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The Balm Mary Lou Manizer MAKEUP REVIEW | Best Highlighter

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would this be ok for my pale,pink undertone skin?
Hi! I feel like it works great on pale skin!, It doesn't "clash" with the redness I have on my cheeks, and it leaves me glowing whilst not being to champagne-like, if that makes any sense. Just make sure that it's blended out properly, then you should be fine! hope it helps xx
+Lisa van Berkel awesome =) thanks.
+Hellokitty I'm also extremely fair and I'm going to buy this tomorrow. I'll let you know how it looks!
Right now on their website it's twenty four dollars.
I'm having a international giveaway on my channel where you can win Mary Lou, I'd love if you could take part :)

Quick make-up look

Hier is hij dan, mijn allereerste make-up video. Gekozen heb ik voor een zachte, subtiele look. Leuk voor iedere dag. Voor de look heb ik voornamelijk mijn ...

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Emma, thanks to this video, I was able to discover the best and cleanest organic foundation ever! The Dr. Hauschka Translucent Make-Up! I never thought I could love a product this much that's actually good for my skin and the environment. I seriously feel I can use this product forever! Together with a clean beauty regimen, it has improved my skin by 10x fold!! Beautiful natural coverage, heals acne-scars, doesn't cause break-outs, no clogging, and MICA-FREE. BUT Sadly... this product is now discontinued by Dr. Hauschka. I know you probably have other important things to attend too, and you may never get to see this comment. But incase you do, or anyone else here does, Please visit: //www.makeupalley.com/product/sreview.asp?ItemId=57475&RID=2795439 and share why you love this product on the most informative make-up hub in the world-Makeupalley! Together let's try and convince Dr. Hauschka to #BRINGTRANSLUCENTBACK (Don't forget to hashtag your Translucent Make-up story on Makeupalley.com :))
Dat oogpalletje is van Bare Minerals (het palletje zelf heet the top shelf)....Ik weet daar niet helemaal zeker van of het nu 100% natuurlijk is...Ik heb even een vlugge blik op de ingrediëntenlijst geworpen en ik ben geen SLS of Parabenen tegengekomen. Dus volgens mij vooral mineralen die ervoor worden gebruikt...
Dankje voor de tip Laura! Zal het de volgende keer erbij vermelden ;). In dit filmpje heb ik kwasten van de HEMA (voor de oogschaduw en de coverstick), Rituals (voor het gezicht) en HIRO Cosmetics (de eyeliner kwast) gebruikt.
i love this look, very natural and pretty. I just bought the Dr. Hauschka makeup and wasn't sure what the best way to apply it is. I will try a foundation brush!
Thank you :D! I find that the Dr.Hauschka make-up works well with fingers as with a foundation brush. With the brush you get a bit more coverage though ;).
ik hoop dat je meer films maak ,ik gebruik ook nu natuurlijke make ups en kun je ook film maken welke verzorgings producten je gebruikt
oke dan koop ik ook bij bare minerale foundation ,want alle foundatoins zijn heel licht van kleur en ik ben getint met gele ondertoon
Super, om jou "live" te zien en te horen. Superleuke filmpje. Mooie "look". Love it.
Bedankt voor je idee! Hihi, en morgen komt er weer een nieuw filmpje online ;)
hoe heet de oog palet is het ook eco waar kun je het kopen
Emma, Wat zie je in dit filmpje er prachtig uit! Xx
Mooi gedaan hoor!
So pretty look xx

HAKUHODO Brush: First Impression (Praises & Critiques)

Hello Everyone! This is going to be a first impressions video (and a sort of mini-review and discussion) about my first Hakuhodo brush. I got this in a swap with a ...

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@TheSublimeAgent I have a catalogue. Although it's in Japanese I can see they have different length handles. You can contact them thru the website and ask about longer handles. I think the Kokutan series only has one length. The S100 series have longer handles. I think it's the Basic series that has various lengths. This is what I can tell in the catalogue. Like I said just ask them and they'll tell you. They are very helpful. PM me if you have more questions. I've bought lots of their brushes.
There is a knowledge section on the Hakuhodo website. It explains the different types of hair available and what they are normally used for. I read that first and then made my choices and it worked out fine for me. The specs of each brush lists the length, width & depth measurements. It's about the only brand I found that provides this. It's funny that people say they didn't realize how short the handles were when that information was right there. The handles do come in different lengths.
Wow!! It's so refreshing to see someone of your age group speak so articulately and carry himself so well. I just subscribed. :) BTW, now that you've had the Hakuhodo brush for awhile, what are your thoughts?? Also, I'm new to your channel and saw your Louise Young foundation brush video where you brought up the issue of pairing brushes with products of differing consistencies. Can you make or have you made already a video that shows ideal product/brush pairings?? Thank you for your time.
Fabulous first impression, got to go check out the video where you use it. I still need to get my "magic" powder brush. I have a couple but none that wows me. I have one sigma, and a couple others. Not one so far has wowed me. I don't mind paying for a brush, but it has to live up to price and expectations, and frankly I more and more am doubting if the Mac brushes are worth their money in gold....hmm, more isn't always better, but if the price creates the "magic" factor, I'm ok with it:)
Hakuhodo dose a lot of OEM brushes for lot's of brand names, they used to make brushes for MAC before they bought out by Estee Lauder but not anymore that's the reason why MAC brushes sucks now. And the reason Habuhodo brushes are smaller then the ones we usually found in N. America is because Japanese people has very narrow and smaller face because they only want to reserve the best design and quality for their own consumption. And they intent to keep it this way, and very proud of it.
Finally!Someone who brings up the 'too soft' element,I just wish I'd watched this sooner.Due to all the raves I bought the S103(I was initially wanting the MAC #138 but decided to go with the 'luxury' option) well,while it is as soft as an angel's fart it really struggles to pick up enough product to be effective-I have tried it with contour powders and bronzers,and it just frustrates me that I have to build layers of colour to get the depth.So now I am looking at the #138 again.
During a Christmas promotion I was able to receive as a gift a set of four brushes in a kit. It contained a kabuki, blush, eyeliner and eyeshadow brushes. They are the softest imaginable, the eyeliner is my all time fav. I love them incredibly. The only thing that worries me is how we were instructed to care for them is only to use cornstarch to clean them. I even called and asked them point blank Under no circumstances did they want me to wash them!! It scares me.
@brushjunkie Right! Thank you for mentioning this. Yeah, I know a lot of consumers tend to over look the size specs on the site...but a lot of American's dont really even understand the "mm" markings, so it just seems foreign to them. haha. The site is also pretty vague about getting longer handles, I suppose you request this when submitting your order in the "notes" section? Thanks for watching!
Finally! I thought I was crazy! I do agree with u, I have a brush that is too soft, and it's a blush brush, but it doesn't pick up any product!!!!!!! I haven't tried hakuhodo YET, but I do want, I've heard about them for a while now, im planning on buying 5 too hehe, till the end of this year I know im gonna buy some. Thanks for the review, u are great! And your skin looks radiant! xo from Brazil
Hiya Michael, I just wanted to tell you that i think you are amazing :) I hope i can speak for every here when i say that! When i see your videos, i got put on the kettle, and have a cup of tea, sit back, and take in every thing you say! hehe you are so professional, and come across as a beautiful person inside and out! So thank you so much for the effort you put into the videos! Love Rhia x
I also have the 142 eyshadow brush which is very similar to the Louise Young LY38B. Nothing th same at MAC though but closest would be a 217 or 222 but the Hakuhodo one tapers off to a fine point. It is perfect for placing shadow in the crease and despite being pointy and narrow it does blend the edges perfectly without effort. Another perfect brush !
I have the 103 and it is fabulous. It is like the MAC 138 but far softer, well not so much softer as it is firm but soft touch. It places blush very precisely and evenly. The MAC 168 would place blush more concentrated at one end and fade as you move the brush but the 103 spreads it evenly throughout the long stroke on your cheek. Perfect !
@dehmorais Right? Haha, yes, some brushes are waaaay too soft to place products. If you have heard of Exhibit A blush from NARS, this brush can barely place any of the color on the cheeks, which is unheard of because the blush is so vibrant ! :) Thanks so much for watching, make sure to tell me which ones you ultimately decide on buying :)
As much as we all like these brushes, at the end of the day it's all about ease of application and durability. I think it's best to try things for yourself than to buy something just for the brand. Think about value for money, not just splurging. If you're a true artist, it's not about the name, but what the product can do.
Hello :) First of all I just love your videos! I was wondering how you would compare this brush to Louise Young? I have been considering replacing a few brushes with her's , or would I be better to pay more for these ? I I know this is a new brush to you, but I would still love your insight! Thank you so much :)

MUA Liquid Lipstick / Lasting Impression / Review

Hey Gypsy Kittens! ☾ So I got this Makeup Academy Liquid Lipstick; follow me throughout the day to see how it works! Show some love if you liked the style of ...

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I love your nails please share
+debra bridges It is Hard Candy Pee Wee Purple :)
I Loooooved this video! I'll be getting a few of these, thanks!
+Viidreamcatcher Thanks!
You're so welcome :) the color selection is gorgeous, can't go wrong! :)
I really like the style of this video. It was nice to see your first impression but also what happened to your lips throughout the day. I think it gives people a better idea of how good the product is. Also that shade looks so great on you!
+Aryn Skiver I'm so glad you liked it! This video was actually soo much fun to film, I plan on doing a lot more :) and thank youu!! Like I said, I'm just now getting into these lip products and stuff so it's good to know that this one looks good :D
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