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34 weeks pregnant pressure on anus Videos

March 2012 Endometriosis Awareness Video

March is Endometriosis awareness month. Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the ...

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i was diagnosed with endomitriosis and I had laparoscopy on April 24,2012 after 6months,I started to feel the pain again so i went to see my OB and she sent me to have my Lab test, Ultrasound and Pelvic test done,Results came out that my endomitriosis has spread out even more and had grown back, So she have undergo me for medicine therapy which is by taking contraceptive pills. Which it didn't help me at all I started bleeding heavily for almost 2 months, and even pain meds cannot help me.
MumbleandJumble, I do NOT know where you are getting your information but there is NO cure for endo. Some women can find relief with surgery and medications. A majority of women with endo never find relief. Many think having a baby or having a hysterectomy endo is cured, it is NOT true! Many women continue to suffer after both of these so called 'cures'. Also if the women you are talking about never had surgery they were never diagnosed with endo. The ONLY way to be diagnosed is surgery.
A year and a half before anyone took me seriously. I was actually told by one Dr to’ man up’. The symptoms get worse each time, even when you think they can’t it does, to the point where you feel like you’re going mad. Once they investigated they found a mass behind my bladder, I am waiting for the results of my MRI and scheduled 2nd MRI in a few days. I found this video really moving, it is so true. What does sick look like! My thoughts are with any ladies suffering from this!
I am 49 years old.I was diagnosed at 14 years old.After countless surgeries.I gave up the fight at 36 and had a hysterectomy.I just take the pain and massive amounts blood and fatigue anymore.I was put on birth control pills at 14 years of age to try and regulate my cycle.Well back then most people thought in their own ignorant mind that there was only one reason a girl went on the pill and the vicious gossip about darn near destroyed me emotionally.
MumbleandJumble. Endometriosis cannot be diagnosed without surgery (that is fact), so I suggest the women you speak of who haven't had surgery are assuming they have it based on symptoms, symptoms which could be many different things. If there was a cure, I wouldn't of just had my 14th surgery in my fight against this disease. To even question it is a lie is a kick in the guts of the 176 million women world wide who suffer from this disease.
I've had three surgeries including TAH and it's about 2 years later now and it's coming back. Not to mention all the pain from adhesions due to the disease and surgeries. Developed Fibromyalgia after the last surgery and cannot take pain meds because they make me sick. Too much advil ended up giving me multiple stomach ulcers. Living in pain every day gets really old after a while :/ Good Luck to all those suffering with this disease!
Aw it's awful :-( and aw, no one should have to go through it :( thankyou very much ! My thoughts are with you too ! I hope things all get better for you ! The other week I had an injection, zoladex I think it was, so now im gonna be going through menopause and now I'm suffering with hot flushes and sweats, headaches and everything :( and I'm having keyhole done in April to take out my cysts.. Can't wait ! ❤
Yes, it can be severe pain with the cycle or steady pain through out the month. If you have to change your lifestyle habits due to pelvic pain it is NOT normal! You should try to find a specialist in your area that deals with chronic pelvic pain. Sadly, the only way to diagnose endo is with surgery. But it can really ease the pain when done correctly.
they kept telling me that It's all in my head, apparently I've been a hypochondriac for years..... that just had blood clots the size of fists and CONTRACTIONS on my period and when I OVULATED...... that was totally normal.... IN WHOSE WORLD? oh yeah. endometriosis.... because I live in oklahoma where there is NO ONE that believes a woman......
@emi Mia the only way to tell if you have endo is larascopic, or keyhole, surgery examining your lower torso near your ovaries and uterus. If they find lesions then it is diagnosed and most often treated then while in surgery. I have all the symptoms but haven't been diagnosed. Thus I can say I think I have endo but have no official diagnosis.
Endometriosis sucks! Plan and simple! Worst pain i have every experienced in my life! I was having pains for about a month before I went to the doctor at first they thought it was an ovarian cyst, not until I was in surgery did they see that I had endometriosis. sadly my left ovary was also removed
You can look up various larascopic surgeries for endo on YouTube. I also suffer from cysts fybroids and arthritis as well as hot flashes and contractions while menstrating or ovulating. Like today... Yay ovulation contractions hot flashes and not being able to walk, while only 20 yrs old.
I am glad you connected with the video, I am sorry you suffer from endo though. That is great that you are doing awareness efforts! We need it! So many women are effected and so few of even doctors understand it. Are you in our support group? We have several on Facebook.
Thankfully I had a mother that laid into all the gossip mongers at school like a banshee and by the time she was through with educating them they all apologized to my face.A momma bear defending her cub that was my mom.Bless her I miss her so much.
Suffering with this is the hardest thing ever, I'm only 14 years old, crying like everyday, trips back and forth to the hospital and doctors.., having my left ovary taken out soon.. Should be fun, my thoughts are with anyone suffering with endo :'(
I've been suffering from this since 14 too and am glad you have had some treatment. my mother had it (she's currently in menopause, lucky bastard! LOL) so its always effected me. my thoughts are with you as you seek treatment and get better!
I hope all goes well and you find lasting relief. When you get to the hospital ask them to give you a sedative before going into the OR, it helps a lot. I have had 14 surgeries and 1 without sedative and I was a mess! Best of luck
Im due my 7th lapro in July and this made me sob so much its unreal, on the strength of this im now writing a piece for the media , telling my story of how my Endo led me to do a Fine Art course a Uni :-)
Hi my name is Sierra and I am a 14 year old girl. I really would love to talk to somebody about endometriosis and I'm terrified since I think I may have it... Please help, thank you.
This was a really well done video. I, sadly, know several doctors who think endometriosis is a made-up disease. I guess everyone needs to be educated on this topic.
Is that true that there is no cure for endometriosis? Or is that a lie? I have meet several women that have been able to change this without surgery or medication.
THANK YOU! I will continue to share this video forever! You are very special to me and you did a very BEAUTIFUL job on our video! I can't thank you enough!
I have endometriosis and going in for my 2nd surgery in June. I hate going under anesthesia but not as much as endometriosis. That is for sure.
Thank you Barb our endo sis for this great video.Yellow hugs to you and to all who suffer from this horrific illness.Sharon V

35 weeks pregnant, contractions and stuff! (baby no 5)

when i was editing my last vid i completely missed a chunk out! so here it is! xx.

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How were you time-wise with your previous pregnancies, early, on time, late etc.? I know you mentioned a few videos back that someone said you were small and it had you concerned - I do not think you are small AT ALL! You look great and perfectly healthy to me! It wouldn't surprise me if you had him early! =]
Your so sweet. Your just awesome. I wish you were my sister...your respectful, responsible, loving, funny, thoughtful, mature and sweet. Your young hearted..and uplifting.
I just cannot believe you're 35 weeks already :-0 like where has the time gone. Are you planning on filming your labour/delivery this time?
@chloexelyse the girls were 8 weeks early, franki about a week or wk n a half and bobby was a day before his due date/!xx
U R soooo closeee!!!! OMG can't wait!! have u seen the baby!! is he in position?? love the bassinet in the back!!
Did you phone me leanne just found it are you ok my lovely x x
@lagirlzhot we dont know just yet! hopefully =)
my DC has increased alot! YAY getting close now!
I'm so excited for you, Leanne! xxx
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