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Bodybuilding diet breakfast Videos

Bodybuilding Breakfast Example, Meal Prep

This is a good example of how to plan ahead if you work a job that doesn't allow you to run around to find something to eat at any time of the day. Also in this ...

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Whats that app you are using?
it's called "myfitnesspal"

Crazy Bodybuilding Meal - Breakfast of Joy!

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Breakfast Bodybuilding Meal Sample #2

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I like most of your videos. But I suggest that you change your accent a little bit. Your accent is more of west Indian and difficult to understand!
Watch out for that mercury u eat too much canned tuna brotha
I thought u doing cbl
Lookin good brother
Dog food.

Delicious Bodybuilding Breakfast: Healthy Breakfast Hot Pocket

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I made this this morning for hubby and I! It was both our first time to have tuna and egg together it was awesome! I tweaked it a bit, added some shredded parmesan and fresh spinach - soooo good! We're both sold on having this again! You rock Michael! Keep the vids coming they are super helpful!!!!
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@UCKABAH An iron skillet will not only add the all important blood building mineral "Iron' to your foods but the more you cook with this skillet the more flavor your foods will have as the skillet becomes more seasoned. I can't understand why everybody cooks with teflon type cookware except for the fact that the pans are lighter in weight and clean up is a little bit easier. I stick with the health benefits over the quicker clean up! Thanks for watching. Dan.
@microphonecheck1 True about the Canola Oil. I usually use MCT oil on low heat or some butter and I do at times have canola oil, Olive and safflower oil on hand BUT.... you will not die from using some canola oil. Stay away from EXCESS sugar and salt, exercise and don't fret about every little thing you put in your mouth. If you do you'll DIE from STRESS!! Thanks for watching..Dan.
@OmnipotentSpuirt It all depends on a persons age, weight and most of all health or medical condition. I average six or more yokes a day and have no problem. I always check out in premium health, but thats me! Each person has to know their body and make that decision. And remember, the conditions change with age and life changes. Dan.
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Yo yo... Very good clip. My buddy used to be fat. He went from 283 lbs of pure fat into 204 lbs of real muscle. We thought it was spectacular! I just signed up myself coz I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)...
i cant believe you talked about denaturing vitamins, and talked about healthy fats. but then poured canola oil in the pan! do some research on the stuff man. its transfat and NOT natural. use some coconut oil!
to eat or not to eat egg yokes...there is so much controversy with them it drives me crazy. soo many are thrown away for a fat free protein...should we keep throwing them away or eat a few for the nutrients?
Hey Dan, quick question. I was curious what the importance of the iron skillet was and why you say that's central to the food preparation. Just wondering. Thanks for the vids!
@GsxRaider Hard to get to much protein when it's coming from food alone. As long as you're eating a balanced and varied diet you won't over consume any one nutrient. Dan.
@mbleek2001 Thank you for watching. I have this breakfast about four or five times a week! Dan.
@DanPrzyojski Thanks for the timely response! This clears it up. Take care
np thanks for the good video I'm going to make your dish this week.
@hatton314 Thank you! You must be a healthy eater... Dan.
@PRZYOJSKI too much protein is harmful to the kidneys?
quick, easy and most of all healthy. thank you
@MrLifterMuscle Thank you for watching. Dan.
Yes they are! Thanks for watching. Dan.
@mbleek2001 Thanks for watching! Dan.
shitake mushrooms are the best!
Thanks for watching! Dan.
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