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Bodybuilding diet for lean muscle mass Videos

Healthy Muscle Building Breakfast: Western Omelette Recipe - Live Lean TV


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Happy Birthday brad hugs and kisses and i will be making a walking video lets see how it turns out to show my progress on walking and how far.Look for it this week on my channel ok and let me know what you think.Hugs Marie.
GET HIS BOOK!!! Best investment into your health and all around well being! You will see results he's not joking! oh and Mr. Brad Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday and an amazing year! You deserve the very best!
Happy B day! Love how you put the veggies only on the half of the omelet and then kind ah wrap them in the other half, they can steam better and not overcook to save the nutrients. Thank you.
olive oil is okay if you keep the heat medium to low which we do in this recipe. i just prefer the flavor of olive oil for this dish. you can use coconut oil too though
Yes, I know a few people that have got great results with it. I don't currently do it though as I just like eating food too much and prefer smaller more frequent meals.
Hi Brad just wandering if your Awaken The Abs Within 50% Of sale is for the paperback version or is it an e-book? This is the only thing stopping me buying your book.
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@bradgouthrofitness you deserve to eat what ever you want on your birthday after working so hard to live lean the rest of the days. happy birthday
I am so going to try this omelette b/c I love to eat the spinach leaves all the time, but I never thought about having them for breakfast!!! Thanks
Hey Brad Why are you using olive oil for cooking? I think and read that coconut oil is better for you when using heat? Good food as ever, thanks
It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when normal people are able to get ripped easily with Elite Muscle Formula (check it out on Google).
if heated over higher heat olive oil can become oxidated...i always recommend heating olive oil over medium to low heat.
My problem is during the night I get hungry and I don't know what to eat? Do you have any suggestions? 
Go to HEALTHYMEALSDIET.HOST56.COM for the best healthy recipes and amazing tips on losing weight
happy b-day, thaks for everything man, on the next video a healthy cake recipe maybe?
cooking with olive oil? cmon man...coconut oil. didn't you even do a videb on that?!
Do u eat before working out and do u take your protein shakes before or after?
thanks, but when it's my birthday, I think I'll be enjoying anything I want!!
protein shakes after workout...check out my newer vids for pre-workout ideas.
Omg i will try this....always get problems flipping my omelettes though lol
Happy Birthday Brad , by the way use skillet much easier to cook omelette
it's 50% off the digital version...Amazon has my paperback at 10% off now
Will share this video!!! EVERYONE check out my 2 videos i upliaded
use cocnut oil its much healthier and without fat and transfat
Happy Birthday Brad great video, keep up all the good work.

Lean Muscle Building Groceries: One Week Sample (Chef Buff)

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Pssh if dieting is the only way to lose fat and reach your peak, how did anyone before all this B.S. get ripped? How did gladiators get ripped and in shape with a lack of nutrition? How did warriors stay lean without the "crucial" knowledge of fulfilling their micro and macro needs? They worked our crazy hard and that's the only secret. Dieting is bullshit and a lot of people assume that the diet stops once you reach your goal, but in reality, you have to continue the diet for the rest of your life.
+Chaco Taco ummm I don'tthink gladiators were malnourished. I mean they used to have feasts and shit soo yh they ate loads too.

Matt's Lean muscle building nutrition plan (Part 2)

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Hi! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Proladox Diet Plan (google it), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you tried using Proladox Diet Plan? I have heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me: (
Hi! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Proladox Diet Plan (search on google), but I'm not sure if it is really good. Have you tried Proladox Diet Plan? I've heard some awesome things about it and my friend lost lots of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me: (
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Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (just google it)? I've heard many extraordinary things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it.
If you are looking to have an outstanding body, make sure to Google the term "Oak Muscle Method". You are guaranteed to achieve the body you desire.
This diet is much cleaner/leaner than what most of the other so called clean/lean bulk diets you see here on YouTube. --- thanks for posting!
Hello Matt Thank you for sharing your vidéo. Are you working on strengh? I'm doing 5*5 strongh lift And just finish my first month. Peace
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god damn those are boring meals haha. power to you by sticking with those.
Hello! I'm Nick.I did -10 lbs last one week.More here hddiet.gs\#WVgj
dude your body is ripped as, thanks for the food advice
Hey! I'm Alyssa.I did -45 lbs in 30 days.Open hawght.so
Your BMR is 2200. I have been cutting on 2000 :|
Thanks for the great video, Matt!

Muscle building meal for lean muscle gains

Lets get 150 likes for this here video please Sorry for the awful audio the camera man sucked he was blocking the audio in with his fingers.

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I wanna bitch slap the camera man!:-)) I am let him slide this time. Alex kinda slow with the videos.....U don't have to do much just say hello to the audience! Oh Alex......I meant to tell you in one of your previous video.....I was SHOCKED......to see you was eating white rice and grandules,and pork chopped! WOW! We love you Alex
honestly. its not all gonna be straight muscle. i have an ectomorphic body and im able to gain and drop weight within a week. before i went to the military i only wighed 142. and now till this day i weigh in at 180 my height is 6'1. its not just depending on test levels...gotta take in carbs, calories and protein. as well.
I'm 5'8, 180 LBS at 22% body-fat. I can gain muscle and strength easily but I can't lose fat easily. I'm eating at 1600 calories right now and losing decent weight. What do your macros/calories look like when youre on a cut and on a bulk?
if you have a fast metabolism start with 3500 calories you should see 1 pound a week if you dont increase your calories. But make sure you are training very hard and eating plenty of healthy food otherwise it will be all fat
One hundred calories a week over a month is a pound of fat? Maybe on a planet with a different gravitational pull... 3500 calories in a pound, 4 weeks in a month. You were off by 3100 calories. Close though.
Hi, Do people have to join the gym. Due to time and financial restriction, I'm not able to do that. I have only two small dumbbells at home. I'm only look to get lean, not very muscular though
If you are looking to build lean muscle, you may want to Google search for "Oak Muscle Method". You are certainly achieve the appearance you deserve.
Maybe ya shud consider not doing so much chillen in the videos and get back to u teaching more bout eating right as soon as the vid starts
Tuna is good protein with omega-3 fatty acids. However, I would be careful eating TOO much tuna because of the high mercury content.
It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when other normal people get ripped easily using Atomic Max Muscle (go Google it).
hey guys what was that zyzz tune he was listening to in the car and it said "zyzz had the best taste in music r.i.p"? ? ? ? ??
pork is bad even if u r trying to get fat. A pig eats its own shit so u decide what kinda quality pork has lol
i been eating that since always just because i like tuna i put yellow cheese in it 1 can = 2 sandwiches :)
took me a few months like 4 or 5 months i did a very slow cut tho. Anyone can reach that in 2 or 3 months
i like dat he doesnt deny himself cuz he knows what he can eat for hjis body...and papo still looks good
At least you friend knows he's a potato. Nigger had his fingers all up on the mic throughout the video
Tell potato not to cover the microphone. Good ideas. Low fat mayo has even fewer calories.
instead of Mayo, try adding a bit of olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, pickle is optional.
fucking idiot recording kept messing with the camera couldnt here half the shit you said
great man! you gotta coach mr potato on how to record. otherwise, keep them coming.
yea i know summer got me busy will be posting more videos often next month
how many calories do i need to eat a day to get from 125 to around 150?
The camera man fucked up the video. RE-SHOOT IT son. FKN PapasFritas.
Hey man did you do insanity from when you weight 190 to your journey?
you can still can lean eating it its just not that healthy for you
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