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Bodybuilding steak and eggs diet Videos

Steak, Eggs, and Stir-Fry Veggies over White Rice (Bodybuilding Meal Ex.)

Video Journal about myself. Bodybuilding Meal Ex. after Leg Day Subscribe to FollowMikeyHD: //bit.ly/Wgs7XS Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mikey_Zhao ...

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Dat shit look good, ill try that somtime next week after a heavy session.

Bodybuilding meal 6-13-12. Steak!

MORE Muscular Chest: Vince Gironda's 10-8-6-15 rep workout

The IRON Guru of Bodybuilding Vince Gironda: //www.criticalbench.com/gains/vince-gironda Subscribe to Our Channel: ...

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+Luke Long And I do 200lbs for 15 reps. And my dad is bigger than your dad. Keep your fucking ego out of it. When you rip a tendon. You won't be lifting shit. None of you ego lifters impress me. I see you all the time in gyms lifting to impress others. when you can't even do the exercise properly. And no one gives a shit about roiders like you boasting on YouTube. When you come off your stack you're weaker than a girl.
+PROJECT DX - very well said. see them all over in the gym place taking their ego where ever they go. Weaker than a girl .lol...
It piss me off how dudes on YouTube can say they are strength coaches when dude struggling to do 100 lb dumbell press. 100 lb dumbell are like nothing I do 150 lbs for sets of 12. I'm gonna start a channel now lol. Dudes have bs form. No arching of the chest either. It makes me angry.
+Luke Long sure you do….pics vids? do u even know what a gym looks like son
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