX or other graphic engine analyzers.Stream pocesser,s can be aranged diffrently, Interms of how gpu comands are recived or sent between the core clock and graphics ram.Also pixel pipeline,s might not always be linked to each other dirctley,and can use a separation bridge or comand or addressline command inter-contracted data transfer.
@QBpcguy Everything. ATI drivers suck for example. Performance doesn't compare with nVidia. The only place I noticed ATI was better was with GPU temperatures being lower especially on mobile devices but that's not the case anymore. I used to say I never had a problem with ATI whenever an nVidia fan told me about ATI. I lol right now because I had nVidia when I was saying that. Thought I'd switch back to ATI this year. Worst move ever!
whats the best and highest video card i should get?? my specs are Dell Dimension E521 windows vista home premium (6.0, Build 6002) service pack 2, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 1.90 GHz, 4 GB Ram, Direct x 11, BIOS Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG, 750 GB Hard Drive, current video card is Nvida Gforce 8600, Generic Pnp Monitor, can ya name a couple one expensive and one affordable Thanx :)
I'm still waiting for games to use the power of my HD5830 that I bought last year. There's a serious DX11 (and even DX10!) drought right now. Even Crysis2 which we all expected to be DX11 screwed us over. I don't see the point in buying anything this powerful for a looooong time. Outdated consoles are killing the PC market.
@EDKsurly I also got a 4890 and thinking about upgrading it to a 6950, as the power leap to 6970 is not that big but the price has a big gap. Comparing my 4890 to PCWizKidsTeckTalk 6950 review in GPU-Z it's most of the time dubble the power. Bandwith is about 20% diff, but transistors was more then 150% extra.
Hey :) I was just wondering, I have about $200 Aus dollars to spend. What can I get for that? should I upgrade my old Pc? My old Pc specs: Processor: AMD athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 5000+ 2.60ghz Ram: 2.00gbs System type: 32-bit OS Vista... So what do you think? What should I upgrade?
@MiTDawnDesigns black ops is like.... not that good. has worse graphics than mw2 too, but heavier on the hardware. kind of a GTA IV spec needed. I'd say, take the 6850, or the GTX460. 6790 is a quite pointless card. I mean.. higher power consumption than the 6850, but less performance.
Guyz i was on a tight budget and bought the ATI Radeon HD 5450 on ebay for 25$ total. I was prepared to pay 120$ dollars for a card and saw this deal. The Card actually made my PC worse. Could you run the Saphire HD 6790 on Vista 32-bit Intel Dual Core with 4 GB of RAM?
@kmscws it will be good for gaming but you won't be able to max battlefield 3 on 1920x1080 at least i don't think so...but you can max it out on 1280x720:) maybe higher...look for some benchmarks on that cpu to see how battlefield 3 will run..hope i helped.
@star483 I personally don't see your reson for getting an additonal card if you can run whatever you want. 60fps+ and the human brain can't see a difference. And I personally use V-Sync when it gose over just to get the card to be a bit more quiet.
Will this bottleneck with an AMD Phenom II X4 640, the one without the L3 cache? How about with an Athlon II X4? My first choice before was the 6850 but this is much cheaper and performs almost as well as the 6850 in terms of benchmarks.
"Yes, that's right. I can play Crysis 2 on max". My £900 laptop can run Crysis 1 and 2 on Best Visuals (Hardcore level on Crysis 2) with no lag. It has a ATI Radeon HD 5870 which I think is priced similar to the card you are reviewing.
im going to buy a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3, Socket-AM3+ Motherboard and a AMD Phenom II X6 1045T processor and this graphics card, will i be able to run BF3 on atleast high graphics since there is nearly no difference to high and ultra
@maz12004 Asian segment GPU market on HD 6790 & HD 6850 is not even similar priced certain specific manufacturer model of HD 6790 will have onli one 6 pin connector , whereas majority HD 6850 consist of two 6 pin connector .
@maz12004 Funny thing is the reference 6790 is a castrated 6870 but smarter third party manufacturers like Powercolor used a 6850 pcb thus only requiring one 6-pin connector and is shorter than the reference model.
hey ive got a xfx hd radeon 6970 now and was looking to upgrade and run crossfire x with one or two more cards. do you think that this would be a wise choice to pair with that and a asus crosshair IV Extreme MB?
@PCWizKid or anybody can i install an this graphics card to a asus p6 series motherboard,intel core i5 750,mid tower case? if not please leave me a suggestion to what to buy for a gaming PC $900-$700
the gpu has to be literally the same. 5770 and 6790 have different gpu's but you can crossfire a6990 and a 6970 because the 6990 has two of the 6970 gpu's in this case tho, crossfire will not work
@DoMiNaToR2465 If it can run BF:BC2 today, then it will probobly be able to run BF3 but slightly slower, if the optimastion stays the same within the game. (Frostbite 1.x vs Frostbite 2.0)
im thinking of making the best computer and money is no value can anyone tell me the best parts,such as graphic ,monitor,etc to make a computer.plz respond i need the best componets

[How-To] Element 3D - AMD Radeon HD card problems/"unrecoverable" error/Error 126 at After Effects

In this "tutorial" Im going to show you, how to solve a problems with Element 3D [plugin] and AMD Radeon Graphic Cards, also it solves a "Unrecoverable Error" ...

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Hey can i use AMD r9 390/390x for element 3d work ?
+FR PRODUCTION I have the same problem, i have 2 R9 270x

Activating the AMD Radeon 6490m/6770m quick video tutorial

Just a short video as some people seem to be having some problems with games as their HP Laptops are, for some reason, using the Intel i7's HD3000 graphics ...

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@AwsomTom100 The BIOS is the first thing that is called upon when a PC is powered on, it identifies all system devices such as the RAM, Hard Drives, CPU, GPU, Keyboard, Mouse e.t.c. It has a User Interface in which the user can make changes to System settings such as change where the Operating System boots from and enable/disable components and more. To get to the BIOS, you have the press 'ESC' as soon as the first screen appears when you power on the Laptop.
@CrazyBunnyFilmGroup That might be because of your settings in the BIOS. Reboot your Laptop and go into the BIOS by pressing ESC. Once you're on the BIOS Screen look for the section that says "Switchable Graphics" and change it to "Fixed", then save and exit the BIOS and once your Laptop is back on the Desktop screen you should have the same menu as mine.
When you're using the dynamic option (in the BIOS setting), is there any way to check which GPU is currently running (Intel or dedicated)? I've assigned some applications to run on a dedicated GPU, but didn't seem to notice any difference. So I need to make sure the dedicated GPU is actually on. Thanks!
@TrueSkyl1n3 I know now what is the problem, the intel hd graphics is the first adapter in line, so when i enter to a game it runs more with the hd graphics than the Radeon HD, how can i change that?, this problem happens when i play gta iv, la noire , etc..
@slurpyduck To see what GPU is currently active is to go to the Start Menu and type 'dxdiag' and hit Enter (If a box comes up about driver signature checking just click No), then on the 'Display' tab look next to 'Name:' It'll say what GPU is active.
I activated the notifications for programs that weren't using high performance, then I enter the game, exit, and it asks if I want to change to high performance. I proceed to change that program and done :D Now Skyrim runs much better!
my catalyst interface looks different. it got option to set each programs to High Performance, and Power saving. Some says Not assigned. But even when I press High performance it doen't activate my AMD Radeon. Still on intel HD.
Men i have a problem with the graphics card is the same that yours: HD 6490M, From where can i download the lastest drivers?, i think its not performing well because i cant run some games smoothly. Can you help me please? :/
You do know that if you have both the intel and AMD active in BIOS(dynamic) you have more dedicated VRAM..but I too just put mine on "fixed', that way you can get drivers from AMD
@DrawFist12 Yea that's it. You're not able to manually switch the GPU's unless you change the option in the BIOS, then you can choose to have the Radeon GPU active at all times.
When I click on "switchable graphics", I get a screen that looks completely different from yours. It is a screen that allows me to change the options of specific programs.
@Georgexanthiostis The theme is just the 'Slate' colour with the Intensity slider all the way to the left. Here's my wallpaper I made too: tinyurl . com / coeu8xo
You have to press f10 right when you start your computer to get to the BIOS. Then you have to change the option that has something to do with the graphics card.
i don't have dynamic/static graphic card options in my bios. I updated it recently and nothing changed. I've got hp dv6 with amd cpu dual radeon graphics.
@ulgl1234 I have no idea, I haven't personally tried Medal of Honor yet so the next few videos I upload will contain Medal of Honor amongst them.
@PIKACHU49386 Yea it's strange, I have no idea why HP didn't just have the Radeon GPU on its own instead of a confusing Intel+AMD GPU setup...
the program doesn't work that good as it does with you, i can't find any overclocking things, could i add you on steam or something? Greetz'
@TrueSkyl1n3 hey can you explain to me what bios is and how i get there because i have no idea what ur talking about plzzz help
@TrueSkyl1n3 which version catalyst driver you are using? I dont have that interface when i click the switchable graphics
Apparently my 6770m is active but i get 23 fps on min setting on LoL either it's fucked or not working correctly

How to overclock your ATI HD AMD Radeon Graphics Card

Read Description for more info !!! NEW TUTORIALS WEEKLY!!! Check out my YouTube channel: ...

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Yes you can, just google for your graphics card overclocking limits, and try but be careful watch on temperature it can be dangerous if overheats.
Nothing changes I have Ati Radeon 3000 too Be4 i do this core clock was 500 , memory clock was 533 and after doing that stills the same
hey i have the same thing can i overclock ati radeon 3000?
can i overclock my ati radeon 3000?

Asus AMD Radeon HD6450 R5 230 2GB Graphics Card Review and Testing

Review on the Asus ati AMD Radeon HD 6450 PCIe Graphics Card review and benchmarks. -Purchase Links- (support me via adfly) //adf.ly/qZG1ue ...

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Can I play prototype 1 in amd r5 230
+am crazy Of course but, it depends of yours processor ;)
Lol xD btw thanks u at least replied
1-3 frames if lucky YOU MUST PRAY TO GABEN
can i play GTA 5 on it
if you really could care less about fps then at 720p low settings you could. there also are some higher fps mods you could try. I uploaded a video of the hd 6450/r5 230 on my channel.
I already bought this card, so for this card do you have any processor recomendations
to get the most performance atleast core 2 quad q6600
If you are getting the hd 6450 please go with the 1gb version if it is cheaper than the 2gb. There is no difference in performance (gaming and media) unless you use a program that utilizes lots of vram. I have tested for myself.
Shop Graphic Card On Amazon Near Black Friday Sale Off Now >>> Best-GraphicCard.blogspot.ca .
Phew! Thanx 4 the info. Interestingly, I just found out I actually HAVE a free PCI slot under the tuner :P
+Jamie “The Viking” Ramone the card uses pci express.
Is that card PCI only or can one get a PCI Express variant of this card? My only PCI slot is used by the tuner card and I DON'T want to remove it.
can i play cs go on it
+Sol Lites Yes. You won't be able to crank the settings but with lower settings you can get around 30+ fps.

AMD Radeon Sapphire R7 260X OC UNBOXING / Ultra Gameplay? No problem!

Website: //realfps.wordpress.com/category/video-cards/amd-radeon-r7-260x/ ''SAPPHIRE R7 260X 2GB GDDR5 OC 2x DVI'' - - - - - Sapphire DUAL-X R9 ...

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Would the AM1B-MDH motherboard support this graphics card?
+danil kanevets Yes, it would. Any PCI-E card can fit in.
2:33 you got a good chance at a top 3 finish now and then you crash. I don't know why I found that soo funny.
+SteelCity1981 ahahahahahahah ikr
Name of song?
+felipe aguirrebengoa READ DESCRIPTION
Msi kombustor : with 1 gb AMD Radeon Sapphire R7 260X 1280x720 lakes of titan :Without OC :99 fps 5953 points : With OC : 108 fps 6487 points ! Dis oc is too op :D
+IluminatiDecent clocks.My 1st R7 260X (it was this one) was able to clock to 1280Mhz / 7200Mhz 3DMarks & Games stable but had to RMA it due to VRAM issues. The model was discontinued (for reasons i stated) and i got the lower clocked model which i use in later/recent benchmarks (versus GTX 750 Ti).
+Sssaga Benches It perfectly OverClocks only one problem i cannot get memmory clock more than 1600 mhz but in gta 5 fps increses up 10-15 fps it is perfect ..... And temp is 67-73°C But mostly 68°CCore Clock : 1150 mhzand Memmory clock :1600 mhz
+Iluminati Clocks?
I decided to buy this GPU,.
+bagus putra congrats, I got mine for my birthday 2 months ago I overclocked it and now it runs games so well
Would this run Gta 5 on any settings with a a10 quad core for the processer
Thanks for the help!
+MattchewStudios yes, it wouldOP
hye sir.. i want to ask you i got 4g RAM.. and.. i3 processor.. if i use this GPU can i play while streaming and recording Blade and Soul?
+akasyah azman if you have fast net connection i don't see a problem with streaming.
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