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Hourglass cosmetics news Videos

Hourglass Cosmetics on the TODAY Show (September 23, 2013.)

October Favorites & Sad News to Share

October 2015 Favorites For More Information about ALS Visit: //www.alsa.org Channel Mentioned: Crystal: ...

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I am so sorry. You are so sweet and caring towards all of us. I will be praying for your family as well. My husband's Grandfather passed a little over a month ago now. He had 2 long term illnesses, and it did involve the whole family working together. Being on the other side of it now, the grief is there, but we are all working through it. I tell you this, because I want to encourage and remind you to take care of yourself, even as you care for your FIL. I will be praying for him as well
+Lori Adams Thank you so much for sharing that with me. We are definitely in the thick of things right now but we are doing our best to stay organized and cohesive. Not easy all the time but we are new at this and doing the best we can. Thank you so much for your prayers! :)
I am so sorry to hear of the illness in your family. I will keep you in my prayers.
+The Golddigger Thank you so much!
I'm so sorry to hear the news! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
+Susana Garcia Cantu Thank you so much, we all really appreciate the prayers. :)
Hi Lynette. I just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As you said family comes first and that is how it should be. Love and and hugs to you all xxx
Good Idea xxx
+Amy Howell Thank you so much Amy, I really appreciate that. I was supposed to be filming today but we had a family issue come up so the video will have to wait. I am hoping to be able to still publish once a week but with the way things are going lately I think I am going to take it one week at a time. That you for your understanding. :)
Sending prayers.
+Mariann Reid Thank you so much!
Sending positive thoughts your way. Best wishes to your FIL. I love my Brooks too! Great favs Lynette. TY for taking the time. xx
+MQS 1 Thank you so much! I suspect I will be a dedicated Brooks wearer from now on! :)
So Sorry to hear about. Sending prayers for your family.
+Adriana Arango Thank you so much!
I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I WISH they would find a cure for ALS. It is a dreadful disease. My heart goes out to you and your family. I'll say a special prayer for your father-in-law.
+Michelle Kelly I know, it is difficult to understand how in this day and age there is still virtually no treatment. Thank you so much for the prayers, we need everyone single one!

Everyday Makeup Routine, Outfit Ideas + EXCITING NEWS! | December Diary

Hi guys! Welcome to a new series on my channel. I'm going to start doing monthly diaries that include everything from an everyday makeup routine, to music ...

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She needs to wear a bra. I mean really. 
+Reinspired30 save it for the bedroom
+cherryontop no it doesn't, it's the human body :)
+toastedbeautyy sorry it looks terrible and trashy 
lol have you never seen nipples?
Why does she "need" to? Oh right she doesn't. Free the boob
you really should do more videos about dance :)
I love u so much kailee
I hope u read my comment
you should try black! you're so pretty i'm really sure anything would work♥
The only thing with black is it's so hard to dye over so if she doesn't end up liking it or gets tired of it (which is what happened with me a few months after I dyed mine), she won't be able to go over it unless she does some heavy bleaching and whatnot.
5:15 - You said you don't wear bra only when the weather allows you to do so (if you know what I mean)
whats your point about how she doesnt wear a bra... 
Haha, can't tell if you're giving her shit or what but if so, who cares! We all have boobs!
I Love You so much. You're literally my inspiration and I'm actually gonna start posting videos because of you! I know you won't reply but if you did I might actually die lol. But I hope everything is going great for you!! I hope you keep up with vlogmas because those vlogs literally make me day!! I Love You!! 
Thanks so much Haley! Love you :)

Fabulous Over 50 Weekend Edition - July 5, 2014 Featuring Too-Faced, Hourglass & Great News!!

This channel is for the mature woman who enjoy learning about new products, techniques and makeoversl Nathalie & Suzy's Summer Lovin' Tag ...

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The Chocolate Bar is another one of my faves. xoxoxo
Awwwwww, I love you too,, please don't stay away for too long because I miss you!!!  Big hugs & kisses, Nathalie xoxo
You look so pretty and I just love your necklace.
Thank you so much, you are just so sweet.  Big hugs, Nathalie xoxo
Good afternoon my sweet, beautiful Nathalie. You look STUNNING in your video. I love your necklace. I find it so awesome that we love the exact same palettes as well as that MAC 163 brush. I just ordered a Kat Von D palette the Monarch Eyeshadow one and the new limited edition Tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette. Do you have either one of those? I changed up my profile picture so you could actually SEE what I look like as well as to put a face with the name. Can't wait until Wednesday's video. I always love looks on a budget, so does my husband ;-) . Until then, have a wonderful day. xoxo ~~ Diane ~~ 
YES! I'd be honored.
Well I am sooo glad that I can see you, you my dear are gorgeous, you look like the actress Elizabeth Shue.... and I so love my Monarch palette, I think I will create a Diane's Eye look... what do you think??  Hugs xoxo
+Nathalie TheBeautyDiva It just dawned on me as I was re-reading your beautiful note, it was the Mac 163 brush that reminded me... are you the Diane from Michigan??? xoxo
Hi Diane, you are absolutely GORGEOUS.... and yes we have the same taste, I also have the Monarch palette but not the Tarte.... I guess I will be putting that one on my wishlist LOL.  Thank you so much for the picture, I really want to get to know my viewers..... I changed things up for Wednesday's video, I decided to provide some beauty tips, and next Saturday I will be doing my Japanese Cleansing system which I absolutely love, I have been using it for over a year now and it has changed my skin for the better... so beauty budgets will be next week my dear beautiful friend.  Big hugs & kisses, Nathalie xoxo
I love the look you created for Laura it will look so pretty on her. Such great ladies that you mentioned and enjoy watching them all. I am so glad you and Suzy had time together she is really a special lady. Thank you again for the birthday wishes and your package was mailed 7/2 but not express I hope it makes it this week to you. I am so glad you started this channel and that you are enjoying it. How lucky we are to be in a great community of supportive, talented loving women that lift each other up ad bring so much joy to our lives. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend. Love ya, xoxo Carolyn
Awww my dear sweet Scarlet, if it wasn't for your support, confidence, friendship and kindness, this would never have happened.  Thank you for your kind words, you have no idea how much you mean to me.  I would so love to meet you one day, I just know we would get along famously.  Big hugs & kisses, Nathalie xoxo
You look beautiful as always!!!!! Love this video have a great day my friend xoxox
Thanks Chrisann, thank you, that's means a lot to me coming from a beautiful woman like you.  Big hugs, Nathalie xoxo
Hi Nathalie!! I love the Laura look. I will have try out the look. I didn't think to use the color tattoo over the shadow, always under. You are so much fun!! I watch Laura and I will go check out Barbie's channel. Great tips thanks for sharing! Diana :) xo
Hi Diana, I think that look would look amazing on you with your dark hair and porcelain skin.... it would look fantastic.  Let me know if you try it out.  Thanks for tuning it.  Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

Best New Beauty Products for November | Editor Picks

November is a time to give thanks for everything you have in life--including your beauty products. In this video, we picked our favorite new products from brands ...

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The eve lom treatments look interesting I love idea of individual little pouches. Also the roller ball fragrances look cooll also .. Anna the pink lipstick looks great with your hair a lot of redheads won't do the pink.. I Love it!!! Thanks girls
Thanks Donna! I love this lipstick. It's called "Pastille Violet" by Bite Beauty. I'm obsessed with it!
Those reusable cotton pads remind me of the reusable cotton nursing pads.

May Favorites Review and 1 Regret/Bad News (+outtakes!)

I've got a new self tanner, foundations, blush, and more to share! This is my late but ever relevant monthly favorites hahah hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for ...

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A good powder foundation would be Macs studio Fix Powder :D says to be most covering powder in history, not just from mac but from all brands!! I have it, its INSANE! But since you love drugstore you can try Loreals either True Match Powder foundation which is a compact or their Mineral powder foundation, which is in loose form. The compact covers a little bit less than the loose powder, but if you like compacts then go for it :) it does cover pretty well, I like it too ^^ Nothing like the mac
Ugh I miss those physicians formula powders like crazy, powder SPF makes all the difference for me so I'm not applying creams over my makeup all day! The mineral wear airbrush powder foundation by physicians formula seems to be the replacement but it's not as good to me, a little cakey. The Body Shop all in one face base is AMAZING, really really good. Now at $22 it is not the cheap thrill we all want BUT the body shop does constant sales so I get it when it's buy one get one (or buy 3 get 3
@leighannsays I dont wanna be a negative nancy BUT.....self tanners such as the fake bake flawless aren't completely harmless. If you read the list of chemicals they put into those self tanners...you'll really never want to use them ever again. So many parabens/carcinogens! It's almost safer to lay out in the sun for 20 minutes (with some sunscreen of course) than to put these harmful chemicals on your body. Be safe! :)
Okay so I've just seen the Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation, SPF 50, Natural Beige 7072 on Amazon.. That is the one you're after right? Lol phew that was a mouthful but I felt I just had to say that to clarify hehe. ;) Well I just saw it on Amazon and someone's selling only ONE new one.. I'd post a link but you know how YT is about links.. :| Lol inbox me or smth?
The PF powder foundation was put on clearance in January to make room on the shelves for their new powders. It was my HG foundation because the Light Translucent is the only one I can find that is fair enough for me (please don't buy it. Their translucent is very pigmented and light). BUT the talc-free pressed mineral powders are basically the same thing. Give 'em a try.
Uh...the phys. Formula tinted moisturizer disappeared too. That was my fav. last summer. Been looking everywhere. Onlly place I found it was ebay. Made my face super tan and bronzie then put bare minerals over top and it was like the perfect finish. Try there, try ebay. Never tried the powder. PS I have the same purple turbie twist. Those things are important. No joke.
you should totally try Palladio Dual Wet and Dry Foundation from Sally beauty supply I'm not sure if they sell it somewhere else but I bought it there. anyway, you can use as a powder foundation it is great! plus it contains rice powder which is great for your skin :) I've been using it for almost 2 years and I love it!
I'm pretty sure they discontinued the Physician Formula foundation powder. I got them from Rite Aid for 75% off when they were trying to get them off their shelves and that was earlier this year. I actually picked up 3 of them and ended up paying less than $3 for them.
i hate physicians formula because they always discontinue all of their great products, i get so annoyed cuz drugstore brands dont often discontinue stuff like that but i feel like theyve been trying to rebrand and remake all their products.
I'm allergic to the revlon just bitten kissable balm stains. if you're not on the band wagon yet, then you should test on your hand before you lips! I haven't been allergic to any Revlon products, so I didn't think to test before hand...
i dont know if you have found a good powder yet but i have lumpys on my forehead and nose and i use the covergirl clean pressed powder for sensitive skin. it has good coverage and sometimes i use it by its self.
Lovesick and sweetheart are my favorite of the Revlon balm stains. Also Walgreens is BOGO 50% this week on all Revlon! Really loving the whipped cream colorstay foundation as well. Revlon's just the best in general :).
oh my gosh I have been wearing one of those hair turbans for years and my family totally makes fun of me! Glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciates one of these... no longer feel like a complete fool ;) Thanks
leighann!!!! please help! how do you wash your fake bake mitt? i've read on blogs, etc. that it should be washed every so often, but i can't find out how to wash! washing machine? hand wash? thanks :)
Hi. I use Neutrogena mineral sheers powder. It has SPF and decent coverage. I can set foundation with it or wear it alone. I love it! I'm going to check out that hourglass primer. Thanks for the tip!
I know this video is almost a year old but for some odd reason I'm just now seeing it and I've gotta say i loooooooooove your hair color!! What color is it, if you remember. I absolutely love it!
check out the videos done by TheWillofDC with "save youtube" "fix youtube" and stuff like that in the title. i love his videos and he explains the situation pretty well and keeps updating.
they have those physicians formula powders at Big Lots...I don't know if you have one in Texas, but they are $4 there! I picked up a powder foundation and a bronzer..and they are AMAZING.
I went to HEB and bought Maybelline Super Stay 24hr makeup and Revlon Just Bitten (Adore) after watching your vids. Love them both so I just wanted to thank you! Love from San Antonio :)
I got the same physician formula u got at Grocery Outlet $2.99 and they got the tinted moisturizer also for $3.99. I bought 4 of those love it. They only got two colors to choose from.
if you havent already, you should definitely try the L'oreal Infallible Powder! it gives amazing coverage without getting cakey!! its my holy grail powder for sure!;)
i have the L'Oreal true match foundation (liquid) and after i use my foundation i set it with the powder form they have. it like 12 dollars so its not outrageous.
your hair. holy jeez that is the colour i've been trying to find a picture of :D first video of yours i've watched, love your personality, definitely subbing!

BEST OF |2015 Beauty|

WOW, time flies and i wanted to share the products that stood out to me during the year 2015! This video is pretty long so grab a snack and get comfy!

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girl you are so maganda! LOL ugh next year i'll see you guys there hopefully!! x
+Shannon Lei oh stop! likewise ganda ;) yes please, i would loveeee that!
You have gorgeous eyes girl ! Love this video, new Subbie
+MakeupByCel_Slayyy Thank you! likewise! Your kind words mean a lot <3 Subbed!
OMG your eyes, just can't stop staring at them, so so beautiful!! Yay, we both love Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara! So many great faves girl, thanks for this great video, need to check that MAC blush out!
+FoodishBeauty I was ify about if I should wear contacts, but I just went for it, HAHA! Its the best mascara everrr. Yes, please get BLUSH ALL DAY, its beautiful! :*
omg so thankful you're alright!!!
+Jannel Reyes I am too. Thank you for your concern love, it means a lot! <3
So glad everyone in the car is safe! I love Andrew as well and can't wait to meet you both at Gen Beauty LA! xo, Loan
+LoanPhamBeauty Me too. Everyone loves Andrew! AHAHA. Likewise boo! :*
omg BITCH your contacts look amazing!! And we are the same! Patrick, Chrisspy, & Manny ... holy Trinity!
+AndrewsOffDay Tankchuuu :*
I am so glad you are okay! As well as everyone involved. I know what you mean about the commitment to uploading but I'm making this year my year. Filming and uploading is one of my main New Year Resolutions! Thanks for great content here and on your blog. Lots of love
Yes girl I agree! I would love to maybe collab with you sometime, DM if you'd be interested in that! 
+Megan Fedler (MeganLovesBeauty96) I feel you girl! We just need to balance everything out, i think we try to do as much as we can, then once we get overwhelmed we just get lost, so i think the key is just to take things slow and in time everything will fall into place :)XOXO
I'll be at generation beauty too!! I hope to meet you there
+CupFullOfFreckles Forreal?? Awesome girl! Just dm me updates ok? ;) Thank you so much, im glad that im finding the flow of things. haha xoxo

Friday Encouragements: Chronic Pain and Some Good News!

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I didn't have meds that were taken from me from insurance, but I did have doctors not want to prescribe me pain meds (which if you look up my joint disease pain meds r the only treatment they can do) I was 17 when it first started so of course they don't want to give it to a teenager. My primary doc understood my pain, and how just Kuz I wasn't in there screaming, she finally realized I was in pain. She would give me a small amount but it was enough for when I had those really bad days. Then......I started working for a hospital called kaiser Permanente. So I had to leave my doctor. Not one doctor I've become a patient there has understood like my original doc. I wish I could still see her but I've just learned to keep suffering with my smile and hope one day I will find that doc who realizes just kuz I'm young I'm not a drug seeker. It's terrible. So God, Motrin, and Tylenol have been all I've got lately! I'm sorry u get migraines. I have co workers who have told me how debilitating they r for them. Thankfully I have never had one. I will also keep u in my prayers! :)
I didn't do that actually! And that's a good idea, I will try that! She was such an amazing doctor, she was also my grammas doc, and when she went on hospice this doctor showed up at my grammas house just to show support and let my gramma know she was thinking of her and to make sure hospice was taking proper care of her. So that just proves she is amazing. If she knows a good md at kaiser I would be thrilled, I just wish I could have kept her! U would think working in a hospital would help,But it doesn't, u see who u DONT want to be your doctor when you go to the ER but that's about it lol. Thanks for the great advice! ;)
Thank you, Jenna.  Don't give up on finding the right doctor that gets you, either.  This last doc I went to my husband had to go with me to make sure that I was properly expressing my symptoms and pain.  Have a best friend go with you, or someone who knows what is happening.  Have you called your old doctor and asked for a referral?  Sometimes good doctors know other good doctors.  Just a thought, sorry if you've already tried that. Sorry for you about your pain, sweetie.  You can get through it and suffer well!  XOXO
Thank you very much for the encouragement. It means alot, I suffer from chronic pain and I do my best to suffer well, but the pain can get very bad at times and its hard and ppl don't understand what they cannot see, Im a cancer survivor, but a tumor damaged spinal nerves, wheelchair 8 mo then surgery that failed, my legs are never without pain and Im a uncontrolled Diabetic. I know pain well and I pray, and I will indeed pray for you, you are a beautiful person, with a beautiful heart {{Hugs}}
Thank you for sharing, Betty! Hang in there, I'm sure you are being more impactful than you know! Praise God for giving us a community of support, and I'll be praying for you, too!   XOXO
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