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34 weeks pregnant labour pains Videos


The most painful car ride, EVAR! (only 6:34 long!) NEXT: LABOR AND DELIVERY //youtu.be/OxhAWVgT0LM Part 1: SPONTANEOUS LABOR AT 42 WEEKS ...

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31 weeks tomorrow with baby girl and you are helping me a lot with what to expect. Hubby really does look like Ashton Kutcher. It took you awhile to get to the hospital but your patience was everything.
+Lisa Malambri thank you. And wow. I don't think I could have dealed with that. I live a couple of blocks away from our hospital, thank God.
+Epiphany Bean CONGRATS ON BABY!!! and ya..we lived like 30mins from hospital.. quicker without traffic -__- oh LA
These Videos Are Helping Me Prepare
+Skyee N. Aww I'm so glad! ...You have so much time! CONGRATS ON BABY!
Good job to you both. You for taking it with all you had and him for respecting your wishes and staying calm.
+Seba Keck <3 We had many a talks on how it would be best to conduct ourselves..possible bad situations in mind along with it all so as to be as prepared as first time parents could be
rotfl...he sounds like my fiance "when we were gettin it on it was smethn diffrent" he said that my last pregnancy rotfl
+India M hahahaha
I dont get how and why everyone is commenting to applaud Rick.... Through out all the videos & leading up to this one, I just felt he was so cold & un attentive to Lisa. Sitting there yawning & barely speaking.. Its easy for him to be calm... Lisa on the other hand.... is the one going through all that pain & she still manages to maintain herself, staying calm for the situation at hand & record this & be so expressive & talkative through out... That's not easy. I applaud you Lisa & I PERSONALLY just felt like you needed someone's touch, being Ricks... Just that physical human contact to show support, compassion & warmth during your pain.. But everyone seemed busy on their phones. Although maybe in the circumstances somebodies touch would ne annoying.. Idk. I just struggled with watching you struggle with the pain on your own, either while laying or sitting.
All women's needs are different, I APPLAUD Rick for respecting her wishes. With my first born I needed to be touched but with my second I didn't want to be touched or rubbed either and my husband kept doing it anyways THATS annoying. So good for Rick for respecting your wife and being what SHE needs and not what other people think YOUR wife needs.
+Diba123b Ya, I actually told Rick NOT to touch me... By this time, I was in active labor, so contractions were intense..And Rick tried being at my side, talking to me and rubbing my back or my arm, but IT WAS MORE AGGRAVATING than helpful in my case! I didn't want ANYONE to touch me or talk. Accept when I was laboring in the shower... His presence helped me feel more at ease and less isolated. Rick was everything I needed him to be <3
i'm 29 weeks pregnant and honestly, watching these videos are making me so nervous/anxious! you're such a trooper.
+_sincerelyivymarie CONGRATS ON BABY! I felt the same way when I was pregnant! I was like....I'M ABOUT TO FEEL EVERYTHINGGGGGG. hahaha And I had no idea what that "everything" was. You can find a doula at any stage of their training... they're more affordable if you find someone that hasn't gotten their certification yet. The main thing is that you mesh w someone. You could even just have a friend or family member...someone who is confident and ready to support you in all ways necessary w/o worry or confusion..and a doula knows birthing.. that's what they do, right? And they've typically dealt with doctors and their procedures, as well. NOW...LABOR...The best way I can describe the contraction pains is.. take your worst ever period cramps and multiply it by 50.. EXCEPT! Cramps are a continuous pain..contractions last about 60 seconds from the initial feeling till it's gone and IS AT ITS MOST PAINFUL PART FOR ONLY 10 SECONDS. So it's like this... Ooh. I feel something (60 second countdown begins)..builds and builds for like 20/30 seconds until you are just like OWWWWWWW (10 second countdown begins..and I would literally count to 10 so I knew how much longer I would be feeling the pain)..once that's over, essentially anything is better than that, so even the lesser part of the contraction on it's way out..you won't even see as pain.. They go away really quick. You get a few minutes to recuperate and gather strength for the next ride... NOWWWW that is if you plan to go MED-FREE. I was able to cope with contractions wherever I felt I wanted to be..bed, shower, toilet, standing, etc... Some ppl can't handle the pain (or get coerced by a family member or the jackass anesthesiologist) and end up choosing an epidural. At that point, you're stuck to dealing with any pain you may feel IN BED...or you don't feel much of anything and labor slows down...and you're waiting to meet your baby for another 10-20 hours. This is one reason why I super empower gals to not let the hospital pressure for an induction..bc when you get pitocin, you're most likely gonna get an epi bc the pain is WAY MORE EXCRUCIATING than normal contractions. Anyhoo..that's a whole other conversation! haha BOTTOM LINE... Our bodies are MADE TO DO THIS. In majority of healthy cases, there's no need for medical intervention. Sadly, you hear more and more about hospitals pushing women to get inductions..and even EARLIER than 40 weeks. I had to say NO to a friggin induction too many times to count.. my baby was 42 weeks and 7lbs14oz. She just needed a little longer to cook. ha ..or my due date itself was way off..WHICH IS SUPER LIKELY as they are unable to know the exact date of conception. *YOU'RE GONNA BE GREAT!!!*
Girl I would've had those emergency flashers going. XD Husband would have been driving on the shoulder of all roads. HELLO, I AM IN LABOR PEOPLE. You did such an amazing job!
+Sasha Effern hahaha That would've been great had we even had a shoulder to drive on! lol :)
+Lisa Malambri This so AMAZING to watch. So Beautiful, Seriously. Thankyou for Sharing this.. and I'm jealous for that, coz in my 8th married, I'm not yet have a baby until now Ehm,, btw, your husband lookslike Asthon Kuthcer in the car,, hhh lol Hemm,, Rick Malambri is a real man Sorry for bad English,, hee I'm your fans from Indonesia 
+Xhity Marryam You're so sweet! Thank you for watching <3
This was SO AMAZING to watch. Seriously. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing!! 
+Melissa Cameron <3
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