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Lush cosmetics tea tree water Videos

LUSH Tea Tree Water | Review

READ ME! ♥ Here is a review of Lush's tea tree water toner. This video shows the progress from using the product and my views and opinions on the product as ...

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I'm sure you know already since this video is over a year old now, but Lush also do a spot treatment called Grease Lightning. The Tea Tree water is meant to be used as a general toner, as far as I know which is why you might not have seen results as quickly as you expected. Good video though, thanks for actually using the product for a reasonable length of time before giving your view on it, by comparison a lot of YouTubers use a product like twice and then try to review it. Also, your accent was lovely to listen to. Cheers! :)
+AquilaLiberum Also, the Tea tree toner has an astringent in it which tightens your pores, meaning there's less chance for dirt and bacteria to get into them and making it less likely that you'll get spots so it could have actually played a role.
is that your natural hair color?? it's so cool
+JennaMay410 It isn't but thank you :)
If you were rubbing the toner like you said in the first update that may have been the problem. You are supposed to spray and then leave it or pat it dry with a cloth. If you ever feel the urge to try again with this product try that technique. Also this water is normally for oily skin and tea tree in general is supposed to create healthier skin in general not stop spots but over time reduce your skins tendency to get spots. 
I applied it how the bottle said "close your eyes tightly and spritz directly onto the face or onto cotton wool pads to wipe away any dirt." I either sprayed it on my face or sometimes did it with a cotton wool pad as stated. Also many people have been saying that's it's not supposed to clear up spots, but then that means Lush sold this to me under misleading information. I found it on their websites under the "spots" tab. If it's categorised under spots then it should either clear spots or prevent/reduce spots and it did neither of those things. So either they were misleading which makes me not want to shop with them or the product didn't do its job so therefore I do not wish to use it.
Are u from bristol
I am indeed
I'm already on my second bottle of this toner and it's the biggest toner. It's the best beauty Skincare product I have come across :/
People have different skin and products work differently for them. It obviously must be good for some people otherwise it wouldn't sell!
westcountry accent? loved the video, I use the Breath of fresh air toner and its great aswell as the dark angels cleanser but i dont think you'd like that as its a face mask and can get a little messy :)
+Stacey KWell that pretty much sounds like what I've been doing anyway haha
+Tash Rainbow  If you are 'lazy' and don't like using products, and you're already trying to not pick. Have you looked into the caveman regimen? It's where you do nothing to your face...don't touch it, don't pick it, don't wash it. NOTHING! I am a compulsive picker and am trying to leave my face alone and it's working.
I wish I wasn't too lazy to do these things but I  just can't stand it haha. And I very much doubt I'll ever buy from Lush again. WAY too expensive for my liking haha. I only buy cheap things 'cause I hate spending money haha
+Tash Rainbow Thought so, I was born in Yeovil, dont live in Somerset anymore but If there's one thing I miss it's the accent haha. And I get it, it's just a habit thing for me now, like picking spots used to be for you. I wouldn't completely disregard Lush though, They are still a great company :)
Haha it is indeed! Haha ye, I pretty much can't stand using anything. Way too lazy to keep up with a routine. I just like to get on with my day :P
Thank you for the informative video! What is the name if the gel stick you used that helped clear up your spots? :)
It's just called a 'tea tree anti spot stick' from Wilko. Have no idea if it worked or not though, cause my spots cleared when I stopped using it!

Review | LUSH Tea Tree Water Toner Water

Here's my review of the Tea Tree Water Toner Water from LUSH! This is available online on the website or at a nearby LUSH store. The 3.3 oz bottle is $9.95 ...

Lush TEA TREE WATER gegen unreine Haut

Meine Empfehlung bei unreiner Haut ist das Tea Tree Water von Lush. Im Video erzähle ich euch von meinen Erfahrungen: Hier erfahrt Ihr noch mehr über das ...

User Comments

Du hast mir so sehr geholfen mit dem Tea Tree Water, ich hatte mittel starke Akne und selbst die Produkte, die mir mein Hautarzt empfohlen hat haben bei mir eher mäßig gewirkt. Ich benutze das Tea Tree Water seit 4 Tagen und einfach alles in meinem Gesicht ist weg! Weder Pickel, noch Mitesser, noch meine Akne ist noch in meinem Gesicht! Ich danke dir soooo sehr und und sage dir: MACH WEITER SO, DU BIST DER HAMMER!
hm.. du benutzt sicher auch ein Peeling oder? Ich benutze das Tägliche Waschpeeling von Nivea (Mischhaut) Bilde mir ein das hilft was :D Also erwähnt habe ich das nun, weil du deine unreine Haut angesprochen hattest. Wenn das spray nicht so teuer wäre, würd ich es direkt mal ausprobieren. aber frage mich, ob das optisch einen Unterschied bei mir geben würde.
Wow, das freut mich echt total!! Genau für Leute wie dich mache ich diese Videos und es freut mich sehr, wenn ich weiterhelfen kann. Ich bin auch über YouTube auf Lush aufmerksam geworden und möchte die Sachen nicht mehr missen. Die Video Idee mit den Lush Produkten ist sehr gut. Kommt sicher bald!! ;)
Ich mag deine Lush Videos - du hast mich damit echt neugierig gemacht und ich hab Samstag erstmal den nächstbesten Laden geplündert ;D Das Tea Tree-Water ist echt super!! Mach doch mal ein Video mit all den Lush-Produkten, die du so benutzt
ich habe mir das tea tree water 100ml auch gekauft und die frau an der kasse hat gesagt, dass die größere version (ich glaube 250ml) vorteilhafter ist, weil man dann geld spart. nur mal so als tipp. :) super video.
Bitteschön!! Das Produkt wird dir sicher gefallen. Zum Filmen benutze ich bisher noch eine Rollei Kamera, aber ich plane mir demnächst eine andere anzuschaffen.
@TheCrazykekz Schön, dass ich dir helfen konnte. Ich finde das Produkt echt super und bin so froh, es entdeckt zu haben!!! Hoffe, es hilft bei dir auch so gut!!!
danke für die review!! ich werds mir mal anschauen und probieren. was für eien camera benutzt du denn?
Ich hab mit das Tea Tree Water gekauft, aber es hat mir garnichts gebracht ...
@TheAndrewStetson Dankeschön!! Freut mich, dass es Dir gefälllt!! :)
Hm das kommt ja wie gerufen. Werde ich mal ausprobieren (:
Wo kann ich es kaufen...? :) 3

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water Review

Hi there, Here's my review of Lush's Tea Tree Toner Water. Have been using this item consistently for over two years, and I love it! Bottle featured in this video ...

User Comments

Lol, thanks so much! Yes, I absolutely love it! I actually just received my latest batch of goodies from Lush, and I decided to get the Eau Roma toner water instead of the Tea Tree. Please stay tuned for a review of Eau Roma, as so far, it's pretty awesome!!
yeeaah itz that BOMB.COM I used tea tree water it is amazing like you said. I tried the neutrogena clear spot toner too and it dried my skin ouuuut.
I love your accentttttt!!! But thanks for the review this is great I'm thinking of buying it myself.
I found it. Lush has a store in Manhattan yippee
Where can I find it in the USA
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